Selah Marley,13, daughter of Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill, graduated from middle school on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. She will now embark on the next segment of life called high school.

Proud papa Rohan Marley was sure to tell all of Twitter about his daughter’s accomplishment. “Today we welcome Selah into her High School Years. Dressed in all white ‘class of 2012.’ My little Princess,” wrote the entrepreneur.

Selah is Lauryn and Rohan’s eldest daughter. The two have five children-Zion,14, Selah,13, Joshua Marley, 10, John Marley, 9 and Sarah Marley, 4- together.

Check out more pictures of Selah below, including some of her heading to her 8th grade dance(blue dress).

Photos: Twitter

  • Selah and fellow graduate
  • Selah and her hairdresser(r) and stylist(L)
  • marley8
  • Rohan Marley and son Zion
  • marley4
  • marleydaughter
  • selah2
  • marley3
  • marley2




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  1. Selah has a stylist and a hairdresser,yoo she is living large. Zion is so good looking, why is Lauryn hiding in the background because she was obviously there.

  2. Selah is beautiful. She doesn’t look 13 in these photos, but she did in the picture from her visit to Jamaica.

    Zion is so cute. Smile boy! lol Rohan is so happy.

  3. Lauryn’s kids are GOREGEOUS. Why is her friend’s dress that short, it’s way too low for a middle school graduation ceremony.

  4. Selah is a beautiful young lady, and look at the happiness all over her dad’s face! I can’t believe how big Zion is! I remember Lauryn’s song that goes “now the joy of my world is in Zion!” I was in high school…*sigh* I’m getting old. Congrats to Selah!

  5. Congrats! She is a beautiful young lady, looking just like her mother. The white outfit is stunning on her. Umm..her hairdresser O_o?

  6. She is ridiculously beautiful! She seems to be really sweet and not into acting grown and fresh like some of these other celeb kids.

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