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Teen star Willow Smith, 11, is known for making statements with her fashion and music and now allegedly, she’s making statements of a buccal nature?

Over the weekend, the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett- Smith, posted an image of her and a friend sporting silver studs on their tongue and chin, respectively. No stranger to controversial style, Willow recently cut her hair off only after changing its color multiple times. And now she has a tongue ring. Or does she?

Twitter users certainly were not pleased earlier today when they viewed the controversial picture. Comments ranged from “Where are her parents?” to “Never have children”. Later during the day, the young star insisted that the photo was a fake. “It’s fake… Sorry,” she wrote via Instagram.

So what say you, do you think the piercing is real? At what age should kids be able to get piercings? Is 11 too young for a piercing?

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  1. I don’t agree with a child having a piercing like that at the age of 11. That is too young. I’m 30 now but I didn’t get a tongue ring until I was about 19 I was out of high school and could do whatever I wanted.

    Will and Jada do seem like they let her have her own style and freedom I guess as long as she isn’t turning Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus on us its fine with me.

  2. There seriously should be a age limit on piecing other parts of the body besides ears. I seriously hope that it is a fake one. I just can’t see Will & Jada approving that. Ooh well this comment of mines will most likely not be posted here again…SMH!!

  3. HELLLL YES! where the hell are her parents letting her post stuff like this?! even if it is fake! if her parents are really black she would get one big backhand slap!

  4. Look people, the little girl isn’t doing drugs. She isn’t having sex. She isn’t, to our knowledge, participating in any self-destructive behaviors. Get out of the little boxes you live in and realize that not everyone has to look alike or think alike. Not everyone’s upbringing has to resemble our own. The closed-mindedness here is astounding. You know what keeps children from going wildly destructive? Security from their parents. When your children feel secure, they don’t need to fill there lives with drugs and other inappropriate behaviors. That matters more than how their hair and clothes look. If your children spend their childhood worrying about disappointing you, rather than achieving for their own self-esteem, you have a problem. Willow seems like her parents make her feel loved and secure.

  5. Ok now,they are really letting her do too much!First off her hair is still a topic of discussion in itself,but whatever.Now a tounge ring…really this girl is 11 years old.I’m 17 and half of this mess I can’t do.Come on now let’s stop acting like this mess is normal.

  6. I don’t believe that there’s any need to worry about Willow and Jaden Smith. They seem to have two loving and involved parents and a close knit family. Maybe their parenting philosophy is different from yours, but I don’t think these kids will ever be a Brittany Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Chris Brown, etc… They seem like well grounded kids!

  7. I just love how this 11yr old child has gotten adults (who act like they’ve never done anything when they younger) all in an uproar over a dang FAKE tongue ring!!!. Keep them talking baby girl , LMBO!!!….I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. It’s real, she’s TOO YOUNG, but who cares that’s Will and Jada’s problem in the future. A child that does too much now…what do they have to look forward to when they’re older? Remember Bow Wow said he experience too much at a young age? Let’s hope we don’t see Willow on a “Oprah” like show discussing her regrets and opinion on the too much “freedom” her parents gave her.

    I like her non the less.

  9. Whether it’s fake or not, I think Willow is wanting to show those who have such strong opinions about her choices, that she can and will do whatever…regardless. Now the time to become alarmed is when a kid starts to break laws/committing crimes…but a “piercing” at 11 is hardly either…just a kid exercising the right be to who she is-

  10. Imagine what she’s going to be like in her teenage years. I mean she has already done what seems to be what a rebellious teen would do so what does that leave for her to do when she actually reaches her teenage years. God help her!

    • What exactly makes her rebellious ? Because she shaved her hair(who cares/she had a previous hairstyle that would require her to cut it all off), is it because she dyes it different color? She doesn’t have to worry about school regulations, I see plenty of kids coloring their hair over the summer big deal. Or is it because she poses with a fake piercing . That other girls go buy at Claire’s all the time.And doesn’t being rebellious mean you are doing it against your parents wishes.. Lol.

      • I didn’t say she was rebellious. What I was saying was that she is already doing what the typical rebellious teen who actually has parental guidance and bounderies do and that if she is already doing those things with her parents permission then when she gets to her teenage years what’s next because she’s already done a lot that most teens who have the guidance are not allowed to do. If they are allowing her this much freedom as a child then when she gets to be 13+ she will think she has all the freedom of an adult and they probably will allow her to do so.

