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The 9 year old rapper/actor Benjamin Flores Jr. (also known as Lil P-Nut) is taking on the world, one rap at a time.

The Memphis native recently received the Key to the City by Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. “Benjamin is a young man with a bright future,” said A C Wharton, Jr. adding “..appearing on nation television shows and in a feature film at this age is a remarkable feat.”

Lil P-Nut is now in the ranks of other Memphis hip hop talent to receive the Key to the City. Other recipients include, Christopher “Drumma Boy” Gholson, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright and Paul “DJ Paul.”

Lil P-Nut is making his hometown proud and plans on releasing his new mixtape “From A Kidz Point of View” soon.

Check out Lil P-Nut’s video “Choosin”:


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  1. Lmao i saw it lol. You can’t blame no one but the girls parents. Even if the directors told her to put that dress on & stand like that, twirling her hair, her pants could have stepped in & said no, my daughter isn’t a video vixen. But i’ve seen worse on Dance Moms lol

    P-Nut is a cutie, but he doesn’t seem to grow lol. I remember him on the Ellen show. & yea the auto tune was not needed

  2. Isn’t the girl standing that way because she’s in the middle of a dance routine? I think people are going to extreme with kids feeling like they are being sexualized when they are not. The girls are dressed very appropriately, the lyrics are cute and appropriate and there is nothing in here that makes me think about promoting dysfunctional or unhealthy behaviors.

    • We are not rferring to the picture above. Watch the video & you’ll see what we are referring to. Then come back & see if your comment would be the same.

  3. About the girl being taller than him. Around their age a lot of girls are already going through puberty. And a lot of girls mature and grow faster than boys.

  4. Ha ha this is insane….she really does stick her butt and chest out (its funny and worrying at the same time…funny cos it looks ridiculous).
    Cute song though…

  5. Just when I thought I’d seen it all. Really? This video is really quite sad. Forced ripe lil kids. And to think that adults are behind this video. Rearing a fresh crop of “music video girls”. Really and truly very sad.

  6. Okay this little song is cute, and the lyrics are cute as well and he has some fat cute cheeks lol, everything is cute. Except, why is that little girl standing like that. Is that suppose to be a sexy stand or something. Whoever directed this, should leave that to the adults. But overall everything was good.

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  8. I read everyone’s comments before I looked at the video! The video was cute but why I repeat why did that child look like she was sticking her butt out! Plus she’s 5 inches taller than him please that part was toooooooo much!

    • @Misunderstood. I was just writing my comment, but BCK did not post it and as I was scrolling down I saw your comment and said I was just saying the same thing in my post. Why is that girl standing like that, looking like she is sticking her butt out. Thats a no no. No extra attention like this especially sexual should be focused on a child with all these pedophiles lurking.

  9. I don’t have anything to say that would matter to them. Rapping is cute & all, dancing is cute & all, being/making videos is cute & all BUT….SMH.

  10. A key for rapping?? That’s why Memphis is ranked so highly with poverty, violent crimes and failing schools! Ridiculous!

  11. I loooove Lil P-Nutt! He is talented and has a great personality. He has a tv show coming out on the Cartoon Network also.

  12. Why is the little girl dress in the sparkly outfit , like she going to the club??…aren’t they in the third/fourth grade..and what is he suppose to be choosing. smh. Please let our kids just be kids!!!!.

  13. Look at those cute little dancers. Hmmmm why is that one little girl not in chucks?

    I love Benjamin’s J’s :D

    • Exactly!And at that age what are you choosing? Not to mention, Where is she going with black sparkling clothing on. Isn’t it school? They even have her standing as if she had a little bit of curves. Can our babies just be children? They have there whole lives ahead of them. Sheesh!

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