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Mini-man rapper, Lil Niqo,12, is back at it with his latest video, “Television Love.”

The video, a Clifton Bell Presentation, is a true depiction of the swag that Lil Niqo brings to his music game.┬áThe self-proclaimed “Boy Wonder” did a walk-on premiere on 106 & Park to showcase the new “Television Love” video to his fans and the audience.

To hear more from Lil Niqo and download his EP, Lil Niqo’s World, for free, visit http://smarturl.it/niqoep

Also, check out the “Television Love” video below:

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  1. This is cute love the song they need to continue to keep these kids singing/rapping about things kids do their age, and not try to make them too grown too early.

  2. love his red hair….i dont approve of these kids actin like grown adults in the videos especially how they have the little girls dressed and actin like vixens

  3. Who ever coined the word swag needs to slapped for every letter in the word. Stupid word..even worse the way people define it.

    • SWAG is what celebrities and/or famous names get instead of cash payment for showing up places or presenting awards. The goodie bags usually contain thousands of dollars worth of stuff that sometimes isn’t available retail.

      I would love to know how that word (which isn’t really a word unless it’s the shortened version of swagger)changed to how it is used here.

      My dad calls the bags Sh*t We Aint Got :-)

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