The OMG Girlz latest video “Where the Boys At?” premiered on BET and VEVO today(June 20th). The video, which was directed by Bryan Barber, is from the girls’ upcoming album “Official Miss Guided,” set to release on October 2nd.

The girls are getting ready for their performance at the Essence Festival on July 5th where they will perform on the “New & Next” stage.  The girls are also currently touring around the country with Diggy Simmons.

Check out the new video below, which features from rapper T.I. and his family




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  1. Anytime I click on an article about the OMG Girlz the negative comments are sure to be there.I like the song and the video.Good job!

  2. The video depicts youthful, vibrant and determined teenagers who simply want to have fun. T.I. is an awesome Dad. Where’s cute little Major? LOL

  3. @ Tiffany…I SO AGREE!! I LOVE THEM! They sing about what kids like and not dippin it low and licking it high…they sing age appropriate songs! I LOVE their look..hair and clothes included. Good luck girls!

  4. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I really love how they are staying true to themselves. I don’t see any parts of them being too grown or over the top…they are fifteen and sixteen years old. They are gonna like boys…they outfits were age appropriate..not too revealing..girls wear less than that to prom nowadays..some of you are complaining about their hair and the colors that they wear..THEY ARE KIDS!! Once they stop doing that then you’ll start complaining about them being too grown. You just can’t seem to satisfy some people. Thats why a lot of kids are trying so hard to fit into what society thinks that they should be. Try teaching your children, sisters, brothers, cousins, etc to be themselves. They’ll be much happier.

  5. I LOVVVVE IT!!!! It’s such a cute, but mature song just right for their age. I’m loving the video. They should be very proud!

  6. I think the song is cute and fun. I like the melody.
    T.I is hilarious! The funny thing is, he was actually feeling that way. I don’t blame him, the girls look like that came out of a crayon box. lol.

  7. Nice Video OMG GIRLZ!! I see the progress in them everytime something new is posted. I get TLC recreated in 2012 from them! Love the styling, Yall look Great, Keep it Coming!!

  8. Okay…so of course I read the comments before I clicked on the video. I have to admit the song/video was okay , all the kids were dressed appropriately and I can see the tweens/teens blowing it up on you tube. My only concern is the part were their playing in the water , with those itty-bitty shorts on was kind of too much for their age.

  9. That was a cute video:) They have some moves… At least they were covered up for the most part! I like OMG Girlz, even though I think I’m over the age bracket lol

  10. It was a cute teen video. Some parts were a little too grown…hint…hint that 15 year old with that belly ring, but overall good video:)

  11. This is like Nicki Minaj x3 lol smh but they’re cute though I just want them to come out of all that colorful hair & clothes they look like 4 years olds that dressed themselves but at least they wear appropriate clothes

    • I kind of disagree, because their ages are 17, 16 and I think one is 18 not sure though. The girls their age and alittle bit younger are going through puppy love its just nature. We dont want to hear music like “I like popcorn, bubble gum, and cotton candy, holla if you hear me” (thats kinda cute) but we want real music from real people who understand us and the teenage lifestyle. I do understand your point though, I guess everyone has opinions ;)

      • I agree with you too, buh they are just a lil too over the top for 16 and 17 year olds. I mean i dont want to hear bout no dogs, cotton candy and that 8 year old stuff. I agree with the music trying to understand with the teenage life though

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