According to officials, authorities will bring criminal charges against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.

NBC reports, “The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case will announce criminal charges against George Zimmerman on Wednesday, a law enforcement official told NBC News.The nature of the charges wasn’t immediately known, the official told NBC News Justice Department correspondent Pete Williams, speaking on condition of anonymity. But because Angela Corey — the special prosecutor appointed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott to re-examine the case — previously announced that she wouldn’t take the case to a grand jury, first-degree murder is not an option. Corey’s office confirmed that a news conference would be at 6 p.m. ET in Jacksonville, Fla.”

Celebrity Parents react Via Twitter:

@ReaganGomez(mom of two):“So charges will be filed against #Zimmerman. To think, it only took national protests, over 2million signatures & extensive media coverage.”

@TichinaArnold(mom of one): “God is a GOOD & MERCIFUL God. I’m reading that George Zimmerman will be brought 2 justice. Now let’s pray that God has mercy on HIM.”

@Russell Simmons(dad of two): Very proud of the work @GlobalGrind has done seeking justice for Trayvon! Zimmerman to be charged


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  1. All u people that think this was racist really are brain dead and pushing for the media to get involved are just gonna get a innocent man locked up right away everythings always about race is it really that unbelievable that this trayvon kid actually attacked zemmerman and he protected himself grow up all u ignorant people

    • A grown man couldn’t defend himself against a kid who ‘attacked’ him so he used a gun. Makes perfect sense O_o. The next time one of your young family members get into a fight, I pray their attackers don’t use the Zimmerman excuse & you better not shed a tear if they do.

  2. Just 21 comments? come on folks this website would not be viable if we do not support and have a discussion about our black children, otherwise what pics would BCK.com post if all the kids are gunned down? JUSTICE OF TRAYVON!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly, Beyonce, Willow or Halle post would have over 100 comments, BCK even shut down the post showcasing Jaden’s new song. But something raw & real..nothing.

      It’s goes to show, people like drama & mind numbing stuff. Stuff with substance is too deep for their minds.

      • It’s sad, but I’m happy to see that the “regulars” can post on gossip, updates and on serious issues, too.

        Hey Sherley, Pisces, Misunderstood, Seriously, ShadyOakz, Celeste and Oxford2013 😀

        • :). It’s all about being pro active in the Black community. I for one take it all seriously. This young man did not have to lose his life like that & his is more serious that what’s going on the next episode of HWOA.

  3. Justice? I know my dad believes in the Hippocratic Oath but there is no way he would be visiting his son in the cemetary while the Zimmermans visits their son in prison at taxpayer expense. There is something to be said for old fashioned justice ESPECIALLY when there is no doubt as to who did it.

  4. This is only the 1st step, they have a long road ahead to prove 2nd degree murder. I am praying that they have enough evidence to convict him and that this case does not turn out like the Casey Anthony case. I do believe that Zimmermann acted wrongfully and he knows he made a huge mistake. My thing is why did he need a gun anyway?? I still don’t get why a neighborhood watch person would need a gun.

  5. Wow dnt see many comments…….if this had something to do with Beyonce or Chance Combs there would so many comment…..I hope justice will be served!!!!

    • I was just thinking the same exact thing! The Simmons Family has 31 comments but Trayvon only has 19 WOW!

  6. I’m happy that justice is going to be served and I hope that this is a message to all those who think like zimmerman; wherever they are–legal system, educational system, in society in general.

    I’m happy also that black people and other justice seeking people did not let up from this opportunity to stand/push for justice. Trayvon’s death is not in vain. Let’s keep the momentum going with all that we do. Let’s continue to teach and pray for our children–at home,at school(my God!), and for those who are interacting with our children. I’m a parent of two beautiful boys and it has not been easy challenging the status quo of the education system; especially when you have a child that has a disability as one of my children do. I am an involved parent who has seen first hand the dismal picture of what is being called an education. I want to see equal opportunity given to our children. Let’s challenge the low expectations. Don’t accept low expectations.

