Mary Mary singers Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell strike a pose at the 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards on April 19, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Tina, who is expecting her fourth child this summer, looked radiant as she walked down the red carpet.

In addition to recording for their reality series set to debut on March 29, 2012 via WEtv, Mary Mary is preparing to release their newest album Go Get It in May 2012.

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Photos: Moses Robinson

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  1. I think it is their business what they want to do…its their choice if they want to have alot of kids at the end of the day, they can give their children love and provide for them…u guys totally rock Mary Mary!…other ppl need to stop hating

  2. I absolutely love their show. They have a bond that is so special and we need more of that on TV now of days. you can tell a lot by their personalities. Erica is workaholic that has to stay on feet and keep moving whereas Tina is just laid back. We need more shows like this that are not so obviously scripted.

  3. Why do I get the feeling like she was trying to be like Erica with this pregnancy….On the show it appeared that Tina was trying to dim Ericas light as it pertained to her pregnancy & Wala shortly after her pregnancy scare, she is actually pregnant…Hmmmm

  4. Tina does have 4 children but she always says her husbands other daughter is hers…. Tina and Erica have tons of baby’s but they can because they are married to their husbands and have the means to do so besides Tina has never asked us for money to buy diapers so she’s alright with me

  5. Hey the lord said be fruitful and multiply, and they’re married and have the funds to take care of them so more power to em… Atleast I dont have to have em lol

  6. I love these two. Strong and sexy black women with strong family morals. They exude sophistication and show that you can still look good without being overly exposed. I love tuning in to their show knowing that no one is going to be throwing bottles, jumping on table tops, and physically assaulting others.

  7. Whew, they come from a big family, so I guess it’s what they’re used to. And yes, it’s her 4th baby. I like their show. Tina’s more fiesty than Erica. I can finally tell them apart!

  8. I agree they need to slow down only because I heard her husband say he didn’t want anymore kids and she didn’t either! I guess it’s time to get her tubes tied!

  9. Back to back baby booming going on with the Campbell sisters. Lol. They’re taking turns. They both have supportive men in their lives that love them unconditionally. Blessings to both of them! Love their show!

  10. This is her 4th child, She can slow down when she feels like it. She didn’t plan this kid. Her husband said we have three kids together and I have an almost 18 year old, I don’t want any more kids.” For some reason that had me rolling!!!LOL Tina didn’t want anymore but this is what God has for them. That’s how I look at things :)

    • I know they are married with great husbands but the world is already over populated and that cannot be healthy to keep putting your body through the process of creating and carrying a new being. I know people who have more kids than them and babies are a blessing but still.

      • The world is over populated? rolls eyes. When people use that excuse I just wanna slap them. What gives you more right to live here than a precious new baby? This is God’s green earth, not ours.

        • Agree, Neonlove…It’s CHINA that is overpopulated, not the WORLD! Maybe India, too. It’s their preogrative if they want to push their bodies out of shape to have babies. That one in the red dress…look at the size of those thighs even through the dress! Eww.

          • I think the dress is actually orange and check out the knobby deposits on the other sister’s knees and legs. They both have pretty faces none the less.

  11. I thought this was Tina 4th child not 5th. They need to slow down on the babies. I love watching their reality show. It really gives me a good laugh how they interact with each other and their family.

    • I thought it was her 4th too, that’s what her husband said on the show when she thought she was pregnant.

      welp, anyways CONGRATS to her =D

    • I do agree that this is her 4th. I think her husband has a child from a previous relationship and that is where they are getting the extra child from.

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