The cover of  Time magazine’s May 21, 2012 issue is a photograph of a woman named Jamie Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old son for a story on “attachment parenting.” The inset picture shows Jamie breastfeeding her sons Aram and Samuel.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the cover photo and accompany article have sparked a debate about just what it means to be a good mother. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Any adult with the right circumstance (eg. siblings) or finance can adopt a child. My mum was married at 16 (becoming an emancipated minor, a legal adult), shortly after she adopted my brothers who were 6 & 1 at the time. Her and my dad also adopted my maternal uncle who was 11.

    My brother turns 23 next month, my niece is 1. He started the adoption process when he was 21. There are teens that are more mature than some 40 year olds and a good support system is key wether you are a bio or adoptive parent.

    • Not necessarily true, as someone who has adopted, I will tell you most agencies will not take on single males who want to adopt who are under 27 years old. Unless of course they are mitigating circumstances ie adopting a sibling or other relative.
      She was allowed to adopt from Ethiopia because she was married and well off and because international adoption has sketchy rules at best, people who would not be allowed to adopt from their own countries use international adoption. Ethiopia also does not adhere to Hague convention rules regarding adoption and also has a growing child trafficking problem.

  2. As a breastfeeding mom myself I can’t help but think she’s doing this for her own benefit. Breastfeeding is good for babies for many reasons just as it is for a woman’s body. Breastfeeding burns calories every time the breasts produce milk and also when the child drinks. It also helps the “va jay jay” snap back and helps the tummy go down. So, with all of this said, I believe she’s doing it for herself. That Is all.

  3. I once saw a child (probably 2-3 years old) pull out his mother’s breast in a restaurant. She was very embarassed and when she tried to cover up he had a tantrum. IMO if they’re old enough to take it themselves then they’re too old to be breastfeeding.

    • So tell me how you would wean this child if he is not ready? I tried when my son was a year old and he would literally scream all night long. Who has time for that? Who has the patience for that? Weaning is a great concept and sounds simple…until you try it.

      • You sound like a very lazy mother. Every parent gets to a point when their child doesn’t want to give up something, so what most do, is they find a way to handle it instead of being lazy and giving in to a child’s every need and want.

        That’s usually want parents do. So if your kid didn’t want to stop nursing at the age of 10, you’d still let him? If he want to play in the street, you’d let him because he screams and cries? You said who has the time for that? Parents that aren’t lazy have the time for it because it’s your job.

      • Had no problems weaning my son at a year old. Had no problems taking the pacifier from him at 9mnths old. They stop crying after a while. He will not go hungry if given milk from the bottle.

        • If that is what worked well for you and your child, I sincerely greatly commend you and am happy that you had an easier time with weaning than others. My point in asking those questions is not to say that it never goes the way it went for you but that it can also be quite different. In other words, a personal experience is not necessarily a universal one, so maybe a little less judgment and a little more understanding is warranted. I could say “my child never needed a pacifier because I knew how to soothe my baby,” but does that make your choice to use one with your child a bad one? No! You did what you felt you had to do at the time you had to do it. I don’t think of you as lazy, weird, or a bad mom for that decision either. I gave my son pumped milk in a bottle and in a cup and he would not take it. He literally threw it across the room and continued to cry and scream for hours at night, so please someone tell me that at 2 in the morning they would continue to hold out or try various methods throughout the night for days straight? If so, you are either a liar or an unsympathetic parent.

          Unfortunately Teri feels like she is the baby guru on child development and feeding and feels it important to call me lazy or a bad parent. I hope that at least some can agree that there are some battles that are important to fight and others that are not really worth it. Of course if it is something harmful, he won’t get it or have it, but at the same time, his reaction to nursing was nothing like it was for anything else. As moms, rather than knocking or tearing down someone for their decisions, within reason, it would probably advance us a lot further if we would seek common ground and understanding. To me, picking this woman apart for nursing her older children is sad and does nothing to advance us as women. Is the cover weird, yes, but the story behind the cover should be far less controversial than the photo itself.

          • Sorry, I cannot read the book you typed at this moment. All I know if this woman can breastfeed whomever she wants as long as she wants; however to put this child’s face on a magazine for all to see was/is a bad idea. She has opened the door to him being teased & ridiculed by his peers (and others) for many years just to prove a point about breast feeding. He does not deserve that.

