Fitness guru Jillian Michaels stepped out with her newest family addition on Monday, May 21, 2012. The former Biggest Loser trainer and her daughter Lukensia,2, spent the entire day out in Malibu.

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Michaels made the executive decision to leave Biggest Loser last year to focus on building a family. She expressed immense excitement in January when the Haitian orphanage matched her with her daughter. “I’ve been matched with a little girl,” said Jillian, “I went over to visit orphanages and I ended up falling in love with this little girl, and by the grace of God, I got matched up with her.”

Michaels’ adoption makes her a mother two times over. She and Heidi Rhoades welcomed a baby boy on May 3.

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  1. Why judge her for being gay? She’s a beautiful, succesfull woman, whose happy with her partner and two kids. Whats wrong about that? I know a lot of straight women who do a lot worse then that. Ignorant people always quote the bible because they can’t think for themselves. Were all Gods children, black, white, brown, gay, straight etc. If He created us, He will love us regardless. Don’t judge the lives of people you don’t know and make sure youre kids are well fed, mannered and dressed. Beautiful little girl btw

  2. I think it is so dumb when people say that kids need a mom and a dad to be raised right. What kids need is loving adults who can raise them to be loving adults themselves. There are tons of SINGLE-parent households that raise their kids just fine. There are tons of same-sex households that raise kids just fine. And then there are tons of mom/dad households that have kids that are so effed up it’s ridiculous. What kids don’t need are parents who don’t want them, can’t take care of them or don’t treat them with love. I’d much rather grow up with two loving moms than a mom and dad that are so messed up they can’t get their own lives together. No matter what race or gender. Good parents are good parents. And having a mom and a dad doesn’t mean you automatically that it’s good parenting.

  3. In the black community there is a very high percentage of single-mom households. Why judge a 2-mom household?

  4. Beautiful! I love how white, adoptive parents allow black kids hair to just be like all other children. Just beautiful!

  5. If they’re not christian why should they follow what the christian Bible says about marriage? People in america fail to realize that they have the right to be what and who they want and so does the next person. you do not have the right to force your beliefs down someone’s throat.
    with that said cute baby, my problem is not with the couple’s sexual orientation but with their skin color. yea i said it, i’m tired of these white people adopting black kids. but since I’m not doing any adopting myself, good for the kids i guess.

  6. people are so ignorant. seriously. If youre gonna say that two gay people cant get married then you might as well say that a white and a black person cant get married either.

  7. I would have change her name and put it in the middle name. Who is going to know how to say that name I am Haitian that doesn’t sound like a typical French name.

  8. I never knew she and her partner had a baby boy! I love Jillian and her workout tapes really do work on a person (you’ll feel the burn like 10 minutes in!) I’m so happy she finally got her little girl that she wanted so bad as well as a son. Children need parents period. Rather it’s Man/Woman, Man/Man, Woman/Woman, or a single dad or mom, as long as that parent can love and provide for their child, that’s all that counts.

  9. Lukensia and her 20 days old brother, Phoenix, are too cute. Photo of Jillian and her two darlings on People.com

    I hate nicknames, but she has a few to choose from: Luke, Kenny or Lusia 😛

  10. God also said for a man to be faithful, love his wife, honor his parents & raise children together under one roof as well.

    He also said to love one another as He has loved us.

    I could go on. I truly feel where you are coming from, however, it irks me when people use one part of the Bible to make a point, but ignore the remaining parts. Not everyone lives their lifes by the Bible & no way are we going to make them.

  11. I agree! What I don’t agree with is the need some people have to place their beliefs on others! The beauty of America is supposed to be that you have the right to be Christian and heterosexual, your neighbor to the right can be Muslim, the one on the left Jewish, and the one across the street can be atheist and gay! Live and let live. Among the least of problems facing today’s youth is whether or not they’re being raised by gay parents.

  12. People mag actually has a much nicer photo of Jillian with her daughter and the other new baby that her partner gave birth to.

  13. I does not matter who you are raised by as long as you are loved and taken care of. Two women or two men, it does not matter as long as they are caring for and providing for their child. I would rather have two women raise the child, rather than have the child left in poverty with possisbly no love at all. Congrats to her on her new addition and I wish them the best!!

  14. Congrats!! It’s about time children from Haiti start being adopted. Love it! She’s a cutie.

    Juliian is gay? Well..alrighty then.

    Keep the pictures coming.

    • And a “straight” couple makes someone “real parents”?!?! I know some crappy behind heterosexual parents. A real parent is someone who will provide the child with love, protection, and guidance.

      • I’m a perfect example of how being raised by heterosexual parents does not make you healthy, happy or well-adjusted. My parents were straight and they messed me up. I wish I had been raised by same sex parents, then maybe I would not have been abused and neglected. People here saying same sex parenting is bad or immoral are ignorant. Grow up and visit the real issues in this society.

  15. ‘She and partner’. why a black kid ? Maybe you guys will disagree with me since the president’s speech. But that’s not right, a kid needs a mom and a dad, not 2 moms or 2 dads. This world is coming to an end !!!

    • A child needs somebody to love them, take care of them, and guide them. whether its two moms or two dads or one of each its people who you can count on to love you. It’s much better then growing up in a orphange with nobody to talk to or trust, I know personally. I would of given anything to have any kind of parent, even two of the same and so would kids in a orphange cause nobody wants to be there.

    • Personally, I like prefer a man & woman household. However, what ever pleases everyone else is fine by me. If they provide a child with a safe home, love & better life than they woud have, than it’s more than alright by me.

    • Yea, like being raised by a man & woman guarantee the child will be well adjusted & have the best life ever smh. Men step out on their kids all the time, leaving a woman to raise the kid alone. Women step out on their kids, leaving a man to raise the kid on their own. So do you prefer a kid be raised by a single parent? w.e. If a couple, whether its her/him, him/him, her/her, can give a kid, who had nothing, a loving/safe home then what does it matter what the parents do in the bedroom? if homosexual couples weren’t allowed to adopt, there would be a lot more kids w/out a home today.

        • I hope your living your live squeaky clean! Meaning you didn’t have sex before marriage, you don’t judge others, & a list of other things smh

        • You realize the Bible was *not* against slavery, right? Read Paul’s letter on the subject in the NT. According to the Bible, a master was supposed to treat his slaves well, but slavery as an institution was a-ok. According to the Bible.

          I don’t know about you, since you appear to take the Bible literally, but I *don’t* plan to be reporting back to Massa on the plantation tomorrow morning to start totin’ that barge and liftin’ that bale that my ancestors put down against Biblical policy… Because – according to the Bible, at least – we were wrong to outlaw slavery as an institution that the Bible *doesn’t* condemn.

          Things that make ME go HHmmmmm!

  16. Congrats to Jillian, her daughter is beautiful. I saw a beautiful photo of them and her other baby on people website too cute. I’m loving the 4 comments i’ve read so far from lisalisa all the way to bunch, hope it stays that way.

  17. It’s pronounced Lou-Ken-See-Ah. I know of 2 Haitian girls back in my grandmother’s village named that. God bless them both.

  18. How do you pronounce the name? B/c how i’m saying it doesn’t sound right at all LOL

    She has a really pretty smile

  19. I immediately thought of Luekemia when I read her name. Didn’t know Jillian was gay. Anywho, congrats to them both.

  20. Baby Lukensia is too cute and looks so happy to be rescued from as possible life of poverty!!! She is a big sister too? Jillian must be exhusted! Congrats!

    • @LisaLisa,

      Rescued huh? She is not a puppy from the pound. Secondly, I know kids who were born and raised right here in the good ol’ USA who grew up hungry and impoverished.

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