  7. I am black and I do not agree with this. George Zimmerman did not break the law. Yes, the police officers told him not to follow Trayvon and he did anyway; however, following a suspicious person in your private gated community is not against the law. So even if he did not listen to the cops, he did not break the law. He shot Trayvon in self defense (innocent until proven guilty) which is not illegal. He has a concealed weapon license and Florida has the “stand your ground” law which allows people to shoot in self defense. Enhanced surveillance images clearly show that Zimmerman had a gash on the back of his head, and medical examiners confirmed that he had a broken nose. His story checked out, that’s why the police initially examined him. Why is everyone trying to turn this into something its not?

    Besides, everyone is trying to turn it into a race issue. It was NOT white on black violence, it was human on human violence. The media is trying to paint George Zimmerman out to be a racist when there is no proof of it. How come nobody is talking about the black on black violence that occurs on a daily basis? Black people are murdering other blacks in record numbers and nobody seems to care.

    • I normally stray away from commenting on things, but I just couldn’t help myself…

      1. You really should really refrain from stating things, if they are not indeed what is being disbuted. (i.e. the nation is not upset that he followed, WE are upset that he proceeded to get out of the safety of his car and the stupid audacity to approach after being instucted on more than one occasion not to.)Had he stayed in his car like he was told we would all be talking about what celebrity is doing whatever instead.

      2. Please already with the black on black crap. Human on human let’s stay focused. If you are going to state anything against the “race card”, don’t bring it up at all.

      3. As a mother I teach my children to run scream and defend if followed/approached by a stranger as do most parents. Especially when I lived in FL one of the number one places in the country for missing and exploited children. And from the witness statements, he was surely screaming.

      I am just really tired of all of the dumb opinions on this, and the fact that people feel the need to actually put this mess out where grieving family members could see. As one of the surviving family members of someone who was murdered its beyond irritating.

  8. I’m praying that we don’t have a repeat of the Casey Anthony case.

    I’m also hoping that the trajectory of the shot will prove that Zimmerman is a liar. I’m sure they have other evidence that we haven’t seen that will prove this, but the bullet would be the “smoking gun.”

  9. I am glad that all the focus on this case has finally brought charges. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

  10. Zimmerman has been arrested & charged with second degree murder! Hallelujah! Keep praying for Trayvon’s parents.

    • I cannot image what Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin are going through, I pray for their strength during this terrible time. My heart goes out to them. God Bless!

  11. Thank God, but I’m with LaTanya, I’m smiling but I’ll save the joyness for his conviction & sentencing. Since first degree murder is not an option, it’s looking like manslaughter in the 1st degree should be the charge. They are saying Zimmerman may have had reason to shoot. O_o. He could get up to 25yrs if convicted on that so hope he does. Rumor is Zimmerman in on the run. Funny, now he remembers how to run but couldn’t when was directed by police.

  12. This is a first step for the Martin family. It also sends the fringe element the message that it’s not open season on young black men.

  13. While I’m glad that charges are being filed I won’t jump for joy until he is convicted. God bless Trayvon’s parents I hope this news helps them in some way!

  14. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin. I pray for justice for you and for the future of our society. This took WAY TOO LONG, but it’s better late then never. God Bless, Trayvon.

  15. Good..HE IS GUITLY AND EVERYONE IN THWE WORLD KNEW IT. His lie never made sense. Justice will truly be served when he is found guilty and sentenced to jail for MURDER!

  16. The charges had to come now because his old lawyers effed up when they said they lost contact with him..smh..

  17. Thank u God I was praying that this case wouldn’t go unresolved! Why not 1st degree murder he murdered that baby in cold blood right? Hey I guess will take what we can get!

  18. Praise Jesus!!!…let this man be put right behind those metal bars where he belongs!!!!. Enough is enough…let Trayvon Martin and his family finally have their closure.

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