          • And THAT we can somewhat agree on, Sherley. The thing is, the style of parenting she is practicing calls for homeschooling and most likely, he won’t be around others with far varying opinions from his mom’s. Sad in some ways, but true.

      • Your kid cried b/c they didn’t wean so you just cave in? So when it came to night time & they didn’t want to go to sleep, you would just let them stay up? What about not going potty, they cried so you continue to make them wear a diaper? Theres a huge difference in weaning a 2 yr old vs a 5 year old. At 2, that is still a baby. Not fully potty trained, can’t form sentences, still working on motor skills. you got a full blown grown kid who goes to school, probably eats a whole happy meal from mcdonalds, & runs/jumps/skips outside. But he’s still nursing b/c he cries when his moms weans him off the nipple? Where’s the logic in that? Your lazy. I’m not a mother, but i have enough sense to know there comes a time when things just have to stop. You caving in every time your kid cries is you raising a spoiled child. A spoil child that is going to have to enter into society where people don’t wait for no one & don’t have time for grown people throwing tantrums when they can’t get something. Take the blinders off. We all know the benefits of breastfeeding, but seriously at 6? Where’s the science that says the extended drinking of breast milk will increase the IQ of a kid? Ok, she wants to give her sons he milk for the nutrition value, great. Pump it & put it in a cup. I was breast fed until i was 2, so i’m all for breast feeding. Milk that comes from a woman is what is suppose to go in our bodies, not other animal milk. But guess what, you can’t be 22 hanging off a nipple. Stop the crying, get the kid a cool cup w/ a crazy straw to make drinking fun. I’m sure the 5 year old would pick the cup over a nipple any day!

        • Umm…I guess reading is NOT your forte, huh? Maybe you should have been breastfed longer for further brain development. I said my son was 12 months old aka one year old at the time. And I am sorry, but calling someone a lazy mom when you are not a mom at all is just naive and irresponsible. Become a mom and then get back to me on your wisdom of parenthood. You will find that there are mommy wars over everything under the sun and personally i hate them all. People do the best they can in most cases. Funny enough, contrary to popular American belief, attachment parenting (the type discussed in the Time Magazine article) demonstrates kids who are NOT overly attached/hanging off of the breast and able to form healthy, empathetic relationships with others…being less selfish. Maybe research and learn, but since reading isn’t your thing, you probably won’t. Breastmilk contains brain nutrition and a brain is not developed in children at 3 or at 5, so despite your sad, factless OPINION, it is relevant as a source of nutrition. This is especially considering the fact that those nutrients are unmatched in any other food source, including cow’s milk. Last, maybe one day if you decide to breastfeed and fully educate yourself on the matter, you will find that pumping is NOT easy for every woman and a child can get more out than any pump can. In addition, pumping does not provide the immune system benefits that physical nursing does. really, this is all just sad and pitiful…Influencing the health and well-being of a society because of social awkwardness and discomfort.

  4. I see nothing wrong with it. Breast milk is such a wonderful thing for children to have and if she wants to breast feed her kids past the “recommended” age then she should. I don’t think I would be letting some kid with a full set of teeth drinking straight from the source, and those kids will face a lot of heckling from their classmates in the future.

  5. i see no problem with it! she is a mother she is nursing it shouldnt be stigmatized. Im proud of her. We force our children to grow up too fast anyway. Its funny because ppl think its ok for 5year olds to use computers and have cellphones but its an issue when a mom wants to breastfeed her 3yearold? America sure loves to pick and choose.

    • Please stop talking as if every country and every person in this world does not have ideas of what they consider appropriate and inappropriate at each age/stage of a person’s life.

  6. Some of you are either 1. Not mothers yourselves or 2. Did not exclusively breastfeed your own children or 3. Had easy-going children. Have you tried to stop nursing a baby that has never had a bottle?!? People act like you just one day look at the kid and say, okay, you are 2 and this is gross, so you need to stop. I tried to stop my son at 12 months and quite frankly, he was not ready despite me being more than ready. We went on until 18 months when he was good and ready to stop. It is not worth sitting up 6 hours to refuse breastfeeding when you could just nurse him and he would go back to sleep. It would be helpful to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and get over your own personal opinion in the matter. This is the NORM in most other countries. Only here in the US do we find it normal to shovel cow’s breast milk into our chikdren’s bodies. And YES, “milk” is cow’s breast milk. Get over it!