        • How do you know she doesn’t have boundaries? Just because you don’t approve or would not want to give your child that freedom doesn’t mean she doesn’t have boundaries, they are just not yours. Second, how is this hurting her? Is she breaking the law, doing drugs, anything that is legally wrong? If not then the parents got this. Everything and everyone does not need to blindly conform to the boundaries of the average majority.

        • What exactly is too much freedom? The same people who control their kids wonder why they go crazy when they go off to college. Just because her parents allow her to have freedom with hair /clothes. Doesn’t mean she has too much freedom. Clothes and hair are quite innocent . Her mom grew up the same way, and if she finds it fit for her daughter so be it. Different parents are different in how they allow their kids to express themselves. She’s not wearing booty shorts, twerking , make up, or 16 in weave like most girls her age. Who have parents that claim they are such angel children. Why should she have to wait til she is a “teen” which she’ll be in like a year. Or 18 to be able to express herself!

          • I was controlled all my childhood n teen years . I grew up in a strict household abxvdid NLT go wild in college. K remained disciplined and graduated with 3 degrees! To this date, I have no kids or tattoos. But I do have a good job n my own place& car. Just BC u grow up in a strict household don’t mean u will go wild.

          • You ask a lot of questions. People like you and the people who agree with all the foolishness these kids are doing these days is why the world is like it is today. Too much freedom is letting a child do whatever they like without any ramifacations and condoning their behavior by saying they are just being themselves. Reasearch shows a child’s mind is not fully developed and won’t be until they reach about 25 years old which is why they often make irrational decisions without thinking of the consequences. Adults are supposed to be the mind of reason.

          • I bet some people will make it seem okay if this child got a tattoo, multiple body piercings, and smoked weed. Like this child can do no wrong and everything she does is justified because her parents allow it. Stop trying to make the people who object to this foolishness seem like the bad guys who are trying to ruin this kid because the ones who think it’s okay are the ones who are ruining our youth.

          • @Nikole, my goodness you feel strongly! Why do you seem so outraged about this child? What has she done even close to smoking weed, getting a tattoo, or getting multiple body piercings?!?! Calm down. What Willow eats doesn’t make you crap!

          • I agree with Nikole! Anytime u don’t agree with what Willow’s doing ur label as a hater! It’s always ur hating on a child. So the ones that disagree what makes ur opinions any better from the ones who thinks she’s a little out of control! I personally think she’s doing it for attention but that’s just me! Also everyone that’s saying it’s cool would u allow ur child at 11 to do exactly what Willow’s doing.

          • @ PlainMean to tell you the truth I really don’t care I’m just bored at work and thought I would post my thoughts but I get off in 5 minutes so arrivaderchi. I promise I won’t lose any sleep over Willow or her family.

  11. Being Willow is only 11, I’m sure she didn’t know it with blow out of proportion over nothing . Seems like it was innocent to me and she was just playing around/having fun. Some people have mentioned what people associate it with, but Willow is 11 I doubt she was thinking about it in such a way. It’s fake, thank goodness. It does not make her a bad kid or her parents bad parents . She made a boo boo. How do you know Will or Jada didn’t out her in her place about it behind closed doors? You don’t . We all have made mistakes and done stupid things like that as kids . The difference we weren’t famous and there wasn’t Instagram, Twitter.. Etc to spread around like that. It is just as innocent as any other kid getting a fake piercing . I’m sure she has learned her lesson over it . No need to bash a child, when I’m sure you were no perfect saint yourself . She seems like a good kid with a good set of shoulders . Just that she’s in the public eye, a microscope will forever be on her. She’s probably one of the most famous kids on here . So I don’t think she is a bad kid at all. Just my two cents, you don’t know her! At the end of the day she’s 11. If her parents were okay(and we don’t even know that).. It looks as if she was at the mall with her friends . Kids can do things when the parents aren’t around. Then it really isn’t any of concern being she isn’t your child .

  12. This just demonstrates how much power you all let an 11 year old have over you lol! You all are devoting WAY too much time and energy to a child you don’t know, will never know, and could buy and sell all of you lol!

    • I’m sure no one is losing any sleep over Willow’s antics just stating their opinions on the situation which they are entitled to do.

