Cheers to the graduate! Justin Combs, son of Sean “Diddy” Combs,  graduated from high school on Thursday, May 24th, 2012. Proud papa and mother, Misa Hylton, celebrated after the graduation ceremony. Justin’s grandparents and siblings-Madison Brim, Niko Brim, and Chance Combs- were present at the ceremony and after party as well. Singer Mary J. Blige was one of many members in the entertainment industry to also attend.

Misa had nothing but joy before the ceremony telling all Twitter fans, “Today is one the happiest days of my life. My first born child is graduating. Thank you God. Everything was all worth it.. .”

Diddy was also happy but couldn’t believe how the time flew by. “My son graduates today,” said Diddy, “Wtf! Justin is graduating High School! Words can’t explain. God is the greatest!! (sic).”

Justin will join his Freshman compadres at UCLA next year. He will play football for the school’s team.

The graduate and brother Niko Brim

More pictures below!

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  • Justin and sister Madison Brim
  • The graduate and his parents
  • Justin's grandparents both on his maternal and paternal side




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    My blog looks weird when browsing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might
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  2. aww im so proud of justin he is a real man and misa a diddy look cute togther i wonder why kim was not invited to the party lol

  3. Misa and Sarah were upset for years that Diddy chose Kim. Kim was the envy of Black women everywhere because Diddy chose her as his queen for many years and lived with HER – red carpets…vacations…! He even had a documentary on MTV and said his two favorite women were Kim and his mother! Kim was in the documentary with the twins (at his walk of fame star ceremony). And this was AFTER Kim left Diddy. Now the haters Misa and Sarah can both laugh together at Kim because Diddy had a baby on Kim. That is why Misa likes Sarah so much because she can use Sarah and Chance to laugh in Kim’s face now. Kim – do you! I wouldn’t have my kids around the tramp Sarah either.
    Real talk.

    • “Kim was the envy of black women everywhere because Diddy chose her as his queen”?!?!?!?

      BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Lmfao! I can’t even read the rest of this post. Just stop it! Lmbo! 😀

    • You have got to be the most ignorant person ever known to mankind. Either that or you are actually Kim responding or someone from her camp. Toooooooo obvious!

  4. They seem like a nice family. I like that Puffy and Misa are so close with each other’s children from other relationships. It reminds me of my parents. I hope Kim Porter isn’t ignorant and petty enough to not allow her children around his other daughter. It’s such a trashy thing to do. Forgiving a man who clearly would rather not marry you while separating siblings is ignorant and small minded. I’m disappointed that Puffy would allow that. What kind of upbringing does one have to have in order tho think it’s okay to separate children?

    • Oh wow! I didn’t even recognize Mary until you mentioned it.What is up with all these black celebs and these blond tracks.So far Rhianna,Beyonce,MAry j Blige,Diddy’s mother and Justin’s mother all have it.

      • Mary J, Diddy’s mom, Beyonce, & Misa been having blonde hair since the beginning of time. Nothing new. Rihanna changes her hair every month so egh lol

  5. Not surprised to see Chance there,but not the twins.Seems like Kim won’t let those twins anywhere near that little girl and her mother.I don’t blame her though.As for Justin Congrats.He is a smart and cute kid.In some pics he looks straight gorgeous though.I also think he only got that 50k scholorship because he is good at football,not because of his 3.75 gpa.Any rich kid could get that kind of spa when they don’t have to work or worry about anything else.I bet he also gets a lot of money from his dad for keeping his grades up.Looks like he will be going to the same college Romeo went to.

    • I DO blame Kim. No matter what, they are siblings by their shared father, and HE did the dirt, not that child. To me, her kids are only suffering bc they should have been there for THAT celebration. He’s not graduating in Cali, and the party that has g-parents, god-Mommies, and fam is the one that the 2 girls, Christian, & Quincy should have attended.

