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Cutie Alert! Singer Fantasia Barrino took to Instagram this past weekend to show off pictures of her six-month-old son Dallas and daughter Zion.

Barrino recently performed in Trinidad where she revealed to her fans that she has had a difficult but rewarding year. “I have to tell God thank you because He has blessed me. Just when I thought it was all over, He kept blessing me. He’s always been there. I made it through because of God…Everything I went through is my testimony,” the singer said.

Dallas is Barrino and Antwaun Cook’s only child together. Fantasia has a daughter named Zion,10, from a previous relationship.

Check out more pictures of Dallas and one of Zion below!

Photos: Instagram

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  1. This is why people should believe everything they hear…These gossip sites just need to make ratings, get more hits, and make money so they spread lies about celebrities to do it..does anyone notice that anytime Tasia does something deemed positive these same sites tear her DOWN! You all need to grow up and get with the program.. Have your own mind, not forming an opinion off of someone elses..ANYWAY this is what Tasia said OUT HER OWN MOUTH! (AND I QUOTE JUST HOW SHE WROTE IT)

    I’m NOT PREGNANT , I’M NOT SAD, I’M NOT BEING CHEATED ON, I DON’T CRY ON STAGE CAUSE I’m HURT!!! It’s cause i give God Praise, lol….


  2. I’m sorry but I find very funny how people hate and make rude comments about Fantasia but then praise and love Alicia Keys…smh at people and their double standards.

    Anyway, beautiful babies and mommy

  3. OMG he’s so cute! Look at that smile. He sure got his mama’s mouth
    That Zion is so pretty, love her name

  4. She looks really happy with her kids.. And at the end of the day that’s what matters the most! Beautiful kids.

  5. Aww Dallas is a cutie & those eyes omg! Zion still a pretty girl looking like her mama whose looks nice too….

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