  13. But who cares, really? I’m not raising her so what she does isn’t my problem.

    Instagram has a rule about <13 year olds being on the site. There's nothing about parental permission. Is her account legal? I'm confused about this since this gives many kids the impression they can post what they want and have accounts too.

  14. I agree she’s not the first celebrity kid to rock them. Really Madonna’s kid is smoking. Kids are doing way worse than a fake piercing. The hoopla is because she is Willow. She can’t do anything w/o backlash. And if you say oh she could encourage other 11 yr olds to get a real one….Then as that other kid’s parent you are supposed to put your foot down. And that’s a stupid excuse . I’m tired of people playin oh she has to be a role model. She’s 11. Raise your own kids and be their role models. Stop looking to celebrities to do that job for you!

  15. And I see girls at Claire’s buying them all the time . I guess they are all going to be doomed in their future too. Rolls eyes. If anyone believed that was a tongue piercing, when the ball is way too big .. Lol at them. She was playing around like kids do. Including Wayne’s kid. But then again everything Willow does makes the news! Lol!

  16. But why didn’t you make a big deal saying she needed guidance when Lil Wayne’s daughter did it with her friend? I’m so sick of people over Willow.Mind your business and worry about your own. The Only difference is that she is famous. Tweens/teens go to Claire’s and by fake piercings all the time! When we were younger we pretended to have fake piercings, grills, smoked those fake cigarettes. So don’t act like you didn’t either . Smhh. What’s the difference between hennas? Nothing . As long as its fake! Who cares!

  17. Idk If it’s real it’s real if it’s fake it’s fake all I know I’d that jada mentioned that she has no control over what Willow wants to do with her body that is her body so idk at eleven years old for me that is too young to even have all those piecimgs your ears like that to me that is a little bit older but idk in a way I do believe willows piercings are real because of what jada and will describe as individuality and letting their kids have free will over what they do with their bodies that’s all I’m saying if it is real for any kids of any age period getting a tongue piercing at eleven is way too young period no matter who it’s is

  18. Even the false appearance of a tongue ring,is inappropriate for a child her age. Seem like the parents have loosened their reign way too much, based on this and recent stuff we’ve seen in the media.

  19. I was right, that is a DeBarge child. Her name is Bobbie. And she posted another pic on her Instagram and said it wasn’t real.

  20. Its fake -___- Look how big the ball is lol & the other girl piercing is all off centered. When i was younger i use to fake having a nose piercing. Tweens/teens do it all the time. Its no different than getting those fake water tattoos. I’ve seen parents bring their young children getting henna tattoos on the broadwalk at the beach. I’m sure if we had social networks when we were younger, we would have pics of use doing things that our parents would shake their heads at. Whose to say Will & Jada didn’t snap at Willow for the pics & wearing the fake ring? We can’t assume how their household works based on 1 comment from Will. I watch a Different World & seeing Jada on there is like looking at Willow. No one said anything about Jada’s look back in the day, but since times have changed the new generation can’t experience things. Leave Willow alone. Her parents should make her instagram private so she can share pics w/ her close friends & family w/out being attacked for everything that isn’t perfect. She’s 11, how can an 11 year old be a role model for another 11 year old? She’s still trying to figure herself out & shouldn’t have the pressure of having to be perfect b/c parents are afraid she will influence their child. Raise your own kids & let them know certain things won’t fly in your household. My mom let it be known tattoos & piercings isn’t happening in her house. I’m 22 & i still hide a piercing i have from my mom b/c i’ll she spazz out lls. No parlor is going to pierce an 11 year old even w/ an adult consent so i highly doubt an 11 yr old is gonna be walking around w/ her tongue pierced b/c of willow

  21. leave this girl alone she hasnt killed anybody. fake piercings arent anything new but when a celebrity gets one, thats when people want to have “concerns”. if fake piercings are wrong then i guess that makes fake tatoos wrong as well. everybody acting like they so perfect, tweeting about what they think is wrong with willow. go worry about somethin else like takin care of your own kids, getting that rent paid instead of spending hundreds of dollars on shoes, how about humbling yourself and realize that no one is perfect, and that there are girls at willow’s age having sex and getting pregnant. nobody is perfect and no one has the right to judge this girl or her family.

