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Swizz Beatz is a whimsical dad. The producer recently uploaded a comical picture of daughter Nicole and son Kasseem Jr., in which Kasseem Jr. has his hand in Nicole’s face. Swizz put his daughter’s expression into words by creating a speech balloon that said, “If he don’t get his hand out of my d*** face.” Hilarious!

Beatz recently discussed the joys of fatherhood with BET’s’106 & Park.’   He said,  “The best part of being a dad is being able to encourage my children and teach them, show them the dos and the donts, and just mold them into a better me. It’s not the cars, it’s not the birthday gifts, it’s not the Christmas presents. It’s the time that you [as a parent] put into small things that add up to the big love that they have for you.”

Beatz has four children in all: Prince Nasir,11, Kasseem Jr,5, Nicole,4, and Egypt,20 months.

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  1. All of his children are cute but I am bias towards Egypt! He’s too adorable! If only I can get rid of that binkie…ugh!

  2. I know right? I was thinking the same thing. His genes are really strong for these kids to all have different mothers but look so much alike. I love seeing Nicole with her big brothers. :)

  3. I don’t like this guy too much but I have to respect him as a father. He could have just paid child support and kept on going but he seems very involved with all of his children and making certain that all of his children bond as siblings not just people who happen to have the same father.

    This invesment is doing to pay major dividends for his children in the future. Teaching them that no matter the circumstances of their conception, he loves them equally.

    Looking at my own parents I know that having the right woman in a mans life can make a large differences in a mans relationship with all of his children.

    • me either.. egypt is always left out of the group or there is a photo of egypt and maybe one other sibling.. none of them ALL together.

  4. Ok BCK, you win! I love Swizz as a dad. Swizz, The Game, and Usher make my heart melt when I see them with their kids!

  5. That was tooo funny! Don’t look at daddy’s hairline hahaha. Swizz kids r beautiful he seems like such a great dad.

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