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Jhene Aiko Chilombo and daughter Namiko,3, make a great pair. “Two peas in a pod. Who’s the mommy tho?! We look the same age! Lol[sic],” tweeted Jhene.

Jhene recently commented on her newest project saying, “I’m working on an album, Sold Out. Hopefully I can get it out as soon as possible. I’m going to always write, and I’m going to always sing. That’s definitely something that the people that are following my Twitter can always expect me to put out; some type of literature or songs.” Chilombo continues, “I think it’s just really important to hold on to yourself, to your morals and what you believe in.”

Check out more pics of Jhene and her favorite girl below!

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  1. jhene is a singer who was signed to the same abel as b2k….she was featured on B2k’s album… and was in almost all of their videos…when that whole label had there drama everyone went their separate ways… she had a baby with Omarions brother, Oryan (who also had a short lived career)…she put out a mix tape “SAILING SOULS” a while ago and it got a lot of buzz, with Drake remixing one of her songs! She is now on the verge of a comeback.

    for those who don’t know who she is lol..i was a b2k fanatic…

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