Rapper The Game a.k.a Jayceon Terrell Taylor has gotten a tattoo of his kids- sons King Justice and Harlem, and daughter Cali Dream-on his right leg. He writes via Twitter: “Tat my kids on me so you know it’s REAL! @TheKatVonD is the nicest tattoo artist PERIOD!!![sic].” See more pictures of the Taylor kids and lots more on today’s edition of “A Celebrity Baby Blog Party.”

How cute! Beyonce sings her heart out to baby Blue![GG]

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  2. I never got spanked but my sisters (different mothers) who did became high school drop outs. Just sayin’. lol I was a well-behaved kid, even as a teenager. I saw the mistakes others were making and decided to rebel against that.

    When I was a teenager a family friend (whose kids I played with) pulled me aside and lectured me to not have kids out of wedlock. I never found anyone I wanted to marry, so I didn’t have kids. I’m not anti or pro marriage/single parenting. For myself I didn’t want to start out a single parent. People parade their children and grands in front of me and I don’t feel any regret, so I guess that makes me “childfree”.

    • Cali’s eyes are so big and beautiful. She has inherited the best from both of her parents in the looks department, in my opinion.

      In spite of what SOME people think about her father’s nose and lips.

    • The GAME & the DREAM are two totally different people

      Anyway, his babies are way too cute & I adore how much he loves his children..

      Can’t really tell from a picture if she’s singing to her daughter but she definitely interacting with her which is always a good thing for a new mother..

      Spankings are okay when necessary as well as time outs..no big deal I got spanked and time outs when I was little & I’m great lol

      Absolutely nothing wrong with being child free…kids aren’t for everybody

  3. I personally don’t like the tattoo, I like the concept..but it doesn’t really capture the essence of the children..Harlem, not @ all..The younger ones also, KJ’s eyes are more open with an innocence about them and Cali looks much older than she is..

  4. Interracial dating is not new, especially in any age group. I just wish people atop throwing this in black women faces. Tired of this discussion.

    Im tired of hearing abt Beyonce. She is annoying!

    Love the Game ratios of his kids. And he calmed down so much. He loves his kids.

  5. That is some nice work the tattoo artist did. I love that the Game openly adores his kids. You don’t see alot of rappers doing that.

    Beyonce singing to Blue…..sooooo sweet. She was probably quieting her down from crying

  6. Cute photos. The depth was all wrong with the baby girl, she looks older than her big brothers. The middle one was the best but it doesn’t capture his eyes well. The oldest’s picture doesn’t look a lot like him. They look adorable in the tat, just not enough like Game’s kids.

  7. The Game’s tats r banging! He seems to really love his babies but I’m guessing he’s not having anymore!

    Beyonce’s singing to her baby whoopie doo! She’s a new mom that’s what they do!

    Juvenile should’ve gotten a paternity test the day that baby was born or not far after! All of this is his fault that kid is attached now and will never forgive him idiot!

    To me being childless is when u don’t want any kids or they’ve been taken away! Being childfree is when u want them but don’t have any or they’ve spent the night out but they’ll return!

    I’ve personally never dated outside my race before but I’m really open to it! It’s 2012 people u love and like who u love and like! This is what Dr. King wanted to be free to do and date whomever u want!

    I personally think spankings r needed! I was spanked and I turned out damn good! The problem today is parents r afraid of their kids and child welfare! My mother use to tell my siblings and I she and defyus was friends lmao! Time out works well too not having the things u’ve come accustomed to taken away hurts!

    • As someone who is childfree (CF), the definition is as follows:

      A Childless person doesn’t have kids due to circumstances (infertility, hasn’t found a person to have them with yet, etc) but wants children eventually, or has just accepted they can’t have them.

      A childfree person is one who doesn’t have kids, nor ever wants them. If you have kids, you are not considered childfree, nor childless.

      My husband and I like kids, but don’t want any of our own. I’ll play with a child for a few minutes, buy them candy, take them to the movies, but at the end of the day, they are going back home to mommy! LOL

  8. ima just throw it out there..i think his kids should be on there by age…his oldest should be the first child tatted

  9. LOVE the tatt. But i don’t think that looks like Cali much. But the boys are spot on, especially King.

    Look at Miss Ivy! She looks like she got a little darker & a lil chunky lol. Where’s the idiots who said Blue was a doll lmao. & I’m w/ you Sherley, how can you tell Beyonce is singing to Blue lol

    Interracial dating? Not a big deal. Let people date who they want to date. My high school was a very diverse school & there weren’t much interracial dating, but everybody was friends w/ everybody regardless of race. My 9 yr old nephew is mixed w/ black & spanish (his mom is my sister). B/c he was raised around me, my mom, & sisters he said he’s gonna marry a brown girl when he’s older b/c his aunts, mother, & grandmother are brown & he loves us. So i just think its the environment in which you live in that determines who you will love. But on the other hand, sometimes you can’t help who you love regardless of the environment you were raised. Some asian woman my sweep my nephew off his feet when he’s older lmao.

    • True, & as black people, we’re already mixed race, so no big deal! Our history is a mingled one, just sayin.Your nephew sounds like a dream though..he soundslike a sweet child.

  10. The Game has calmed down since the birth of his daughter. It’s so nice to see him as a family man ; ). Family is everything.

  11. Those tats are beautiful. Nice job to the artist.

    How does one know Beyonce is singing to Blue? Maybe she’s shoosing her or talking to her like most mothers do to a child they are trying to calm or put to sleep. Blue appeared to have gotten bigger. Can’t wait for more pics of her.

    Spanking was used when necessary. Time out (or go to your room & get out of my face right now) was used when necessary. Sometimes you have to put both together. For example: pull out the belt, use it & say get out of my face before I break it in your behind; child goes running to their room while rubbing their butt.

    There is nothing wrong with being childfree. I can see the pros to it. While I wouldn’t trade my one in for the world, I rather enjoy having just one.

    Juvenile should have gotten a paternity test before agreeing to pay child support. It’s pure common sense.

    Teens & interracial dating..you mean this is new to everyone? Because it sure isn’t new to me. I rarely see black teens together. I’m seeing more of hispanic girls with black boys.

  12. Kat Von D did a great job(I loved her show btw) & love the gallery pictures as well

    The first photo of beyonce holding Blue is so sweet…she really does look like she’s singing to her or a least talking lol

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