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Lailaa Williams, daughter of basketball players Candace Parker and Shelden Williams, celebrated her birthday with family and friends this past weekend. Actors Boris Kodjoe, Jaleel White, and their kids were among those who attended the tot’s Mermaid-themed birthday party. Lailaa turned three years old on May 13, 2012.

Candace recently conducted an interview with MyBrownBaby in which she talked about her ability to maintain balance between motherhood and career life. “So many times I hear of women quitting their jobs as a result of their families,” says Candace, “That is a decision that many women make and I support their choice. I choose to do both. I vowed from the start that I would have both a successful family and career.”

She adds, “You can have a family AND a career. Balancing both is quite a juggling act! At times I tiredly look into the mirror and ask myself, “What am I doing?” But I am quickly reminded how much I love “this” when I gaze over on the sideline during one of my games and see my whole entire world waving back. I smile when I see my husband whispering to my daughter, “You see Mommy?”

Candace and husband Shelden Williams have been married for several years. Lailaa is the couple’s only child together.

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Nas is gaining mixed reviews over his newest single ‘Daughters.’   Whereas most fans love the idea of a father writing a song about his daughter, some listeners criticize the rapper for putting his feelings about fatherhood on a record. Regardless of one’s opinion about him, Nas is a loving father who is not ashamed to talk about his children. He recently sat down with MTV to discuss son Knight,2, and daughter Destiny,17.

Eight-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis may not be the most seasoned of all of the actors at Cannes Film Festival, but her charismatic performance in “Beasts of the Southern Wild” has critics predicting her nomination for the best actress at the festival.


Being a stay at home mother can be one of the most wonderful and overwhelming experiences of a mother’s life. There are days when you can’t imagine your life being any different that it is at that very moment. There are also days when you are counting down the minutes before your husband walks through the door so that you can hand him the kids. No matter what kind of day you are having, you are not alone! Here are a few things that many stay at homes think, but never say.

I Miss Talking About Things Other Than My Kids- Aside from a few weekly playdates, as a stay at home mom, you spend a large amount of your time alone with your kids. Sometimes, you just want to have someone to talk to that knows more about the politics than George Washington was the first president. It’s also nice to talk about things other than the baby’s first tooth or potty training.

I Should Contribute More- Although you are the main parent rearing the children, taking care of the house and all of the meals, you can sometimes feel like you are not as much of a contributor as your spouse who brings home the paycheck. This can be discouraging at times and make you want to add more value to your family.

I Miss Getting Dressed Up Everyday- While people you talk to will say that they wish they could wear shorts and sneakers everyday, you miss having a reason to put on heels and makeup.

I’m Jealous Of My Working Friends- Being at home with the kids is great, but can be overwhelming at times. There are times when many stay at home moms just want to get away. Having a phone conversation with a working mom friend about a big deal she just closed or a company trip that her team is taking can make anyone longingly remember their own past working girl life.

No matter if you are a working mom or stay at home mom, there are always days when you just want to do something different. Whether your boss is the big man in the office down the hall or the little baby in the crib upstairs, there are challenges and good and bad days for everyone, so don’t get discouraged or feel like you’re a bad person for not being blissfully happy every moment of the day. The important thing is to try to make the happy times far outweigh the bad times.

What are some of your confessions as a stay at home (or working) mom?

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