Willow Smith models her latest hairstyle

Will Smith has been hard at work promoting his newest project Men In Black III. When not on tour, Smith manages his children’s career with wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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While some would grow tired of having a family of entertainers, Will is living the dream. “As a child I watched Dallas and that was my vision for my life as long as I could remember,” says Smith. “Grown people lived on the property. Everybody worked the family business. And I was like, ‘I want that.’ So I’m actually building the family that I’ve always dreamed about. When I look at Willow and the power that she has and I’m working with Jaden now, and my oldest son (Trey) has just started DJ’ing and been traveling around the world. It’s like building a family around the entertainment business and learning all the lessons.”

Will and Jada were recently criticized for letting Willow,11, cut and dye her hair. Although they believe in setting boundaries as parents, the Smiths do not think that smothering their children with a lot of rules is necessary. “If I teach [Willow] that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world who does the same thing. That’s her hair. She has got to have command of her body,” says Smith.

Will and Jada have two children together. Will has three children in all.

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  • Willow Smith models her latest hairstyle
  • Willow Smith models latest hairstyle.




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  2. Willow “is not her hair”? 21st Century kneegrows on this board, I see…Well, her hair is her’s. Which, these days, is a lovely relief and should be encouraged.

  3. If she’s having problems with the paparazzi, then all the more reason why her parents shouldn’t have allowed her to go into show business, she is not emotionally ready to handle what goes with it; paparazzi are part of that business. Also, the sadness I see in her I see it in photos that she posts online as well.

    “She’s has got to have command of her body”, I hope those words don’t come back to haunt him.

  4. She’s almost a pre-teen and already has the angst of a pre-teen like my niece who has labeled herself “emo”. It’s normal to want to stand out and be different but also accepted and supported. Will and Co. are doing a good job being a family.

  5. Also didn’t Willow say she didn’t want to be famous? I feel people misinterpreted her on that. She gave an explanation that security and it Longer than the average person to go somewhere . She never said she didn’t want to sing or act. I feel Willow really enjoys the public eye and doing all that. She just hates that her privacy is basically gone and paparazzi. Hence why the girl always looks so sad sometimes in pictures. Like Jada said they are working on a balance for her. Just my two cents because I’ve noticed when Willow doesn’t notice the paparazzi are around , she’s a very happy girl!

  6. Willow looks like she’s doing a modeling face in that picture. And yes she’s been looking sad because she hates the paparazzi!!! I saw pictures of her in Cannes where she didn’t notice the paparazzi, and the little girl was on slides and smiling and taking pictures. I could understand how having grown men screaming your name and taking your picture could change your mood. It sure as heck would change mine! I wish ppl who get over the hair. So what. Commend her. How many black little girls would do that? None because they are so obsessed with length and wear weaves. Now even young as 2. SMH! I love that Will and Jada teach her she’s not her hair. Willow will grow her hair when she wants to.

  7. I love the way they raise their children. I never quite looked at it that way but he is right.. Daddy is the first man in a daughter’s life and she will model every man she chooses after him.. Good job Will and Jada. Its just hair, its really inconsequetial especially in entertainment biz.

  8. I adore Willow, she’s grown on me, so much.

    I must agree she does look sad, more often than not, but we are outside looking in, so we can’t make that judgement or ruling.

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  10. Why is she soo sad in all her pics, geez she is rich. Even models smile in photos. She is a kid and should be happy at least.

  11. Will Smith is telling stories. On Oprah, they discussed how Jada and Willow had to approach dad to sell him on her cutting/dying her hair. Now it’s all about her having command of her hair? It’s also her body, does that mean she can get tattoos?

    We all know Willow is in the industry because he is intent on making a dynasty and not because of real interests on her part. She’s a kid trying to win dad and mom’s approval because they set NO boundaries or structures for her and essentially failing to protect her.

    • I agree with you Yo, I saw an interview that Willow did on 106 & Park and Willow said she had a hair piece on because she wasn’t allowed to dye her hair. There is nothing wrong with telling her she can not dye her hair at a certain age because she is too young. Then when she becomes a teen or an adult she can do that. I think he is just trying to compensate for not being there. Plus he probably wants to be a “Friend” to his kids and not so much a parent.

    • I agree w/ Yo, they arent being parents. They give them too much freedom, who in this world lets their kid shave their head and dye it pink? Dhe’s so young and I feel they’re screwing her over. And im sure she’s said bc of her parents divorce, im sure its getting to her. I still love willow ,she’s so cute, I just wish her parent would just let her be a kid, gosh. You can and will grow up later so there will be plenty of time for that.

  12. Love the Smiths! Those parenting methods work for them, doesn’t mean it will work for everybody. Same way your parenting methods won’t work for your neighbors.

  13. I loved Will Smith..till he married Jada. IDK why but that turned me off. I still love watching him on the big screen & find no issues w/his children. In the end, he & Jada will have to deal with whatever happens.

    Bring on Bad Boys III!!

    • its because she has a mautre voice, its not really about the song. Her vocals are pretty rare for a 9 year old. Will and Jada make super babies for some reason.Their son Jadan got ripped like a body builder for a PG-13 movie, now their daughter is gonna be the next Rihanna.

    • We parents are not in charge of our children, we are responsible for them. Will has a point. Either way, it’s just hair..not that big of an issue, is it?

  14. I love Will Smith! I can wait to see Men In Black III. I really don’t like Willow look nor these pics. I don’t think parents should allow kids to do what they want , that’s my belief. Will can do whatever he want with his family & nothing wrong with building a family business either. I just disagree with their parenting methods. But I still love Will and Jaden Smith!

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