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Rapper Diggy Simmons,17, attended Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards held at Galen Center on March 31, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Diggy recently sat down with Team Supergorge at DTLR in Columbia Mall in Baltimore, Maryland where the young hip hop star signed autographed copies of his new album and met fans. During the interview, Diggy talked about sibling rivalry, his favorite shoe line, growing up with some of hip hop’s greatest, his relationship status and more. Click here to check out the interview!

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Photos: Jason Merritt

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  1. Digs outfit is so clean,crisp,and simple I would so rock that.He was the best dressed at the whole KCAs.

  2. Diggy is a cutie. I use to find him annoying on the show lol but he seems to have matured.

    I’m not a fan of J.Cole. He’s no where near Rihanna’s level to be compared to her. He has a couple of songs i jam to, but i still have yet to see the big hype about him. He raps like he’s bored & he reminds of a baby pitbull in the face. I’ve only listened to a few Diggy songs, & they sound good but i’m no fan. IMO Diggy & J.Cole are on the same level, they are both rookies. Diggy is just like 5 years younger than J.Cole so people saying ‘stay out of grown folks business’ its basically like they in the same age group. If Vanessa isn’t tripping about J.Cole, Diggy shouldn’t have addressed it. But you don’t come for family then drop my name in a song & act like every thing is ok. No no no! You drop two songs, that’s talking about two people in 1 family? So i kind of don’t blame Diggy for speaking out.

  3. Better yet it’s like that Ciara and Rihanna “Beef”. Diggy is Ciara and J Cole is like Rihanna. Not on the same level! :/

    • Diggy is being underestimated. J Cole is no Rihanna, please j Cole who? He could never be on her level. J Cole picked someone who he thought was weak and threw jabs at them. That’s just lame. He want beef why he don’t beef with a grown man. Write some lyrics about Wayne, rap some junk about drake, take a jab at Kanye, see what u can come up with about Jay. But diggy, really? That’s a punk move. And i aint mad at diggy. He’s young and new but atleast he’s no punk.

  4. You all did make a good point and yes J Cole said some disrespectful stuff towards his sister. But sadly that’s the rap game and if he wants to be a “rapper”… I guess it’s just part of the job. I mean how we see all these other rappers beefing at each other in songs. Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne.. Etc.. And I respect that Diggy did say something to defend his sister.. But he’s so new in the rap game and young.. It’s just not a good look to be coming at someone like J Cole..And then again J Cole back off Diggy and the fam. But that’s just apart of the game. Sorry but it’s like if Willow were to beef with someone like Rihanna. It just doesn’t work that way… Lol Diggy just stay with the kids and make the cute raps for them. Stay outta the grown folks stuff. And the rap beefs are straight stupid. Stay outta them.

  5. Ok I went back and did some research on the beef between Diggy and J Cole and I have to agree with Yeah Okay! J Cole is a grown man why would he even throw jabs at the Rev’s daughter! Diggy is protecting his sister and I can’t be mad at that!

    • i agree. jcole is too grown to start beef with a 17 year old. And although i say be the “bigger” person Diggy, i totally understand his reciprocation. A young man should always stick up for his sisters. J cole needs to grow up and he should know better than to disrespect a woman like that. And on top of that saying something slick about her little brother and expecting him not to say something back. i hope this doesnt get out of hand, matter fact, if j cole responds to this i will lose the 1% of BOTD respect that i have remaining for him.

  6. Let’s not forget that J Cole came for a woman who probably isn’t thinking about him and a teenager. I love that Diggy was taking up for his sister. I would EXPECT my sons to take up for their sisters. It happens all the time. I don’t care if you are Oprah or Obama, but if you say something negative about me AND one of the people that I care most in this world, I would probably respond. J Cole, the grown man who wants to tell the world about who he slept with, if he was even telling the truth, and come for a teenager, is the childish one. Yeah I know that most rappers do the same, but most rappers are childish to me. We all see things differently but J Cole comes out looking like the lame here.

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