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The Dean Kids(dad is Swizz Beatz) spent some quality time with their dad this past weekend. Want to know how some of your  favorite celebrity kids celebrated the holiday weekend?  Then check out the gallery below!


Monica Brown enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend with sons Romelo, 4, and Rocko,7, husband Shannon Brown, and rapper Ludacris and his family. On Memorial day, the group enjoyed a day of barbecuing, fishing, and riding four-wheelers.  The singer tweeted the picture above with the caption, “Yep, Mommy likes to ride, too!”


Mercy,5, enjoyed a fun day at the beach with siblings Rocco and David on Saturday, May 26, 2012. Meanwhile, Madonna watched her little ones from the balcony of her hotel room in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Madonna is in Israel to kick off her global MDNA tour, which began at the Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv on May 24, 2012. The tour will cover several major cities throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

MDNA album producer William Orbit recently apologized for releasing steam about the project’s commercial failure on Facebook. “The MDNA comments,” says Orbit, “I should not have said them publicly. I see that and I regret that I said online. Not fair to M.”

MDNA is Madonna’s latest work released on March 23, 2012. The album is available at all major music stores including iTunes and Amazon.

Photos: Wenn


Singer Lauryn Hill poses in a recent picture with children (l to r) Sarah, Nico, Eden, Selah, Micah, John, & Joshua. Nico and Eden are Lauryn’s ex Rohan Marley’s children from a previous relationship. Missing from the picture is Lauryn’s first-born son, Zion.


Celebrities adopting children from other countries has become somewhat of a “norm” these days. Angelina Jolie’s adoptions of her son Maddox (from Cambodia), Zahara (from Ethiopia), and Pax (from Vietnam) seems to have triggered more and more celebrities to not only adopt, but to adopt outside of their race and countries.

Some people feel that the sudden “trend” for Caucasian celebrities to adopt African and Asian children should be put to an end because the celebrities wouldn’t be able to fully engross the children in their native culture and because they are getting special treatment from adoption agencies. They also may not understand some of the basic needs of the child such as the different care an African child needs for their hair.

Although, the new parents may not be fully aware of or understand all of the intricate details involved in raising a child of a different ethnicity, at least they are willing to open their hearts and their homes to these children when others have not.

Is it better to let the children be adopted by people that have the means and the ability to properly take care of them, or deny them just because they are of a different ethnicity? Should the child suffer because their new mom and dad look different? What are your thoughts?


Adorable! Gospel singer Erica Atkins-Campbell dotes on her baby girl Zaya, 5 months. Click over to see a picture of Zaya’s, nicknamed “Zay Zay”, equally adorable siblings Krista and Warryn III.


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