Kevin Hart is a famous comedian and actor who’s recent project Think Like A Man has taken box offices by storm. Although Kevin has an amazing career, he does not neglect to spend time with his children. “On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I make sure not to schedule anything past 3 p.m.”  Such system has allowed Hart to be present for special family events while leading a successful career in entertainment.

Although he enjoys the big screen, Kevin’s heart is on the stage. As he explains, “Comedy is me. I don’t care how big my film career gets, I will always do comedy. I never want to lose my ability to make people laugh.” In addition, Kevin wants to “give all the attention I can to my kids. They need to understand what their Dad does.”

The Think Like A Man star recently took his entire family to Disney World! Watch below as Kevin enjoys quality time with his daughter Heaven and son Hendrix:

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  1. I didn’t know Kevin said something about dark skin women. Hopefully it wasn’t TOO out of line, because I have to take into consideration that he is a comedian. However, like you said, it sends a poor message.
    Lil Wayne on the other hand is extremely ignorant, so I try to disregard his foolishness! It sad to see all these black men downplaying the very women who gave them life.

  2. I love Kevin Hart not only is he my favorite comedian but, he is a great dad to hendrick and heaven . I love guys that put his kids first.

  3. @S let me know what he said about dark skinned women because I’m dark skinned and I love me but I’ll stop supporting him! Anywho his kids r beautiful and they seem to be the center of his life!

  4. I liked “Think like a Man”..but did not love it..Sometimes I felt Kevin was trying to steal the movie..it was funny though..

  5. “hey, cut the camera” lol she is too precious. Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to watch ‘think like a man’ at the cinema (well, that is if its out in South Africa)…hope that it will be worth my time (well, i know it will be).

  6. Think Like A MAn is a great movie and Kevin is funny in the movie. If you have not seen it, make sure you check it out. I loved it. I love how he is with his kids!!

    • Think Like A Man was very good, however, they had too many celebrities doing non celebrity roles. They could have given those miniscule roles to an up & coming artist who would have better benefitted from them. Otherwise, I liked it.

      Kevin Hart does love his children & I love a man who doesn’t hesitate to show the world how much he loves his children.

      • as far as the celebs with non-celeb roles, i heard that most, if not all, of them simply showed up to the set. kind of like in support of the movie, and they basically got put in, but i was also under the impression that they weren’t paid. but yes, there were a lot of them.

  7. Kevin Hart is hilarious and yes it’s obvious that he loves his children but I wish for him to stop making “jokes” about “dark skin women” especially seeing that he is raising a little dark skin princess himself

    I don’t understand these self-hating Black Hollywood men… I really don’t. What kind of mental gymnastics must they do in order to excuse the women in their families from being the butt of their jokes?

    Anyways, Heaven is adorable and hilarious and what an awesome name she has. I LOL @ her singing with a straight face while Kevin was talking.. i couldn’t even hear what he was saying cuz I was so distracted by her adorableness lol

  8. You can tell that he truly loves his kids… There is nothin like a man that keeps his kids at the center of his life… That is why he is a truly blessed man… #crushing

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