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Swizz Beatz is a whimsical dad. The producer recently uploaded a comical picture of daughter Nicole and son Kasseem Jr., in which Kasseem Jr. has his hand in Nicole’s face. Swizz put his daughter’s expression into words by creating a speech balloon that said, “If he don’t get his hand out of my d*** face.” Hilarious!

Lyric “Chanel” Anderson, daughter of Tami Roman from VH1’s hit reality show Basketball Wives, graduated from Beverly Hills High School on Friday, June 22nd. Proud Mama Tami was excited to share the news of her daughter’s accomplishment with all of her followers. She tweeted:


Nia Long is a mother and health guru. The actress is a stickler for healthy living, and makes sure that her sons Massai,10, and Kez, 7 months, maintain a balance between diet and exercise.


Kiyan Anthony is the splitting image of his father in more ways than one. Carmelo recently told the story of a photograph in his living room that was taken when he was a small lad. While Carmelo and wife La La know that the picture is dated back to the time when Carmelo was little, Kiyan is convinced that the photo is one of himself.  According to the NBA player, every time the five-year-old passes the picture, he asks, “Dad when did I take this photo?”   The NBA star also talks about other things pertaining to fatherhood in an exclusive interview with Loren’s World.


Joely Fisher along with husband Christopher Duddy and  daughters True,6, and Olivia Luna,3, attended ’20 Magic Minutes: A Family Celebration’ on Saturday, June 23, 2012. The event was hosted by LG Electronics in efforts to spread the word about their new Mega-Capacity TurboWash Washer.


Jillian Michaels, Heidi Rhoades, and children Lukensia,2, and Phoenix,2 months, attended ’20 Magic Minutes: A Family Celebration’ over the weekend. The event was sponsored by LG Electronics who wanted to spread the word about their new washing machine. In addition to spreading awareness about its new invention, the event also served to benefit the Right Action for Women Initiative.


Around the country people everywhere take one day out of the year to celebrate the men in their lives that wiped their tears, kissed their boo-boos, taught them how to ride a bike and helped them grow into the person that they are today. That day, Father’s Day, is a very special way to say “thanks,” but what happens when your father wasn’t around to wipe away tears and teach you how to ride a bike? What if your father’s involvement in your life has been obsolete…null and void? What if you are or have a single mother that has always been both mom and dad? Does the father still deserve to be celebrated for nothing more than being a father?

Recently, there was a heated discussion on a local radio station about this very topic. In the discussion, some people believed that all fathers deserved to be honored and celebrated on father’s day even if they don’t deserve the “Dad of the Year Award” or even pay their child support, for that matter. The “TeamAllDads” felt that every father should get a gift, a card or at least a phone call from their child no matter the circumstances. They felt that just being a father was reason enough to be celebrated. “TeamAllDads” also believed that the child’s mother should insist on the child’s efforts on Father’s Day.

On the other side of the coin, “TeamGoodDads” felt that only fathers that are actually in the child’s life deserved to be celebrated. If the father hadn’t taken time to acknowledge the child, why should the child (or mother of the child) go out of the way to acknowledge the father? They didn’t think that the mother of the child should make any extra efforts to buy the father a gift or a card, especially if he wasn’t helping financially.

Do you think that all fathers deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day? Is being a “good” dad a criteria for being acknowledged on the special day?


Instead of being concerned about parties, makeup or boys, sixteen-year-old Adele Taylor is concerned about teen literacy. When she was 13, she noticed that some of her classmates struggled in the area of reading. As she dug deeper, she realized that her peers’ inability to read was directly related to lack of access to books.


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