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First Justin Combs and now Cordell Broadus has been offered a scholarship to play football at UCLA. Cordell, who  is the son of rapper Snoop Dogg, will be entering his sophomore year at Diamond Bar High School in California this fall.

Diamond Bar High School football coach Ryan Maine told ESPN recently. “We’re expecting him to really lead us the next three years. Hopefully [our athletes] get bigger, stronger and keep leading this team.”

Cordell is listed at 6’2″ and 185 lbs and played wide receiver and defensive back on Diamond Bar’s Freshmen football team.

Justin, the son of Sean “Diddy” Combs, will join UCLA’s Bruins this fall.





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  2. Congrats to Cordell. I can remember when he was just “lil rook” from their TV show lol. Hopefully he doesn’t end up like Corde who appears to be smoking weed and attempting to become a rapper… He had a lot of talent too back when they had the show. Best of luck to him though.

  3. Active recruiting for really good athletes begins pretty early in high school. It’s not in the least bit unusual for elite high school athletes to get attention this early. Official offers cannot be made before junior year I believe, and Letters of Intent are signed during the senior year of high school. There are still a lot of rules about governing the amount and type of contact coaches can have with the kids before senior year. Unofficial visits by recruits, as well as verbal commitments by recruits are perfectly acceptable.

    • I did not no they recruit on that level so early. I hope he maintains all the standards to keep the scholarship. Good Luck!!

    • Univ of South Florida begin scouting my nephew in the 9th grade. He was already 6’4″ and huge but really fast. They said that normally guys that big and tall don’t run that fast. They sent him to summer camps at the college and talked of a scholarship if he could keep his grades up. They really showed that they would invest in him if he would commit to working hard. It’s a recruiters job to find talent FIRST. We may not hear about it often but it’s not new.

    • You correct eventhough I barely know anything about football, we experienced this with my son. He played varsity football as a freshman in high school and obviously nothing could be done, but by his Junior year, especially his Senior year the phone rang off the hook. So it is possible.

  4. The difference between him and Justin is that you know he’s actually a good football player. A high ranking football player. He’s being recruited in the 10TH GRADE.

    • justin is good too. justin didnt get recognized at first because he was a quarterback but once he transitioned into something that was more appealing to him which is a cornerback he got the recognition he needed…so being in whatever grade doesnt matter

  5. That’s Great,,,and the fact that his dad has a Pee wee football team for under privileged kids …makes this scholarship good news…Gratz to Cordell and Mom & Dad.

  6. Congrats to him but I don’t understand… is he going to drop out of high school to play for USC?? I never heard of a college giving a kid a scholarship, two years before he graduates. Something don’t seem correct with this story. What happened to Course? He graduated this month, is this his scholarship???? I need to research this.

    • Friend of ours’ son got a full scholarship the beginning of his sophomore year to a Div 1 school for basketball (he’s 6’5″/195, & a forward in HS, but they say he’ll be a guard in college). Now if anyone can explain THAT to me, I’d appreciate it bc I wanna know how tall must you be for D-1 forward status in college??? He signed @15, then just continued his high school career. He graduated last week, and he’s off to the school next month! They recruit talent early where they see talent! He’s making AAU & all of us proud!!!

    • The scholarship is for when he graduates high school. He does have to finish high school with good grades and GPA or it will be revoked.

      • Thanks for educating me! I’m not into sports so I was truly lost. Then I am happy for him n wish him the very best!

  7. Wow, the high school is named Diamond Bar?

    Congrats to him! I know Snoop has been training his sons in football, so it’s likely that Cordell will go pro since schools like UCLA are already seeking him.

  8. Wow that is really great. But hold up, when did he become just as handsome as his brother? Shante and Snoop has some handsome young men. I know the girls be swarming. Poor Shante. Prolly got to beat them off with a stick, broom, mop something. Beautiful family.

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