Vanessa Bryant and daughters Natalia Bryant,9, and Gianna Bryant,6, were all smiles as they posed for Film Independent’s 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of Disney Pixar’s “Brave” on June 18, 2012 in Hollywood, California. The trio looked adorable in their matching white outfits.

In related news, Vanessa and her estranged husband Kobe Bryant have reportedly called off their divorce. Vanessa, who filed for divorce from the Los Angeles Lakers star in December 2011, has not signed the documents necessary to make the divorce final. The couple are said to be working out their issues. Perhaps for the sake of the kids?

Brave hits theaters this Friday, June 22.

Check out more pictures below!

Photo by David Livingston

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  1. I love how she keeps them dressed like little girls!! Not too grown and NEVER too short. KUDOS Vanessa and Kobe for putting yourselves aside and working on your marriage DESPITE what others think. I hope it works out for you becuase 10 plus years is a LONG time to just walk away.

  2. These girls are SUPER cute! They remind me of Kimora girls all the way. I can’t wait to have me some mix kids, I hope they look like these two girls or Ming/aoki!

  3. More like working it out for the money sake. I don’t trust Vanessa. Kobe is too darn cocktail to have intelligence.

  4. Natalia is going to be model tall, and she looks just like her father. Despite the criticisms, I like this family.

  5. Both girls are very pretty but isn’t 9 too young for braces….not criticizing just asking because I don’t know!

    • Obviously you and Pam don’t have kids have never been around kids or ever want to school or just very ignorant but my last three years of elementary school which was third fourth and fifth grade kids in my class and the kids in general had braces and there parents weren’t rich at all.

      • Really….first of all I’m a wonderful and proud parent of 2 boys. I asked a question which does not make me ignorant and if you’ve seen young kids with braces then that’s all you could of said instead of throwing insults. My god daughter was instructed by her dentist to wait until she was middle school age to make sure that all her adult teeth were in before she got braces. So when I saw this young girl with braces I asked was it too young simply because I really wanted to know!

        • I’m very sorry LaTanya that you’ve gotten offended but it’s the truth as far as young kids wearing braces. My best friends wore them at eight and nine years old and I just found it hard to believe that you’ve never seen kids that young wearing them when I have seen it my whole life I’ve never heard of waiting I thought it was a natural childhood process but everyone grows up believing something different but again I’m sorry that I offend anyone.

        • @LaTanya I’m sorry that I offend you it just that I found it hard to believe that you’ve never seen young kids wearing braces my best friends wore them at eight and nine years old and even now that I’m older I still see them so I thought it was a natural child hood process but we are all brought up to believe something different and again let me be the first to say sorry.

    • Actually its not. My haridresser’s daughter is 8 and she has them. I guess it depends on the child and their teeth.

    • It’s just that I remember when my god-daughter went to get some they told her mom that is was best to wait until she got to middle school age when all her adult teeth were in.

  6. The girls are getting so big and their beautiful as ever. I do love how Vanessa keeps the both of them so cute & girly.

  7. i find it HILARIOUS that the divorce was called off.. After what Vanessa was getting she would have been richer than kobe. im glad he is atlease a lil smarter when it came to that.

  8. ohh wow!!! its nice to see some new faces. the girls has gotten so big since the last time we saw them. they look cute in white.

  9. So pretty! I love how they are always dressed so girly & w/ a bow in their hair. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a pic of them w/out a bow in their hair lol.

    Vanessa looks so happy lol. I never see this woman smile. she looks good

    • I actually think Natalia looks more like Kobe than Gianna, she’s the splitting image. Gianna is a mixture of Kobe and Vanessa. WHo cares though, they are a lovely family

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