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Since last being featured on Blackcelebkids.com, Jaida Benjamin has taken her talent as an actress, dancer, singer, and model to the next level. She recently shot a Coke “Open Happiness” commercial with the young heartthrob group Mindless Behavior and rocked the runway during CIAA Fashion Week in Charlotte, North Carolina.┬áThe 17-year-old budding star also appeared in a BOP IT! XT commercial that is on THE HUB network.

VIDEO: Watch Jaida’s Coke “Open Happiness” commercial with the group Mindless Behavior

When the cameras and lights are off, Jaida enjoys music, reading, writing and shopping. Jaida considers herself to be a good and positive role model for young girls and teens everywhere to look up to. Jaida has the love and support of her mother and is reaching for the stars.

Website: Jaida’s Yutube channel

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  1. she is a beautiful young lady. She does look like Eartha Kitt in the last photo and I am loving her braids. She kind of looks like KeKe in the second picture. I wish her well. We need more like her

  2. Loving little mamas dreads but that makeup has to go.

    She does not need that stuff on her face!

    She looks more natural in the second photo!

    • @Sherley…I hope you come back on today if you see something you’re interested in commenting on. You know that I know because I get backlash all the time.

      It’s also nice that this young lady who is up and coming will continue to be able to shine here on BCK without remarks that have nothing to do with her and her moment in the sun.

      Keep writing Sherley. People come and go commenting here…some with their own agendas, and thank goodness BCK gets hundreds of visitors that we can see are mostly positive.

    • Hi Sherley, how are you doing? So sorry to see you have a sporadic stalker harassing you today. :(

      This is a pretty young lady! Have a great day, Sherley! XOXO

    • Like Judge Mathis says and I quote to the troll hunting/stalking Sherley today, “In the eyes of the world you look bad today”. BCK please delete all of this harassers comments. So negative. Only BCK admin knows who it really is from the troll using it’s email to log on.

    • Sherley, I emailed a complaint to BCK admin about this persons stalking behavior today. I hope you did the same. These remarks have nothing to do with the celebrities being featured and I don’t believe BCK needs the traffic so badly that they need to give this fraud access.

      We pay for Internet service just like they do, if they are not using a public library computer, and have the right to be on here 24/7 if we so please.

      • Thank you for your expediency in correcting the problem, BCK admin. It’s just another reason why I visit daily to your site!

        Support proactive Black enterprise!

        • Thanks BCK, but it was all good. Lost people tend to find themselves sitting behind a computer. It was nice of you to delete the comments, but they will be back, I’m sure.

      • Hey Pisces, thanks for doing so, but that person didn’t bother me. They are having a bad day & I’m the lucky one they decided to latch on.

        But the only issue I have today are my allergies. Life is good!

        Appreciate you! :)

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