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Dennis Rodman has been brought up on charges of contempt for failing to pay child support. The former NBA star was sentenced Tuesday to 104 hours of community service for his delinquency.

Rodman was also placed on three years of informal probation provided that he stays current with his child and spousal support payments.

As of date, Dennis owes over $800,000 in support to his ex-wife Michelle Rodman. Although he was disappointed in the outcome of the case which requires him to pay all previous debt owed in addition to doing community service, Dennis was in good spirits saying, “It’s all about the kids. It does suck the fact that it had to come to this.”

Dennis and Michelle have two children together, ages ages 10 and 11. The retired NBA player reportedly has three kids in all (pictured above).

Photo:NBA TV

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  1. Is that his son in the pimp hat and the boa? Lawd, this is a hot mess on so many different levels. Also, it’s annoying when people who have a judgement against them say they are sorry it had to come to this. Take care of your obligations and it won’t.

  2. Such a selfish man. There is not a thing wrong with taking care of your children or your mother. No one else matters than them.

  3. His daughters look like twins! & they have different mothers?
    Love that his son is dressed like his daddy lmao. All the kids are super cute!

    Dennis pay the money!….but i gotta ask, outside of the child support & spousal support, does he spend a lot of time w/ the kids? After a day w/ him, do they come home w/ clothes/shoes/gifts? I’m not saying he shouldn’t pay child support (even tho i don’t always understand it it), but should he be put on probation if he’s being the greatest father to these kids? B/c there are men who don’t see their kids at all, but just drop a check off. But if Dennis doesn’t spend time w/ the kids, then ignore this :)

  4. Dennis is weird to me why anyone would marry him is beyond me! I wouldn’t even let him get close to my feet IJS! Anywho his kids r cuties!

    • Dennis admitted to making alot of mistakes. He didn’t even take care of his mama. It is sad, but I think making an effort to be in the children’s life would be worth more than 800,000 in the long run. I hope he does just that

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