    • Why are you so pissy? If you wanted to breastfeed your child until he was a teenager because he wasn’t ready to wean from your breast, that’s your business. When it comes time to wean a child, you wean the child. We aren’t talking about third-world countries where food and nutritian is scarce.

      Three and five year old’s are too dang old to be still sucking their mama’s breasts. If a woman wants her kid to drink her breast milk until he/she’s a teen, they can pump their breasts and hand it to them.

      You assume people don’t speak from experience, so maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge others whose opinions differ from yours. I suggest YOU get over it.

      P.S. Many children have been raised on cows milk and are doing just fine. *rolling eyes*

      • Just stop typing. Your ignorance is showing.

        1. Breastmilk is more than just “nutrition” to fill in whenever food is scarce. It provides unmatched brain development nutrition as well as immune system protection. Last I checked, a human brain is not fully developed at 3 and at 5, it is almost there, but certainly more brain nutrition can’t hurt.

        2. I explained that it was not a matter of wanting to wean or not but that a child does have an important role in the decision. Obviously, you fall into one of the 3 categories I first listed and can only see your experience as relevant or real. I am not saying that formula feeding moms or bottle feeding moms are doing it wrong but that there are many forms of “right,” and it is a slap in the face to discredit her choices as disgusting, perverted, and unacceptable. So to the contrary, my point is not to say that breast is best but to say that you are ignorant for disagreeing with this form of feeding that she has decided is right for her family but then you think cow’s breast milk is a-okay.

        3. Have you exclusively nursed a child, never given him a bottle, and then decided to wean him? No? Then shush because you speak from no experience close to this woman’s and have no clue what it is like and that is another part of my point. Most of you have NO CLUe about weaning and just flippantly say he’s too old for all that as if you can tell your kid,”okay, this has to stop because people don’t like it anymore. You’re too old.” that’s the wonderful thing about kids, they don’t give a fart what other people think. It is pure, instinct that they run on.

        4. If you have a kid and pumped and it worked for you, awesome! But for many women, a pump is not an efficient means of extracting milk, but do you know what is? That’s right, a kid with a strong jaw! Humans are way more efficient than any man made pump, so your fun and cumbersome idea of pumping is easier said than done.

        5. Even if you can pump, you lose the immune building benefits because it is the child’s saliva and mouth that communicates with the breast to signal what antibodies and nutrients need to be made. A mother’s body can even distinguish between two children to tailor the milk to a child, so please stop talking out the side of your face when it is clear and evident that either you never breastfed or you did but were so naive as to all the benefits of what you were doing and that is sad.

        6. I do not knock people who formula feed, but I do find it very telling of a society that sees more value and importance in weaning a baby to a cow’s breast milk than to continue giving a child human milk that is made just for humans. How selfish! Do you know anything about breastmilk compositions? Each animal’s milk is made to grow that species. So…a cow’s milk is meant to grow a what? That’s right, a cow…no wonder we are so fat and dumb as a society because cows are large with small brains.

        Overall, you can take your eye rolling elsewhere. It is clear that you and others on here know little to nothing about the real benefits of breastmilk and children even over the age of 3! You assume it just grows a child and that cow’s breastmilk is pretty much the same and good enough when nothing could be further from the truth. We find it acceptable to feed our kids artificially and unacceptable to do what is natural? Why can’t both be acceptable or why is the artificial way less so? Makes NO SENSE, so you can get over yourself.

        *Ps if this shows up more than once, it is because the site kept not showing it posted*

        • @Black teacher, quit projecting your simpleton ideas on me. If you think I’m going to read through that ridiculous novel you wrote, you wasted your time.

          There is a natural progression of a child’s growth. The drink milk, they start with solids (cereal), and when their system is ready, they graduate to meat.

          There comes a time when children must grow up and get off mommy breasts. A 3 year old and a 5 year old are too old to be suckling. Would you find it appropriate if an 8 year old was sucking his mother’s titties. No normal person would because he’s supposed to get his nutrition from other sources.

          Now, don’t blame us because you were lazy and choose to allow your child to scream instead of teaching him that it’s now time to separate from mommy’s titty.

          If you had chosen to breastfeed your child until he becomes 18, you have my blessings. If a child is old enough to eat on his/her own and pour his/her own milk, they should not be sucking off mommy, but hey, you do you. Peace.

