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Donald Driver was crowned winner of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 14 earlier this week and his kids couldn’t be happier. 6-year-old Christina(R) and 8-year-old Christian(L) took to the red carpet after the show to talk with press about their dad’s accomplishment and sheer pride in him.

When asked about Driver’s win, Christina said, “I’m really proud about [how] he got the Mirror Ball Trophy, and he was doing really good. He got really good scores.” Christian also expressed excitement saying, “We’d tell him that everyday, that he’s going to win, and he did it. I’m a really happy son.”

Now that the competition is over Donald must live up to promises made to his kids. The Green Bay Packers receiver must take them to the set of ‘Good Morning America.’ “He said that he’s going to take us to Good Morning America,” Christina exclaims. “He’s going to go to Good Morning America, and he’s going to take us with him.”

Driver thanked all of his fans for supporting him throughout the show¬† saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! I couldn’t have done this without you. I love you all! God Bless!” Donald and wife Betina parent three children in all.

Christina and Christian are pictured above with Sherri Shepherd’s son.

Check out Christian and Christina’s interview here!

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  1. Why are some calling out Sherri’s son as having cp? Is it his actions? what? Why is it a discussion. I don’t get it if she denied it then he must be fine.

  2. i was about to make the same point as another poster – those children are sooooooo articulate for their young ages!!!! i am very impressed with them! their father is one gorgeous chocolate man!! and he is a fabulous dancer!!!!

    and as for sherri’s son – she has said he has learning disabilities. i have no clue if that is because he has CP.

    • I totally agree! So intelligent and I would LOVE to take Christian home with me!!! He’s such a natural star! Love him!

  3. They are so cute and proud of daddy and I don’t blame them he did a great job. First, Emmitt Smith won, then Hine Ward now Donald Driver. The black NFL ballers make great dancers.

  4. Congrats Donald. His children are precious.

    Sherri claims her son doesn’t have CP..yea aite. He has the best mohawk I’ve seen on anyone & I’m feeling his pose.

  5. Congrats to their dad on winning the Mirror Ball…both of these babies are georgous!!!!…and Sherri Sheppards son is adorable!!.

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