They are cute and all under the age of three! Check out your favorite celebrity kids in the gallery titled “Celeb Kids Under Three.” Pictured is Shai Moss, the daughter of rapper Bow Wow and Joie Chavis.

Click here to head to the gallery if you don’t feel like scrolling.

Photos: Twitter

  • SHAI




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  3. it still til this day breaks my heart that bow wow (shad moss) has a daughter!.. not like i had a chance anyway.
    every kid in this gallery is adorable nonetheless

  4. All the kids r beautiful but my favorite BCK kids r Nahla, The Hill brothers, Violet, Laila Williams, Chance and Louis they’re so cute!

  5. I hate to see little babies with their ears pierced I think the parent should wait and ask the child for permission to put holes in their ears. I know I will probably get in trouble for saying this though.

  6. All are sooooooo cute! Omg these pics are making me want to get my 1 yr old Niece for the day (keyword: the DAY! lmfao)

    Shai is getting so big. Love the pic where she’s standing up in her chucks

    Juelz Jr is gonna have to make room for his new little sibling soon

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