Kobe Bryant is finding a lot of things to do with his spare time since being ousted from the playoffs. The NBA Lakers player recently took his children Gianna,6, and Natalia,9, to Disneyland for a day of fun and imagination. Kobe’s estranged wife, Vanessa Bryant, was also present to spend quality time with the kids.

The Lakers’ dream of another championship was cut short after losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder  last month. The Thunder triumphed over the Lakers with a final score of 106-90, making it the second time in a row that the celebrated Los Angeles team will not play for a trophy.

During the season, Kobe played 12 games and managed to score 30 points per game. He and Vanessa are set to finalize divorce proceedings this month.

Photos: JSJ/Instagram

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  1. Beautiful girls with a gorgeous mom and handsome dad. I still can’t figure out why black folks said his wife was white. That girl is no more whiter than Paula Patton, Hallie Berry, Victoria Roswell,Kimora Lee, etc…..mixed is mixed.

    • The difference is, all those you mentioned have at least one Black parent. Vanessa is pure Mexican. Her stepfather was white but she’s Mexican. No Black in her at all. Not that it matters, love is love, but just to be clear, she’s not mixed.

      I hope they can work it out. Such a beautiful family.

  2. Natalia is such a beautiful little girl : she is as pretty as her mother and as tall as her father !!! It must be so stressful being a celebrity , you can’t even take your wife and kids to have some fun somewhere without people harrassing you.

  3. Vanessa isn’t going anywhere! They look like the perfect happy family! I like Kobe but KEVIN GARNETT is my love my fav I’m a stans for him owwwww!

    • Im with PlainMean..KG?!?! Eewwww. But PlainMean, LJ?!?! Eewwww. My lover was Will Smith till he married Jada. Idris, Shemar Moore & Morris Chestnut still come around though, just not at the same time ;).

      • It was something about the way Lebron played ball! So masculine and explosive… But now the thrill is gone! Lol. Will is still my lover. He gets better with age. The more I know about Idris the less I like him. And oh Jesus, Shemar Moore! I love that man.

        • The way he handled the ball during the playoffs has me saying Savannah is a lucky woman, but I can’t look at him all day. I keep hearing Shemar prefers the other side..shame..girl he is pACKing! Jada completely turned me away from Will, except when he’s on Bad Boys, I completely forget about Jada then.

          • Wait a minute witches don’t talk about my KG that;s my man! LBJ illlllllllll do u see his hair line ill! Morris absolutely and Idris! Will has fell off and Shemar doesn’t want our kind if u know what I mean!

          • YES! Have u ever seen him dressed um that’s my baby! Look at a recent picture of him and his family on BCK a few months back he is sexy :) :) :) :) :) :)

          • I only see him during the games. He cleans up nicely huh? I’m just messing with you. My man loves him & all last night I kept hearing KG!!!! each time he scored against my Miami. So I’m taking it out on you today…with love of course. :)

          • LMAO at LeBron being PlainMean’s past.

            Misunderstood..it’s ; ) together, no spaces equals 😉

      • I know right…JUST NOOOOOOOOOOOO, but I can’t talk either ’cause I was OBSESSED with Vince Carter :/ I apologizes LMAO

  4. Glad to see him spending time with his family. That’s more important in the end. The Lakers got KICKED by OKC…lol

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