After months of rumors and speculation, Beyonce has finally addressed those surrogate rumors that tainted her pregnancy. In her interview with People magazine, Bey said that the fake baby bump rumors were crazy. “That was crazy.   It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy. [I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?'”

When asked about the infamous Australian interview that sparked the rumors, Beyonce said, “It was a fabric that folded — does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid.”

The star also revealed to the publication that she strapped on heels and did her hair before giving birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy.

“I tried my best to roller-set my hair, and I wore my gloss when I arrived at the hospital,” she said. “I committed to the end and wore my kitten heels.”

Now that her feet are a lot “rougher” since giving birth, Beyonce has given up on wearing heels.

“I never thought there would be a day when I wouldn’t wear heels, but now that I have a child and I walk around holding her all day, I’m buying loafers and oxfords. I love them because they’re comfortable. And shorter heels too. I’d always thought, “The higher the heel, the sexier…. [Jay-Z] loves when I wear flat shoes, which is surprising — he never saw me in flats [before]!”

The singer  and her husband Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy Carter into the world on  January 7, 2012. Baby Blue is the couple’s first child together.

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  1. Someone please tell me why she is still covering up that baby.I heard some people say its because the baby looks a lot more like Jay Z now.

  2. I understand that Beyonce’s a very private person and all, but everything about that pregnancy seemed fake. During her “pregnancy”, Beyonce was flying in and out of the country, which kind of made me think that she had a surrogate mother overseas. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, so I don’t understand why she took offense to the rumors.

  3. b is a curvy woman. she is the first curvy woman i seen that did not gain any weight while pregnant. Clothes do not fold like her did when she sat down.

  4. B is not skinny she is on the curvy side. She is the first curvy woman i seen that did not gain any weight for a pregnant woman. Even Ak can weight so the red dress that folded when she sat down is questionable.

  5. I so wish people would give up the so-called sly remarks regarding Bey,her baby and her pregnancy….it’s getting so old and IRRITATING…IJS!!

  6. The folded belly thing threw me off, but i doubt she faked a pregnancy.

    The heels thing, i don’t see the big deal. She wore heels while pregnant, so do many other females. Victoria Beckham (posh spice) lives in heels. Jessica Simpson wears heels & she’s like 2 years pregnant. Kim Z from housewives of atlanta was just spotted the other day wearing some 7 inch heels. I don’t think she’s saying she’s giving up heels for good. I think she means, when she has Blue she likes the comfortable feel of the flats. & lately she just feels better about wearing flats. Yall know blogs & magazines edit what these people say to make it seem like something else.

    But yea, I wanna see Miss Carter :)

  7. there are alot of people who want to read the interviews. i dont understand why the people who keep saying that theyre tired of the interviews keep reading them. no shade… just saying

    • I’m going to venture to say it’s because on average, the interviewers are asking the same questions, she’s giving the same answers, and it’s just pointless after a while. Not to mention that I’ve heard a lot of people say she comes across as unintelligent and she’s not relatable.

  8. Man please!! Fabric folds but not like that please don’t get me started! Why stop wearing heels now she didn’t stop when she was pregnant? Who wears heels to go give birth I’m just asking?

  9. I’ve never worn heels, so I can’t relate… oh and I never doubted that she was preggers. I think it admirable that she, the mother (and Jay Z) control who sees or doesn’t get to see their child. When they are ready to show pics they will. Beyonce is a mama tiger!

  10. Enough of Beyonce interviews. Can we please see pics of Blue? No one cares about the pregnancy once the baby is here..we want baby pics!

    The reason her feet look ‘rough’ after giving birth is because she wore heels the entire time she was pregnant. Besides, I’m betting she’ll have on heels at her concert.

    • No how about more Beyonce threads and less daft comments from you in Beyonce threads.

      I just love Beyonce aura, she never lets negative energy from bitter black women get her down.

        • What I love best about Beyonce is how she has so many people believing she actually gives a crap about them. She probably reads the comments people defending her make, shakes her head & says who is this chick?

          • She doesn’t care about you or me, so me defending her or you discrediting her makes no damn different.

            You are daft because you come in every Beyonce thread stating the same damn thing about wanting to see her kid. You can obviously read from the title that there would be no Blue pics. Yet you comment anyway about there being no pic. What are you stuck on stupid?

      • Let me get this straight, I’m a bitter balck woman because I want to see pictures of a child on Black Celebrity KIDS?

        Ummm..ok..I’ll be that. But while I am that, Ima go get you the water so you can finish washing Beyonce feet right before you lick them.

  11. Ok So I Was Born In The Year Of The Snake, Meaning “People Cant Really Get Over Me, & I Dont Think B Would Do That Or Fake Her Pregancy. But I Still Would Love To See More Pics Of Baby Blue Bey :)

  12. beyonce’s a very strong person. I dont think i would have been able to handle the rumors as well as she did. I probably would have went crazy! I’m happy for her though and i’ve always been!

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