      On that scholarship tip, he DID manage to get what no other middle-ranked 5’8″ & 170 lb corner back didn’t….a full ride to a Div I program! Now I can only think that this will be a boost in filling those game day seats, as the masses in Cali will flock to see Diddy & whomever he may show-up with, while that short young man rides the pine most of the time. Romeo appeared in 9 USC games in his 2 years there, and made only 2 points one year. Me thinks the short Justin will mostly follow the same pattern when in truth he could have gotten more playing time in another program outside celebrity-seeking Cali.

    • I just had to comment on your comment about kim. (Not surprised to see Chance there,but not the twins.Seems like Kim won’t let those twins anywhere near that little girl and her mother.I don’t blame her though) well did you know that Misa and Kim were friends and Kim told Misa not to mess with Puffy but she turns around years later and have children with him as well so thats what she gets. Congratulations to the graduate and Im glad Chance was there.

  6. Congrats Justin! I am glad Chance is there & I searched the entire picture looking for Diddy’s other children..SMH.

    I think Misa looks pretty & it’s obvious her children gets their looks from her as all 3 are handsome/pretty.

  7. Congrats Justin He is so cute and my Gosh do his Mother and Grandmother belong in the same family together with them off the market Blonde wigs who with andy kind of income wears those especially women with DIDDY DOLLARS SMH!

  8. As much as people like to give Puff a hard time about all his kids and whatnot! Mad respect to him for being a parent to all of his kids.

    The reason Puff’s other kids weren’t there, is that Kim don’t want her kids around Puff’s daughter Chance! It’s a shame that Kim Porter is still on that. Get over it, it’s all about the kids at the end of the day

    • Stop blaming Kim, she could be the biggest b*tch in the world but considering that Combs pays her over 50K a month in child support if he wanted his children to be together there isn’t anything she could do to stop him. It’s his legal right, get on his @$$ for not enforcing his rights.

      • @Oxford I can’t agree with that us women r some powerful creatures and if she doesn’t want her kids around Chance it’s really nothing he will do. P diddy doesn’t look like the type that will put his foot down to Kim!

        • Sorry to tell you… but you are wrong. Even though Puffy may not have carte blanche, he does have rights.

          Given the fact that he is paying more than 50,000 dollars a month in child support to Kim, I would imagine that he has great visitation w/his children written in the custody agreement/child support agreement papers set up by his lawyers.

          As a person who works within the confines of a custody agreement, the standard visitation for a father who does not have sole custody or conservators ship over the child but joint custody is 1 day per week after school, every other weekend,every other holiday and approximately 45 days during the summer.

          During these visits (unless written in the court documentation) the father has the right to take his children to any meeting place of his choosing, on vacation with him to any destination of his choosing (granted there have been no issues prior w/parental abduction) even any country of his choosing and any building or ediface that is acceptable for children to be in.

          SO, bottom line. If Puffy wanted his kids to all be together and all know one another, even if Kim was against it, he could have them together during any of his court appointed visits.

          • @monolithic thanks for the backup. My mum (JD/PHD)was the one who gave me the info (Combs pays 30K a month just for Christian, the financial arrangement for the twins is outside the courts)and what she said was practically verbatim except for the 45 summer days because some states offer year round school so those kids don’t get 90 days summer holiday but weekly school breaks throughout the year which are then split between the parents.

          • I have to agree Pisces. I rather like the Oxford who does not curse & insinuate things with smileys & winks.

            On the topic..if Kim is still involved with Diddy, he can make his life a lot harder than you can imagine.

      • Um, Puff doesn’t have sole custody, so until they’re 18, he does NOT have carte blanche! Notice how she still weasles her way on boat trips when he takes HER kids…..even though he’s clearly with Cassie! TRUST, she’s childish!

        • Yep. Diddy is not seen on vacation with her children w/o Kim being there. But when you see Chance & Justin, you don’t see their mothers.

      • Oxford, I was just wondering where my internet daughter was. Hey sweetie! Did you just say @$$? I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to you going to college early. Tsk, tsk.

