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  1. Oh how I love my Roc & Roe….Say it every time but I just cant get enough of them. Also, the pic of Roman & his dad is simply precious :)

  2. Cuties everywhere!!
    Love to see pictures of siblings. I wanna see a pic of Zoey and her brother. They don’t know each other though..do they? Idk

    I was just searching for them and they are a month apart wow. I thought they were same age. They are.
    But anyway I love Nicole Dean’s braids.
    I like when parents don’t just throw their kids hair up in one pigtail everyday..I aint saying no names. :)

  3. Omg BCK, stop showing pictures of Swizz and his kids! It’s making me start to really like him, and I’m not ready for that yet!

    Love the pic of Roc and Roe, and the Wades!

    • Lol. I still don’t like Swizz but he seems to be a good father & can’t take that from him. Agreed wth everything you wrote.

  4. Awwwh!!! Looks like everyone had a great time this Memorial Day weekend!!! All of the children are beautiful. Love Violet’s outfit. Roc and Roe are both smiling in their wagon! The Dean kids are just too cute for words. Roman on Rodney’s chest is priceless. Zoey is in love with that ice cream. LOL! :)

  5. Cute Cute Cute!!!! Look at the twins! This is the 1st time i’m seeing pics of them wearing regular clothes lol. They are usually fancied up haha

    The Deans! I wish Egypt was in the pics too. The pics were posted on his instagram, the captions were cute. He said Egypt took the pic of his siblings walking. I like Nicole’s shoes in the pic where Swizz is holding her. Alicia has the same ones, didn’t know they came in kid sizes. I wonder if they are hard for her to walk in w/ that heel.

    Zoey!!! I miss seeing her pics on here

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