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Lyric “Chanel” Anderson, daughter of Tami Roman from VH1’s hit reality show Basketball Wives, graduated from Beverly Hills High School on Friday, June 22nd. Proud Mama Tami was excited to share the news of her daughter’s accomplishment with all of her followers. She tweeted:

“Happy Graduation @LyricChanel – Class of 2012. U have made me so PROUD! National Honor Society member! I can’t stop smiling[sic].”

What’s next for the high school graduate? Lyric will be attending Pepperdine University.

Check out some of the pictures of Lyric, her sister Jazz, and her mother Tami below.

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  1. Congrats to Lyric for achieving an amazing milestone!!!!!!!!! Best to you on all your future endeavors!!!!!! Best of luck to you @ Pepperdine!!!!!!!

  2. Tami is a mess! The way she bullied that girl Keisha was so sad, and she had the nerve to say she didn’t bully her and she needs to learn to speak up for herself. Boo, who are you? SAD! Congrats to her daughter tho!

  3. Congrats Lyric! Tami kids seems to be living by the motto do as I say not as I do THANK GOD! Tami’s just a mess!

  4. Oh congratulations! Pepperdine University is a great school! I thought they lived in Miami? Glad to see they are not like their mother. And its sad their dad did nothing for them but is raising the kids w/ that white & is there for those kids. But anyways , I’m happy for her.

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