Music mogul Damon Dash is pictured with his children(L to R) Damon Jr,19, Ava,12, Tallulah,4, and Lucky,8.  Even the dogs get some love!

Dash has worked with several artists in the entertainment and fashion industries, including Jay-Z and Naomi Campbell. The artist also had a hand in popularizing the Roc-A-Fella brand, and debuted his own music label called Damon Dash Music Group in his early years. Damon married fashion designer Rachel Roy in 2005 and the couple divorced in 2009.

Damon and Rachel have two children together. Dash has four children in all.

Check out more pictures of the former couple’s daughters below!

Photos: {Thanks to reader Angel}

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  1. Are those anklets little Tallulah has on around her ankles? Ch…anyway he has some cute kids. They don’t look anything like him though.

    • In Cambodia, women put ankle bracelets with little bells on them to keep track of their children. It’s safety and tradition. A few American companies now make ankle bracelets for children with that same idea in mind, not that ankle bracelets on a child symbolizes anything negative anyway.

  2. All the kids and I do mean all the kids looks just too cute! Ava looks like Damon but Tallulah looks a lot like Damon too, IMO.

    • Don’t shake your head yet Sherley. Ava was born in 1999 but Damon and Rachel only married in 2005, so she knew about the son and married him in spite of him. And who knows, their relationship could have been on and off just like a lot of couples, and he could have hooked up with or dated someone else when they were broken up. If it went down like that, then he’s not in the wrong.

  3. Damon has beautiful children.
    I always wondered if he was with someone while dating Aaliyah. Apparently his 12 year old explains it.

  4. “Angel” must visit the Alley “cause that’s where these pics are from. Lol. Tallulah is a gorgeous little girl.

  5. I’ve never noticed how much Tallulah looks like her big brother! She’s just lighter than him.

    I didn’t know he had a 2nd son either lol. So he was probably bouncing between Aaliyah, Rachael, & Lucky’s mother? woooah How did he find time lls. But Lucky’s a cutie tho, he looks so sweet w/ those chubby round cheeks

  6. Hold up, so he had a son IN BETWEEN the girls with Rachel & basically RIGHT before he got married???? Wowwww! No wonder they’re divorced! She probably did not know….. :(

  7. Me neither, i didn’t he had 2 sons. His younger daughter looks really white but they’re all beautiful. His wife left him as soon as the money was gone. Hey women and money….

    • Their mother Rachel is half Dutch and half South East Indian…perhaps why the girls half what you consider “white” features.

      • toy: WRONG. Rachel stated the cause for divorce: financial abandonment. Her Rachel roy line was not selling. Dame kept putting $ to keep it afloat. It was cheaply made and overpriced. She was saved when bought it DAMON negotiated for Jones Apparel group to buy her brand, and saved when Mrs Obama wore her clothes.

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