OMG Girlz singer Zonnique a.k.a “Star” is not the only one in her family making music. Both of her parents (singer Tiny and rapper T.I.) are Grammy Award winners and are very proud of their daughter for following in their famous footsteps.

Zonnique’s mom, Tiny (from VH1’s “The Family Hustle”), recently sat down with The Dark Room(TDR) to talk about her daughter’s career,  motherhood, and more. Check out highlights from the interview now:

TDR: What do you admire most about Zonnique?
Tiny: What I admire most about Zonnique is her humbleness, her very sweet spirit and that it is all truly genuine.
TDR: How did motherhood change your life?
Tiny: Motherhood helped me grow in more ways than one, it strengthened me, it gave me patience and most importantly it showed me the true meaning of LOVE & LIFE’S PURPOSE.
TDR: What lessons have you instilled in your daughter from your experiences as a young artist in a girl group?
Tiny: To try and talk things out when issues arise, and to simply take a positive approach so what seems to be the worst won’t separate you from the group itself. I always tell her, “to learn the business for yourself and don’t always trust others to do it for you.”
TDR: Is there anything that you fear for your daughter being in the entertainment industry?
Tiny: This is a tough one because between me, her “pops” and our team someone is always there guiding her and the girls every step of the way. If I had any fears at all, it would be of her getting taken advantage of.

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  1. I really enjoyed this interview. So positive. It was very cute and I appreciate Tiny’s words on being a mother. It’s so nice to hear about a teenage girl being humble and sweet.

  2. I think that zonnique is becoming more independent like her mom and she needs to know she can do all things threw crist and she well be rich just like her mom and dad if she depends on herslf and no else.

  3. I’m confused as to why the debate seems to be whether or not Zonnique will go to college. I don’t think it has ever been said that she will not go to college. She’s not even a senior in high school yet. She still has time to decide what she wants to do. One thing I like about the OMG Girlz is that they all go to public school. Of course, they’re not always there because of their career, but from what I know, the girls enjoy going to school and do well in school:)

    • Zonnique seems like a smart, level headed girl. I guess that’s why I want to see her go to college. But she probably will in her down time.

  4. Kudos Tiny I honestly believe Zonnique is a sweetie stay on her and she should be fine. I agree college isn’t for everyone.

  5. I wish celebs would admire their kids for going off to college or at least instill in them the importance of getting an college education. All their kids want is fame and money.[comment deleted]

    • College is not for everyone. Most people go to college in order to get a good career and make decent money. These kids really don’t need to because their parents have the means to get them in the door of the entertainment industry to make millions in a career most kids dream of whether they have talent or not.

      • Your right college is not for everyone, but no one really knows until they try. I think everyone should at least try it and if it does not work out, try a trade. Because at the end of the day there is absolutely no garauntee that anyone will make it as a singer, rapper, athlete. So it is just good to have something to fall back on. However, in any instance it is good that a parent admires their child and support their child.

      • Shaq got tons of money and he still got a MBA and P.HD! Plus Keisha Knight Pulliam , Tatiana Ali and Tia and Tamara, all got money but still went to college. College can befor anyone if they applied themselves.

        • Kudos and a standing ovation to all the celebrities who went to college. Different strokes for different folks. Going to college doesn’t make your life more meaningful than if you choose not to.

    • She’s like 16. Maybe she will decide to go to college when she turns 18. The good thing about college is you can go whenever your ready. Shaq dropped out of college to play in the NBA. He went back years later. Keisha Knight Pulliam , Tatiana Ali & Tia and Tamara were child actors, sitting on movie sets all day. But they decided to go to college later. So what’s the difference between them & Zonnique. A lot of times when parents push their kids into college right away, those kids end up dropping out of college b/c they don’t know what career path they want to take. Which ends up being lots of wasted money. Let Zonnique live out her dream now of being a singer, she may decide in 3 years she want to live life like a college girl.

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