Actress Halle Berry and daughter Nahla,4, may be moving to Paris, France sooner than later. According to website TMZ, a custody evaluation proves that “Halle is the better parent, and that clears the way for her move to Paris.”

The custody evaluator — a psychologist — wrote the report after extensive interviews with Halle, Gabriel, 4-year-old Nahla and others. Sources tell TMZ … the report raises issues about Gabriel’s ability to care for Nahla, in part because of personal issues. We’re told the evaluator did not question Gabriel’s love for his daughter or her love for him, but the report does cast doubt on his ability to assume responsibility for the custody and care for the little girl.

Now here’s where it gets interesting … The judge will decide the custody arrangement later this month, and whether Halle gets to move to Paris with Nahla — something Gabriel vigorously opposes.

Under California law, the judge cannot question the fact that Halle is moving to Paris. He can’t tell her she’s not allowed to move, nor can he conclude that she’s bluffing. The judge must accept AS FACT that Halle is moving to France. Read More




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  1. She won’t be missed! She use to be down to earth & fun, but now she’s up tight & way to serious!!

  2. Every one is ignoring the fact that a psychologist found him unfit. His being unfit has nothing to do with Halle. Why is everyone so quick to defend Gabe and lash out at Halle the FIT parent. Despite how it may seem, i do believe this is in the best interest of Nahla. I don’t doubt that he doesn’t love his daughter and her him but point remains that he was found unfit for a reason.

    • @ Doting, Thank You! Reading these comments is really amusing. If the court found Halle to be the better parent then something must be wrong with Gabe. People, you don’t know Halle or Gabe, so how can you say he is a good father and Halle is crazy. You don’t know these people, so stop acting like you do.

  3. how is she just allowed to get up and leave with her to another country? does she have full custody? that is so wrong taking her away from her father like that.

  4. I’ve never quite understood where all the venom towards Halle is coming from. Unless it’s just a matter of “that celeb just annoys me”, which I completely understand.

    As for this particular issue, if Gabriel has the right to fight for custody of his child why is it wrong that she does the same? And why are people mad at Halle for a decision that conclusion that the evaluator came to? I know people think Halle’s crazy and just making stuff up but apparently the evaluator had some doubts about Gabe’s parenting abilities as well.

    Moving is definitely not cutting him out of her daughter’s life either, especially not in the case of wealthy people who can absolutely afford airfare. When you have children and a relationship ends, be it a marriage or otherwise, then you have to deal with not being able to see your kid every single day. That’s just the way it is. Sucks for all involved but it’s not some end of the world struggle that you can’t overcome in a reasonable manner either. Both Halle and Gabriel are going to have to deal with the fact that some days Nahla is going to be with the other parent.

  5. omg I really wish halle would gt her non acting self somewhere & sit down & by this time nxt yr im sure she will b on 2 the nxt guy, the baby is cute tho

  6. It truly saddens me that when a dad actually wants to step up to the plate and handle his, it’s punished? Yes, there should be stronger laws again the paparazzi with children, but at the same time France? Really? If you really wanted to ensure a “normal” life for your child, why not move to the midwest? I mean Demi Moore and Bruce Willis moved to some remote town for the sake of their children and

  7. It appears that Gabe truly adores Nahla. Do we know what’s going on with Gabe? I feel like Halle simply used him as a sperm donor. She had no intentions of the three of them being a family. I find that terribly misleading. Nonetheless, she’s set on allowing Oliver to raise Gabe’s daughter. What will become of Nahla if things go awry between Halle and Oliver? Halle is leaving the United States because it’s beneficial to the man she happens to be in love with (at this present time). It’s not to avoid the paparazzi.

    • I don’t really see that being true because he was the one who wanted to end things. If I recall correctly, or should I say if what was reported was correct (and I’m not sure it was ever negated by them), it was something about how the age difference started to bother him and he started to be attracted to other women so he ended things because he didn’t want to end up cheating.

      If anything it seems like he’s the one who never really intended on settling down with her. *shrugs*

  8. This is just plain mean…Come on Nahla loves her daddy…I agree with some comments here that Olivier and Halle is not going to last.

  9. Come on guys there is always two sides to every story. Gabe has limited custody for a reason, not that I’m defending Halle but there must me something wrong for her to be declared the better parent…And that’s not saying much because she seems like a nut job.

    • I honestly don’t trust the courts sometimes when it comes to child custody cases. A childhood friend of mine was repeatedly given back to her mother despite the woman having some severe alcohol & drug abuse issues. The girl’s father finally got full custody when she was 13 years old & could finally speak up for herself to the judge, saying she’d rather be with her much more responsible father.

      And Halle’s behavior & explanations have just been downright fishy these past few months, so I honestly cannot help but to think that she’s manipulating the courts in this case.

  10. France. Another big step up from her Cleveland roots. No disrespect to Cleveland natives intended. Roman Polanski fled to France too because of American laws that he didn’t like when he was wanted for child sexual abuse.

  11. We know the paparazzi exists in France, we know because Princess Diana lost her life trying to avoid them so moving to Paris will not resolve her issue. I feel bad for Nahla and I hope Halle will allow her to have a relationship with her dad.

  12. you know halle is crazy but i seen this coming from a mile away soon as they said custody he was going to lose! damn the kid cant win!

    • Its amazing what money can buy huh.Look at Dewayne Wade.Seems like it is always the richer one who wins in the end.So glad my child’s father is no where near rich lol!

  13. Give the Woman some Respect.There are to little woman out there wo are in the position to achive that what she have achieved.Go for it Halle fight for what you want .Don’t be onder anyone foot.I think these female are happy when you are always bring down by a man. We have year 2011

  14. Halle I love you but please do not take Nahla away from her dad. you need to find a way to work it out with Gabe without the courts.

  15. Please do not have children , if you are not going to be in a stable relationship! The kid will pay the price for it. Geez! And I hope it works out . But that Halle is something else

  16. If Gabe needs consoling, I’m available! I just hope Nahla is happy wherever she ends up. It’s a shame when adults can’t get past bitterness and immaturity to co-parent their child.

  17. Poor baby. It’s not in the best interest of the child to have her father cut out of her life. These US courts are bullsh–.

  18. I think Halle is doing this to be funny and mean but God doesn’t like ugly and he not to keen on beauty! Do unto others as u want done to urself! Halle thinks she’s winning now but she’s hurting no one but Nahla taking her from her dad. I feel sorry for Nahla poor baby.

  19. Whoa! Awww poor Gabe, how he loves his daughter. I wonder what’s going on with him that hinders his ability to care for her. Halle wasn’t interested in moving to France till Olivier. When(yeah I said when) they break up, she’ll be back in LA. Hope the judge grants Gabe long periods of visitations & he can get to France as often as he can.

    • Although I don’t think it is a good idea for her to up and move herself and daughter to another country just to be with her (boyfriend) it is nice to hear that she will be staying with her moth.I hate reading story’s about men taking kids away from their mothers through the court systems.A little girl needs her mom in her life the most.And if Gabe really wants custody he will continue to fight for it.I think he should have known that Halle wanted nothing more than the baby and possibly a man she could control.France is really nice so hope Nahla enjoy’s it there.

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