  22. yes its a fake!!..when I first saw a pic of how big it was , I knew something was off about her ring. She’s only being talked about cause she’s will & jada’s child. If it was any other child non-famous , know one would even care or even tweet about it. And I really don’t think it’s for attention either. I’ve seen kids as young as five wear those fake tatoos on their hands and arms. What’s so sad is that I don’t hear anyone tweeting about the mother who kept her 10yr daughter in a locked closet to live and use the bathroom. Poor baby only weighed 32 pounds. Now where is everyone coming to her rescue and making that news all over!!!.

  23. Text: Willow Smith is known for making statements with her fashion and music…

    Me: Yeah…all the wrong ones to the most impressionable age group. Unless kids have sensible parents who guide and protect them from the gospel according to Willow Smith and her scientology influences, we will have a huge mess on our hands. And, I am not talking about the parents who will allow their kids to do these things thinking its fancy, rich and cool but folks who try to raise their kids right will have kids like this bullying their kids fro not conforming to this mess. Its a two edge sword. You have to be careful what you allow your kids to follow. I bet parents who thought it was cute for their daughter to gush over Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears are hurting bad now.

    • What music? She is a one hit wonder. Since that is over, she tries to hold on to attention w/ her wacko”fashion styles” , if u wanna even , cl what she wear fashion. IMO

  24. Let the child be and be a parent to yours smh people are up and arms over self expression. And yes that is Bobbie DeBarge (daughter of El DeBarge)she is 11 no one is up and arms above why?

  25. Will & Jada got their kids. So what they arent raising theirs how you would/are raising yours! As a parent you’re going to let your child do things other mothers are going to turn their noses up at ex:boys with piercings, tattoos, long hair blah blah blah. Get over it!! Just make sure your 11 year old doesnt get her tongue pierced since your child is YOUR responsibility & Willow is theirs.

    • Agree! Reginae Carter & Bria Williams did the same thing with these magnets & no one else made a big deal about them so I don’t get why it’s a problem now that Willow is doing it. I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal as long as willow knows the difference between real & fake one. And also it’s OUR jobs as parents to make sure OUR kids are doing right not Willow not Jada not Will. Stop worrying about other folks children and tend to your own.

  26. I know its not real but I don’t think its cute or funny. Willow seem to love & need a lot of attention. Why cant she go play w/dolls or video games instead? That’s what my nieces do and they are her age too.

  27. It’s not real & she doesn’t wear it all the time so I don’t see it being a big deal. The only concern I have is when an 11yr old who does look up to her, not realizing it’s not real, goes & get it done..improperly..behind their parent’s back.

  28. IDC what anyone has to say this young child need some guidance & her parents are allowing her too much freedom w/her appearance. Even if that is not a real tongue piercing, the fact that she is pretending that it is makes this inappropriate.

    • But her parents encourage her to “do her” … be who she wants to be…. its ok to express yourself … like dye your hair pink and orange and wear Freddy Kruegar tshirts … NOT. Everyone – all children need guidance until they become responsible adults. All children do foolish things … but especially those who have limited direction from their parents. Which Willow clearly has.

        • people on here are being so judgmental with this child, forgetting what some of the kids in their own neighborhood (aka own house) are pretending to do! Let me refresh your memory

          1. pretending to smoke cigarettes/weed
          2. pretending to drink alcohol
          3. humping (pretending to have sex)
          4. cussin (i have heard some of the foulest words come out of the mouths of every day children outside just going to the store)
          5. cops n robbers, pretending to shoot eachother

          if all shes doing is pretending to have a tongue ring, its not that big a deal. yes her mom should keep a closer watch on her social media activity and help her to understand public relations. since she is famous, certain things she does would cause an uproar whereas people may not even notice other kids doing even WORSE things.

          but so far I havent seen anything wrong with this child aside from the fact that she acts grown..but she’s smart and beyond her years and at least she is intelligent and trying to make the world a better place. most little girls are grown, fast, hot in the pants and sassy…gyrating to reggae songs, and theyre oblivious to the world around them.

          give willow and her parents some credit! everyone has some flaws, but willow isnt the worst child i’ve seen. i’d babysit her..as long as i can pluck her in the lips if she gets outta line lol

  29. Isn’t that El Debarge’s daughter in the pic with her? Anyways people need to leave this kid alone. Especially since the piercing isn’t even real. Besides I’ve seen pics someplace else of other celebs kids and fake piercings and no one made a big deal out of it. Willow is just a hot topic for some people -they need someone/something to talk about.

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