          • Wow! What a hypocrit you are. You don’t want anyone to knock artificial methods of feeding, but you have the authority to call me lazy and judge me as such? Sounds like someone is a little self righteous if you ask me. And my ideas are simpleton but you just admitted to not even reading what I said, so now who is the simpleton? Next, you have zero clue how I tried to wean my son, so to call me lazy is a gross and irresponsible assumption on your behalf. If you must know, I didn’t just sit and let him scream his head off. We slowly cut down to one feeding that happened in the middle of the night. I offered him pumped milk, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, water, juice, a snack, etc. I explained to him that it was time to sleep and it still resulted in hours of tears. What you call “lazy” I call sympathetic and attending to my child’s needs while balancing out my own. It was not worth it to continue nights of screaming which effected days as well since he was tired and not welk rested. Your ignorant and baseless opinion is that 3 and 5 are too old and yet you have no reason to say that other than you believe it is too old along with the rest of US society. You have zero facts to prove that there is any harm in continuing to nurse, but I can tell now you came here to argue rather than engage in any real discourse. I will let you fight with your own ignorant self.

          • Also, your opinion on child nutrition is, of course, inaccurate. You can start a child on any food that is not high allergy, including meat. Look it up. It is only in the US that we start with disgusting carbs as if those are chalk full of nutrients and better for you. When you are feeding a baby those solids (meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.) it is not for nutritional purposes but to simply introduce new textures and tastes. You are still supposed to Maintain nutrition through milk or formula. But of course, you are having difficulty reading and will just dismiss what I say. facts are facts and let’s face it, you go off of raw opinion and anecdotes instead of actual real, science based information. Read a book, maybe you will learn something.

        • AMEN blackteacher! The ignorance in regards to breastfeeding in this country is ASTOUNDING. And no, nobody is going to read anything that would be informative because they would rather remain ignorant. Sad.

  7. Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing to do, but what irritates me is this whole movement that condemns women who either choose not to breastfeed or can’t breastfeed for some reason or another. People tend to follow whichever way the tide seems to go.

    I used to work at a nursery, and contrary to popular belief, many breastfed babies got sick, and many formula fed babies didn’t. My siblings and I were formula fed, and growing up, we never got sick.

    I’m not saying that breastfeeding isn’t the best way to go, but I don’t think it’s right to condemn or think less of any mother who choose not to.

    • Ah yes, the proof that you have little to no experience with breastfeeding. Don’t worry. I understand your naivety now. All is forgiven. I don’t knock anyone’s way they choose to feed their kids, but I do wish they would make more conscious decisions rather than ill-informed haphazard ones (ie that it is close to the same thing with the same nutrients because, well, it isn’t) And since you wouldn’t want someone to knock you or your mom for formula feeding, why knock her for natural feeding? Sounds like a double standard to me.

  8. I spoke to my mom about this. She said there are benefits from breast milk that those kids will not get from any other type of milk (health wise). Those kids probably don’t get sick, I don’t know if you ever noticed but babies who don’t get breast milk get sick more often than those who do. We make that milk for a reason. And also I hardly believe that those kids only drink that milk to survive, they do eat real food. No child past 1 years old can survive on milk alone. I personally don’t want to see that picture, but hey it’s her life and her business. There’s a lot of things in this world that I don’t want to see but I’m subjected to seeing anyways so to complain would be to waste my time.

    • Your mum is right, kids fed HEALTHY breastmilk do not get sick. I’m 14 and my younger siblings are 8,5,5,2 and 2. Besides having my gallbladder removed when I was 4, I (literally) do not get sick (not even a cold) and I have never seen my younger siblings with even sniffles and they live in the pool and on the beach.

      On the other hand, my dads anesthesiologist kids are ALWAYS sick and his wife breastfed. Of course his wife loves to party, is always on some diet, exercises to extreme and someone needs to tell her its booze OR pills, not booze AND pills.

      Breastmilk is INPUT=OUTPUT.

  9. This reminds me of Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, i.e. Milkman Dead who got his name because his mother breastfed him as a toddler.

  10. I not knocking breastfeeding at all but there is a time when you should stop it. 3 and especially 5 year olds should not be breastfeed. I can just imagine the ridicule this little boy is going to get from his little friends when they find out he is still being breastfeed at age 5. She needs to think about that, kids can be cruel enough why give them this amonition to hurt him.

