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Musical mogul Sean “Diddy” combs is a proud papa! The dad of six* took to Twitter on Sunday to congratulate three of his kids-Chance, Justin, and Christian- on their latest scholastic achievements. He wrote of his daughter Chance: “Congrats to my daughter Chance who graduated from kindergarten! You’re on your way to 1st grade baby.”

He later tweeted of his son Christian: “Congrats to my twin Christian who graduated from 8th grade going to High School! God’s the greatest!”

And tweeted once again of his older son, “Congratulations @JDior_ for graduating from High School!! UCLA here we come!!!”


*Sean Combs has five kids and a bonus child named Quincy Brown, whose dad is Al B Sure.

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  1. SOOO if Chance and Jessie and Delilah are all the same age why didn’t the twins graduate from preschool?

  2. If he regards Quincy as a son and Quincy regards him as a father then their relationship is whatever they say it is. How can an outsider who has never met these people dictate their family to them? That’s pretty ignorant. If someone raises another person from childhood then they are that person’s parent. Parenthood isn’t strictly dictated through biology.

  3. Do all of Diddy’s children have to look like him? LOL

    Kim may be the mother of four of his children (Quincy too) but that doesn’t mean she’s the woman for him. She doesn’t even allow her twin daughters to spend time with Chance. Her reaction to Chance’s existence speaks volume of the sort of individual she is. The children have nothing to do with the parents’ actions. JMO

  4. WOW! What exciting milestones. Grade 1, Grade 9 and University…all of which are going to be new and exciting experiences for all three of them.

    Jessie and D’Lila should be graduating too, am I right? They were born in 2006, so I believe they’ll be going to Grade 1, as well ’cause my daughter was born in 2007 and she’s just finishing JK. Congratulation to the Comb twins, if that’s the case.

    • I was just about to say that too EVELINA RAE that the twins and chance are a couple of months apart so why arent the twins graduating too…. I lost respect for Kim when she said her twins cant be around their sister who looks just like them and kim thinks diddy is gonna stay with her when she is acting just as much as a child than her own kids by not accepting his kids but she wanted diddy to accept al b sure son…. she slow… she is pretty but kim is slow as heck!

  5. No matter what people say about Diddy he takes car of his kids and all of them are beautiful! I’m proud of Justin for going to college and not chasing a rap career (like Quincy *cough cough*) !

  6. BCK: Please refrain from saying that Diddy has six children, when he only has five children. From what I’ve seen in the media, Diddy provides financial support for Kim’s oldest child and Al B Sure’s son, Quincy Brown, but unless Diddy has legally adopted this child, Quincy should not be counted as Diddy’s son. Otherwise, it’s misleading. I stand corrected if Diddy has adopted Quincy. Al B Sure may be a dead beat father, but I look at things in legal terms because I am an attorney.

    • How is it misleading? They stated clearly that Quincy is not his biological son. He regards Quincy as a son and cares for him as such so why shouldn’t BCK acknowledge him when mentioning his kids?

  7. Nobody knows the “true” story but those involved. I hope Kim being a woman and mother, knows that the child is innocent. and hopefully they will all be able to get along (Only because alot of people say it’s her… Kim). I respect Mr. Combs for being a father to his children…that’s the part that means the most in the end.Hopefully “if” whats being said is true…the woman will be able to iron out whatever for the siblings sake.



  9. Diddy should never get married, can’t stay faithful. You people act like ya’ll know Kim when really you don’t, why would she stay with someone who can’t keep it in his pants. Please stop blaming Kim for her kids not being around Chance, last time I check if Diddy wants his kids to spend time together he could make it happen if he wants. It is up to Diddy to make sure that his girls know each other, not Kim. If Diddy doesn’t have a problem with it than why do you guys have a problem with it?

    • @HeDONTHAVEToBwithKIMIf something was in writing than we would have saw the paper work or something by now, don’t you think? Please stop trying to exempt Diddy from his duty as a parent cause last time I check Kim is not Chance’s mom. If Diddy really wants his girls to know each don’t you think that he would be able to get it done? Like I said if he doesn’t have a problem with his girls not knowing each other than why do you have a problem with it?

      • How does anyone know if Chance & the twins don’t spend time together? I do believe Kim does not want her children corresponding with Chance but I don’t believe they do not know each other. Is it because you guys don’t see pictures of them together? We don’t see pictures of celebrities doing it, but we know they do right? Well imagine it as that & zip it already about this topic.

        • I’m sure Diddy has secret meetings w/ the kids. “Kim I’m taking the kids for ice cream!” They end up at a hotel playing w/ their big sister haha. We don’t see pics of all of Lil wayne’s kids together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t spend time together.

  10. Females love bashing Kim, huh? Anywho, Diddy makes beautiful kids. Aren’t the twins and Chance the same age? They’re not headed to 1st grade as well?

  11. Kim and diddy are close friends and has a good relationship considering the kids. Kim seems to be really happy and having peace since she has let diddy and the anger he cause while they were together go. I think diddy does misses kim allot but they just cannot get alone to be a couple but can be friends for the sake of their children.

  12. I just read on another website that Diddy and Cassie are officially a couple so if that’s true, then Diddy and Kim are history. I hope he will settle down one day and stop having all these babies out of wedlock.

    Congratulations to all the Combs kids!

  13. I agree. Just because she has the most children for him doesn’t mean she’s the one. If it’s true that she doesn’t want to include his other daughter then she’s not worth marrying. I have no respect for any adult who take their issues and insecurities out on innocent children.

  14. Kind of hard to settle down with a dawg. I do like that fact that he takes responsibility for his children, and not just the financial aspect of it. Apparently he has issues with women, and relationships. I don’t think he should be having anymore babies out of wedlock. I do realise kids luv there parents no matter what. But as a parent trying to be the best parent, and role model should be top priority. Not to say as parents we don’t make mistakes. But kids live what they learn, and of coarse it could be 50/50 on how they turn out. I know he doesn’t want his girls to except anything from a man. And teaching the boys his behaviour isn’t good either. So I hope one day Diddy can find what he truly wants in a women. One women, lol!

  15. Awww congrats to the Comb kids! Chance is so pretty, Christian is his father’s twin!

    Why should Diddy settle down w/ a woman who doesn’t accept his child? I don’t see Kim ever getting a ring, he’ll probably marry Cassie before he marry’s Kim

  16. Congrats times 3 Sean Combs! Chance knows she is too cute. Christian knows he’s his father’s twin. Justin knows he’s fine & talented. God truly is the greatest.

  17. First grade already? They grow so fast! I like how one is moving on to elementary, while another is moving on to high school and another on to college. Congrats to them! Graduations are always so exciting!

  18. Aww congrats to the grads. Chance looking like a little lady and going off the first grade. Christian looking just like his daddy and headed to highschool. Justin looking handsome as ever and off to college. They grow up so fast.

    • Agreed – she was definitely the love of his life but he couldn’t conquer the groupies and slipped up and had a child with one

      • you do know that he cheated on Misa with Kim who was at the time one of Misa closest friends and a known groupie right?

        and you do know that he met Kim and Sarah at the same time in his life and had been dating BOTH of them on and off for 10+ years right?

        both Misa and Diddy have said this in multiple interviews I wish people would stop believing that Sara came out of nowhere which isn’t the case at.all.

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