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Jordenn Thompson is more than just a cute, elementary school kid. She is also an up and coming actress on her way to the top.

The eight-year old actress/model may be new to the big screen, but she has been acting since she was 4 years old. Before starring in Tyler Perry’s “Mr. Deeds,” Jordenn was in several commercials, including McDonalds, Sears, and The Disney Channel. Her adorable face has also graced ads for Target, Walmart and Old Navy, to name a few.

In a recent interview, Jordenn explained that she enjoyed working with Tyler Perry, as well as Thandie Newton. She said, “He [Tyler Perry] was so cool. He always treated me like a princess. He was so nice to me. He gave me flowers everyday so it was cool.”

Jordenn also recently wrapped up shooting for the independent film, “Should’ve been Romeo,” where she plays the character Billie.

Photos: Facebook

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  2. She is too adorable! She is a nice addition to the new season of Eureka as Salli Richardson’s characters daughter!

  3. She is adorable! Especially in these pictures. In the movie “Good Deeds”* I couldn’t tell if she was a boy or a girl for half of the movie but she’s clearly a beautiful girl in these pictures.

  4. I don’t think they have been arched. Some people just have naturally arched eyebrows…and if they are would you rather she had a uni-brow? lol

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