  11. While I am ok with breast feeding, its what breast were made for. But after about 18mths if you want to continue to feed your child/children breast milk until about 3yrs old max, it should be done via bottle or sippy cup!!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers (all kinds) on BCK. Today my brother told me; with my parents consent; that if anything happened to him I would get my niece. If I wasn’t an adult my parents would step in until I became an adult. This opened up a discussion that I’m sharing with you.

    Do you have children? Do you have a will? (If you don’t have kids do you want the mother who hated you as a child getting your stuff?) Do you have a legal guardian for your children? If you have a will/guardian, is it updated? Relationships change, you may not want the same person that you picked 5 years ago taking careof your kids today.

    Do you have life insurance? Is it enough? Due to their lifestyles my parents cannot purchase life insurance but my dad told me that the average person should have 500K for each child under 18. If you have life insurance, take your child name off of it and instead make it payable to THE TRUST OF (childs name), if you don’t your childs “guardian” can use up the money and there won’t be anything left for your child when they need it.

    Ok, I’m done, I’m just so freaking happy that my brother is trusting me with the most precious jewel in my family’s jewelry box :-) .

    • One caveat – in the US (I’m making an assumption based-upon your use of the word mum), to make it payable to a child’s trust, you often have to have the trust already set-up for the child, as our insurance company required.

      • Sorry, I knew that but forgot to add it. And per my mum (JD/PHD)there should be a TRUST COMMITTEE set up to run the trust made up of 3 entities. A financial institution and two others (maybe a trusted family member and a “real” godparent).

        With 3 entities, there will be progress made 2/1 when an issue is put to vote. With 2, there is the possibility of a stalemate. With 1, no oversight. With no oversight your childs money could be used to put lets say an addition on the guardians home supposedly for the child. The only problem is in the end that will only benefit the guardian not the child.

  13. Do whatever you want with your kids in your home. But not in public. What is the point of this? To get media attention which it did. Ugh

  14. I believe that the 5 year old is too big to be breastfed…but the 3 year old is ok (my friend still breastfeeds her 4 year old girl…so i guess that there is nothing disturbing about it even though i’m trying to get her to stop breastfeefding her).

  15. @Pisces, Sherley, Trisha and KeKe B I agree this is utterly disgusting they’re like 27 and 32. JUST NASTY! !!!!!!

  16. I’m all for breastfeeding as long as the mother watches what she eats/ingests (your breastmilk is only as good as what you put into your body), but I’ll admit, as soon as my baby gets teeth, weaning won’t be far down the road. After seeing my poor cousin get bit repeatedly by her toothy 10-month-old, I’d prefer to avoid that awful-looking pain if possible. Ouch.

  17. honestly there is nothing wrong breastfeeding those boys those are her kids and they seem happy. if that was me ill be pumping that milk in a cup

  18. The children are simply to old to breastfeed and I feel its wrong to breastfeed an adopted child his birth mother probably breast him that’s just not normal!

    • It’s wrong to breastfeed an adopted child? Are you serious? According to the WHO the #1 way to feed a baby is breastmilk, #2 is pumped breastmilk, #3 is DONOR BREASTMILK (perfect for ADOPTED babies or when mum cannot produce), #4 is formula.

      If using donor breastmilk you must be able to TRUST THE SOURCE as breastmilk is not pasteurized.

      Now the lady in the Time article needs (as my dad says) to have a can of whoop @$$ opened on her. She’s doing that for attention.

      At the 36-48 month mark, breastfeeding is more for comfort than nutrition, maybe once per day at bedtime as my mum does with our little twins who are 28 months old. During the day they are given pumped breastmilk in a sippy cup or in their cereal.

    • What if she had him from Birth? Nothing wrong w/ breast feeding an adopted BABY. But grown child? nope!
      Selma Hayek breast fed an african baby in front of the mom b/c the mom couldn’t do it. As long as the milk is good, share w/ others who can’t get it.