        I too use to think Diddy can bring the children together if he chose but I’m putting this on Kim. Not even Quincy who is an adult was there..really? I can imagine how hard Kim would make Diddy’s life if she were to find out they were together. Still a part of me thinks Diddy has them together in secret..just as long as Kim doesn’t find out.

        • Yea, Kim is childish. She has no problem w/ her kids being around Cassie (I remember there being a Youtube video of Diddy, her & the kids, & you can see Cassie running in the background) but she don’t like her kids to be around Chance. Diddy probably hold secrete meetings. But big events like these, he probably has to choose.

        • Hey Ms. Sherley, makes me feel warm & tingly to know that you missed me :-)

          Now, how can Kim make Combs life hard? Who is Kim? She is just an 18 year winner in the child support lottery. Combs can make HER life HARD if she were to TRY and tell him when/where he could see his children and who with (unless they were a documented pedophile or something).

          Combs is just a lazy @$$ who won’t do the work to get all of his kids together, and popular opinion being what it is, if the kids were getting together; secretly; there would be pictures somewhere.

          For less than 10K American money he could have sent a plane for the kids and flown them back to their mother so that they could be with their brother for his special day.

          Kim may be a controlling b*tch trying to control SOMETHING since she can’t control Combs’ p*nis and where he sticks it but Combs is a lazy @$$ who won’t stand up to her and do the right thing for all his kids.

          • Alright @Oxford I believe some of us (PlainMean, Trisha, Pisces, Sherley, myself and a few others) might be rubbing off on u! I read somewhere that Combs has been dating Kim and Sara(Chance’s mom) for over 17 years! I read that he was cheating on Misa(Justin’s mom) with the noth of them! He cheated on Misa with Kim and she accepts Christian so why can’t Kim accept Chance because she’s a controlling witch remove the w and add a b! Kids r innocent and keeping them away because ur hurt is ignorant!

        • Yeah think so too.He just doesn’t want her to make a fuss about it.I like how even though Diddy is not with these women anymore he still helps them take care of the kids.He is a good dad.

  9. Congrats Justin. Chance is such a pretty girl. Misa is a pretty lady, but that hair color does not compliment her.

  10. Congrats Justin!!!

    Diddy mama a mess and been for years. I’m not diggin Misa hair either. Justin siblings are adorable. And I wonder was the grandma sippin on Ciroc lol

  11. I’m sorry but Janice Combs look hasn’t changed since the 90’s. Your son makes umpteen million dollars and she looks like that?

  12. I am SO proud of Justin, as if he were my own

    He seems to be a good kid! What a difference having an active father in a child’s life can make

  13. Awwww, I’m so proud of Justin! I hope he does well in college. He has a lot of siblings! I wonder why Christian and Quincy weren’t there!

    Sn: What does Janice Combs see when she looks into the mirror?!?! O_o

    • Christian & Quincy (&&& the twins) ain’t there bc dey Momma is CHILDISH – holding a grudge against the fact that Chance is there probably…., hate the bearer of the D!CK ladies, not the children! Good for Puff to have his baby girl with her brother on his special day! Still can’t stand him tho……

    • quincy kim in all of them is foney as hell noww i guarantee they are not there because kim dont want her kids around . her or her eldest boy wouldnt have nuthin if it wasnt for diddy and quincy is fake 2 because he’s a grown dam man how the hell is his mother gonna tell him where not to be. i hope diddy dont be foolish enuff to many kim.adleast diddy id a priortized man i see

      • i mean to marry kim. I can tell that diddy is a very priortized man i guarantee he will never choose her over his daughter. Mrs combs seems the same as her son and she is flawless. well diddy you should of held on to justins mother but like i said would kim have if it wasnt for diddy.in quincy such up so much of diddy shadow.

  14. Awwwww Congrats Justin!!!

    Him & his brother look a lot a like. His sister is cute, & Chance is adorable sitting on her daddy’s lap. (I know others are gonna bring it up, but it would have been good if his other brother & sisters were there too to celebrate w/ him)

    I see why Misa & Diddy’s mom are best friends lmao

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