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Actress Nia Long has shared pictures of her favorite fellas: sons Kez, 7 months, and Massai,11, and boyfriend Ime Udoka. Click over to see more pictures now!

“I am the happiest that I’ve been probably in my life,” the proud mom said in an interview with The Urban Daily last month. “My baby Kez Sunday has given me a bit of a rebirth and it’s really nice because I’m able to look at life through his eyes. You have to pay attention to the smallest thing, from the birds chirping to the dog barking across the street. These are the things that make the world go around today. When you look at life in its simplest form, stress and worry isn’t the cornerstone of your life. Experiencing life through that lens is refreshing.”

Nia and NBA player Ime welcomed son Kez in November of last year. Massai is Nia’s son from a previous relationship.


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  1. Im just saying you are a beautiful women, who I admire some good things came to you who waited! Yay!

  2. she looks more like the big sister than the mom.her boys are gorgeous, her big son is soo handsome and her lil one looks just like her, its the eyes.

  3. I wouldn’t call him an NBA player, since he doesn’t play in the NBA. It must be rough having a partner who has to constantly travel for his career. I read he’s playing overseas in Spain now. I wonder if she’s there with him a lot.

  4. OMG..her men are all scrumptious! Not sure whom Kez looks like though, but Massai definitely gets his good looks from mom.

    I love me some Nia & do not make a big issue over marriage & children like most people do, however, if this were another person, people would be attacking her martial status choice. IJS.

  5. Thank you for clarifying Nia’s marriage status, PlainMean. I browed the internet and found this at huffingtonpost.com:

    Nia Long is a new mom, but not a newlywed.

    The actress says recent rumors that she jumped the broom with NBA player Ime Udoka are absolutely false. “Marriage is not a priority,” she tells ESSENCE.com. “We’re happy, I’m happy, the kids are fantastic.”

  6. Nia is blessed with 2 beautiful boys! Baby Kez is simply handsome looking like his mommy. PS Daddy isn’t hard on the eyes either um.

  7. Beautiful man & boys & a beautiful woman! Kez is adorable, he looks a lot like Nia. & he’s so chunky.

    There are other pics of Kez & Nia walking down the street

  8. I am very happy for Nia and her family. It should be noted that she and Ime are married and not boyfriend and girlfriend. I believe they married on Valentine’s Day of this year. Congrats to them and their blended family!

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