  19. It’s fine to do whatever you want with your own child as long as it’s legal, in my opinion, but why put your child on a over or even in the magazine like this? How will these featured breastfeed children feel 10 years from now? I’m guessing embarrassed. I won’t say it’s wrong to breastfeed past 1 or 2 years, to each their own, but that shouldn’t be something captured in a magazine. The topic is fine, but the images are not. Breastfeeding in public is fine by me, I mean the kids need to eat, but at a specific age it might get a little weird for the onlooker, which could be other young children, and then the child being breastfeed, so maybe they’ll want to save the “feedings” for first thing in the morning and before bed.

  20. BCK I am too through with you for posting the picture of both boys breastfeeding.

    They look like they are asking one another how does your’s taste, mine taste like she had brocolli for lunch.

    I. Just. Can’t.

    • LOL! LOL! Sherley!! I KNOW. I feel sorry for those boys and their father. Their Mama is NUTS or truly attention starved.

      Sorry for so many previous posts but BCK was delayed in posting my comments and I HAD to say something. People will do ANYTHING for their 15 minutes of fame.

        • lol, I agree. She keeps bringing up sex, like breastfeeding is sexual. That’s very strange. She brought up molestation and asked why nobody called child protective services. I think it went too far several comments ago.

          • Humans are born sexual beings. Babies and kids are sexual beings. They masturbate…which is a sexual act. Don’t be so prudish and uninformed. Sorry if I offended your sensibilities, though.

          • That’s an illogical conclusion. If you assume the premise that children are sexual beings(which I can), it doesn’t make breastfeeding a sexual act. The connection you’ve made is a flawed one. Breastfeeding isn’t a sexual act any more than hugging, kissing or rocking your child. Fabulous use of strawman.

  21. Im all for breastfeeding…even if its done I public bust tastefully. But Im sorry this is disturbing to me. I don’t have any children and it is a personal choice on how long you breastfeed but I agree that if the child is walking he should not be breastfed.

  22. I’m all for breastfeeding but if your standing on a step stool with a full set of teeth I believe it’s time to go to the fridge and pour yourelf a glass of milk. Yes I know it’s done all over the world but this picture was done to provoke controversy…HE’S STANDING ON A STEP STOOL LOOKING INTO THE CAMERA! Also what do they mean are you mom enough? You don’t have to walk around with your pre schoolers attached to your breast to prove that your a real mom!

  23. She wants to breast feed till they are teenagers, knock herself out. But to put that child in the public eye for all to see is not right. He will be subjected to ridicule & teasing. She should not have done that to him.

    So when Pillar was married to Dieon he was a father but now that they are seperated, he’s a provider? O_o..yeah aite!

    I pray God covers Trayvon’s mother during this time. It must be so hard for her. Hugs goes out to her.

  24. It’s so weird to see her everywhere now. I read her blog lol. Anyway, yeah, she has a 5 year old adopted from Ethiopia I believe. I really don’t like this picture because it’s deliberately trying to provoke people which isn’t the best way to try to further their cause imo.

  25. The child is 3 years old. It’s very common all over the world in parts of Asia and Africa to breastfeed way past that baby’s age. Anyone who has a problem with this has a very limited worldview. I’m offended that they blurred out her breast as if what she was doing is obscene. Just because men find women’s breasts attractive, that doesn’t mean that’s their purpose. breastfeeding children is natural and the time to stop a cultural preference. I applaud her for standing up to so much criticism from ignorant people.

    • It’s a little bit more serious than that in the U.S. The Mom herself said that people accuse her of child molestation which she could be charged and arrested for in this country. There’s plenty of food that a 3 year old can eat here to foster his growth. This is not Somalia or Ethiopia where some Mom’s have no choice but to extend breast feeding beyond 1 year old.

      • Child molestation is a state crime and thus the criteria of what counts as child molestation would obviously vary by state. However, it would be gross and out of context to treat a woman who is breastfeeding as if she is performing a sexual act. Only an unreasonable person or culture would conflate those two things. Also, it’s fallacious to assume that because something is prohibited by law that it is also morally wrong.

        We also know that nutrition is not the only benefit of breastfeeding so I would reject the argument that women in cultures around the world extend breastfeeding solely because there isn’t any other way. They might choose to continue it even if there was an abundance of food. It is a cultural and individual choice.

        I do agree with JD about the medium. The headline “Are you mom enough?” sort of bothers me too because it insinuates that women who are unable or unwilling to breastfeed are somehow less motherly.

