The Hermanns pose for a picture at the annual family party in Central Park event sponsored by Playground Partners. While Mariska Hargitay served as host at the event, her husband Peter Hermann spent quality time with the couple’s daughter Amaya,1.

Mariska and Peter adopted Amaya last April. “I’m not gonna lie. There were wrenching moments. I say to everybody, Adoption is not for the faint of heart,” the actress said recently.

The couple are also parents to August, 5, and adopted son Andrew, 7 months.

Photos: Splashnews

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  1. Beautiful family. I love Mariska. Great actress, great mother, great wife. And Mariska is so beautiful. Inside and outside.

  2. Amaya’s eyes doesn’t look big and round to me. Her eyes are small football shaped and she looks like she can be Wanda Sykes baby.I Know that there are more than just black babies that need to be adopted into a loving home (sheesh).

  3. These white celebs adopting black babies does seem like some kind of new trend, but hey these are babies who are fortunate to be with a family who wants them and are not just adopting for the money. So im all for it as long as the child is loved, happy and healthy. And looking at these pics, it makes me lol, because she is too cute and it looks like she is so spoiled. And it look like everytime mariska with the baby she probably hugging and kissing on her. How can anyone not spoil her lol.

  4. …..also I love her hair. Nicely combed and styled. Bravo to Mariska for learning to comb her hair or even getting someone to do it for her!

  5. Amaya looks delicious! I could eat her cheeks! They always have her dolled up in bright colors too. I would love to see all the kids together.

  6. Her expression is so ‘over it’ lol. I can tell that she is used to getting all the love and attention she wants! It’s really heartwarming to see anyone take in a child and love him/her as their own. I wish them the best of everything.

  7. Really BCK not post the first comment all I said was it is Great that your site is showing BLACK CELEBRITY KIDS! We love the kids siblings but this is the site for the black kids to shine.

        • These fetish comments are disturbing. Have any of you known what it’s like not to have parents? Trust me, this little girl is lucky to have people that dote on her. Mariska had a hard time conceiving with her first kid and because of her age it was difficult., She Loves this girl as if she give birth to her.

          So because they are white and she is black they didn’t want her like they would a white child? Ridiculous. I know black people that have white foster kids and they love them just the same. When you have a child that you take care of, color doesn’t matter. Nothing does. It is a fierce love. And I see it with all these poeple that adopt their kids. I find these comments insulting and shows a lack of ignorance!

    • As long as this new fetish is keeping more and more babies and kids out of a lifetime of poverty I’m all for it. All these “fetish” babies are on their way to a 1st rate education as well. I was in foster care. There is NOTHING worse.

      As I always ask: What have you done to change the life of a child lately?

  8. My favorite family… Absolutely love Mariska and her family! I would love to see updated pics of August and Andrew!

  9. This is probably my favorite family besides the Carey-Cannons lol! I LOVE Mariska and baby Amaya is adorable. Wish we could see more of this beautifully divers family! God bless them!

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