      • @Pisces That’s the only reason why I’m on the fence about it too. Everyone knows that breast milk is good for you, it’s good for you at any age, but does that mean women should still be pumping milk or breastfeeding their grown behind sons? No. If parents really want to do something to help their kids be stronger and better human beings, then they should start feeding them healthy fruits and vegetables and not allowing them to stuff themselves with processed food and junk food. A healthy diet is what’s really going to help children lower their chances of getting cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, etc.

        • And I’ll add that yes I still believe that parents have a right to do raise their children the way that they see fit (within reason of course), and no I’m not totally against extended breastfeeding, but there seems to be no lines being drawn.

        • Little Black dude even has his eyes closed. He’s in heaven, blissed out, loving it. I hope it makes him strong and that he doesn’t grow up to lust after his own adoptive Mom.

      • Pisces, I copied and pasted this because I wanted to add to it.

        Pisces, my niece is adopted, 14 months old and has never had formula. She was EBF using donor milk (from my mother who is still breastfeeding our youngest twins and from my aunt who is still breastfeeding my cousin born on the same day as my brothers). Some people think that donor milk is icky but it was Black slaves that breastfed the “masters” babies and both of my parents were breastfed by white servants because neither of their mothers wanted to do it.

        My mother and aunt plan to breast for another year but at the rate they are freezing milk my niece should be able to recieve breastmilk up to 36 months just like the rest of the kids in our family.

        Pisces, when I read your response I realized that something got lost in translation :-). My brother who adopted the baby is single, no wife, not gay but @ 23 years old his hands are full being a full time dad and a full time medical resident. My mum and zia is making sure my niece gets all the milk she needs.

        In the US my mum tends to get flack when people realize she is still breastfeeding my baby brothers especially when she says she is not stopping until 36 months. Deciding to breastfeed is a big responsibility, what ever goes in your mouth is secreted in the milk. My mum has a calender with a countdown date 01/2013 GET DRUNK :-).

        My dad says that if you can count to 20 in more than one language he shouldn’t have to share his wife’s breasts with you…but he doesn’t mean it :-).

      • I agree Pisces! Other countries breast feed their kids for longer period of times b/c of limited food source etc. But this lady is in the U.S. Her kids are grown, they need solid food. Ok, the breast milk has all the nutrients, but by the age of 4 & 6 what nutrients in breast milk can the kid get that solid food don’t already have? & if she insists on giving her kids her milk, why can’t she pump & put it in a cup for them? I was breast fed until i was 2, & i believe that should be the cut off limit. 3 years & older, kids are being potty trained, sitting at the big people table, learning how to put their clothes on themselves, starting school, forming sentences. If a kid can do all of that, why are they still being nursed? I believe she has the attachment issues, the kids probably would stop w/ no problems. I want them to check these kids out in 20 years & see how they are emotionally & psychologically b/c i believe she’s doing more harm then good.

          • Its not judgemental, its being realistic. They say take away the bottle after a certain age b/c it causes problems. People get on Alicia Keys & Christina Milian b/c their kids are on the binky, & it said being on the binky after a certain age causes dependency issues & blah blah blah. So if an object as a bottle & binky can cause problems psychologically, what makes sucking on a nipple any different? These boys are probably gonna be nurturing boys, but there maybe some dependency issues w/ them. So like i said, check them out in 20 years & see how they are doing.

        • Trisha I agree totally with you, too. Are we supposed to believe that they are not eating food along with her breast milk? As big and healthy as those boys appear to be? Come on, I bet as soon as she puts them down they run into the kitchen and get some Doritos or Cheetos! :)

  26. Can you imagine if the picture would have depicted her suckling both boys at the same time? Where’s Child Protective Services?

  27. She should be on here because she has another son that she suckles at least once a month. He happens to be a 5 year old Black little boy. They showed him on “Good Morning America” this morning.

    If he is adopted, growing up in already a different racial environment, can you imagine the psychological consequences of him suckling this 26 year old White lady as a child?

    The mother herself said on television that people in public threaten to report her to Child Protective Services and tell her what she is doing in public breast feeding her biological child is child molestation.

    Can you imagine the response when she allows her big old Black 5 year old to breast feed in public? Some people are outraged. She is also a model and some say this is sensational attention seeking for herself. Her boys don’t really have a choice in the matter.

  28. That Time magazine cover ……………………………………………………………………………. *27 side eyes and 64 sighs*

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