Sad news. Kile Glover, 11-year-old son of Tameka Foster-Raymond and stepson of Usher Raymond, has been pronounced brain dead after a horrific jet ski accident took place over the weekend. Tameka has been by her son’s side since being informed of the accident.

GALLERY: See Pictures Of Kile and His Family Now!

Kile was riding on an inner tube on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, Georgia when he was struck in the head by a passing jet ski. Glover was first reported to be in critical condition, but was later deemed brain dead after doctors determined that his brain had no activity since being admitted to the hospital. Usher immediately came to his stepson’s side and sent for Tameka via personal jet, as the stylist was out of town when the accident occurred.

An investigation is currently underway to determine whether or not the 38-year-old driver of the passing jet ski will face criminal charges. Tameka has five children in all. Kile’s dad is Atlanta businessman Ryan Glover.


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  1. God is Good… so why did Kile’s life make a “U turn?” God is Love, yet these last few weeks make us wonder if God is with us. How can we ever doubt! We wait for one of God’s many miracles; God shows them (miracles) in each moment …when family, friends and strangers wrap their consoling arms around Kile and his family and friends… praying, hoping and assuring each other that God is here.

    As a person of faith, I believe and trust that God loves Kile and wants him as much as we do. No! more than we do; God patiently waits for His child to take His hand… so that He may lead Kile into the beauty and light of a better, more peaceful “awakening.” If we could only talk Kile to the “other side!” If we only showed that God really is Good! God is Love! God is with us! My prayers and hope for the wisdom to do what is best for Kile.

  2. This little boy can NOT die! I refuse to believe that he is brain dead. Maybe after some time his brain will start to show activity. I wonder if they did any nerve tests or anything like that.

    This little boy is smart, talented, funny, and amazing from what I have seen of his videos and there is no way that his life can be taken this short. He has way more to do and become. I am heartbroken by what has happened to him and I pray to God for a miracle!

    I want him…no I NEED him to make a full miraculous recovery!

  3. I couldn’t add my direct reply to juice (or I just can’t see it), so I have to do it that way.

    @juice- Thank you I just watched some of his videos. He seems such a sweetheart, adorable little boy. I still hope for a miracle.

    And one more question- does anyone know Tameka’s facebook address? I don’t have one, but is it possible to see what she wrote? I mean I know what she wrote, but I’d like to see it.
    Hope I clearly explain what I want (English is not my first language so if I did any mistakes- sorry for that).

    Thanks for any information.

  4. no offense when i say this but brain dead is like being dead……all they have to do is pull the plug to finalize it. rip lil bro, i have a 12 yr old brother, i would lose it if it was him :(

    a 15 yr old i knew got shot in the back of the head at a teen party on a saturday evening, the bullet wasnt meant for him tho…..he was declared brain dead….the family was devastated and decided they have no choice but to pull the plug sunday…..it was final :(

    tamika and usher’s son’s life was cut to short, i believe justice need to be served, im quite sure the person could have stop the jet ski in time or swerved out of the way….he had a clear view of the tube the boy was on im quite sure, if he ran over that boy and girl on purpose, then God have mercy on his soul

    • Saying ” no offence” really means : im going to insult you but dont take it personal …. UHM no ! I believe that the man upstairs can make ANYTHING happen, with that being said i do not consider him to be dead, UNTIL they choose to pull the plug , but until then he is still alive.

    • Are Y’ALL serious ? to everyone going off topic on this post , that’s not cool. This is about Kile, not to register a username or whatever else y’all think is relevant .. I’m getting irritated, b/c people are not staying on topic, didn’t you learn that in school?

  5. While everyone keeps talking abt “stepdad” Usher, Kile has a stepmom, Marsha, who he lived with and treated him like her own. My prayers are with her and Ryan, his dad, and all his brothers and sisters. I know they are heartbroken at this time. I met him at our picnic at work, and he is truly a beautiful child inside and out. Everyone here at work are praying for the two of you Marsha. God bless.

  6. So sorry about this tragedy. Still sending out prayers to Little Kyle and his family. God Bless him, and he is with His Heavenly Father already wrapped in the Lord’s protective arms. Sweet little Angel! :(

  7. Totally agree with comment… Sherley July 9, 2012 at 11:31 am.
    Let’s all be nice to one another and just pray for this beautiful child, his parents, the person who hit him and anyone else who is having a difficult time in this situation… God Bless… : )

  8. Trisha’s comments are making me LOL, are you that hungry for attention? This is a tragedy, I don’t care if Kile were random Joe’s son, it has to be so devastating to lose a child so young. I will keep this family in my thoughts and hope his brothers are able to live on with his memory. I hope the jet skier wasn’t intoxicated…

  9. This story makes me feel so sad. I know it was an accident and I just hurt so bad for his family. I’m sure the person riding the ski boat feels horrible too.

  10. Kyle has been on my mind ever since I heard about this tragedy! Lord please cover him and his family in ur blood they need u now like never before! I’ll continue to keep praying and I don’t think that’s the original Trisha she’s not like that!

  11. Im not gonna say “RIP” only b/c hes brain dead (no activity in the brain) not DEAD. God can make anything happen , we have to keep praying for the family . And to the “grown” people arguing about whatever, thats so PATHETIC ! this is for Kile, not adults tranna prove a point to one another , im just saying .

  12. How did this happen? Why? May God bless this baby. My heart is torn for this family. I cannot imagine their pain. This is just so unfair. This needs to happen to people like george zimmerman or casey anthony, not a beautiful innocent baby. Devastated.

    • Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? You usually aren’t so rude. I expect this from PlainMean or Sherely!

        • I know! Spelling my name all wrong & stuff. Girl we are loved. I actually don’t think Trisha was being rude but schools are out so this is expected until end of August.

        • Registering usernames is a good idea! I know on another blog, the gravi is unique for each email address, so even if the name is the same, the pic will be different. That’s other Trisha got issues. They always coming for the regular bck visitors lol

      • By the way, Trisha wasn’t the one who posted the original comment & several other comments, even if her name is one the caption.

        • Wooooaaaahhhh It’s not me Sherley! I responded to your comment above but it disappeared as usual smh. I made the 1st comment to Summer, so i guess this other person is playing off it but is taking it toooooo far. Yall know i’m not like that. (How do you do the picture thing so yall know who it is?)

        • Go to gravatar & register, pick a pic & each time you make a comment with your email, on any blog, it comes up.

          I’m with you PlainMean, BCK needs to have ppl register names & emails. They also need to come into the site more often & regulate it. This is a mess with these youngins!

          • Thank you! I will do that…It’s crazy how much we go into moderation or our comments disappear when we write simple comments, but other things get posted just fine

            Thanks for deleting those horrible comments BCK!

  13. This just breaks my heart. I have been praying for him every since I heard about it. My prayers are with hsi family.

  14. Because technically he is still alive. Sighs but you are right . His Brain is dead, but his body isn’t yet. So I wouldn’t consider him dead until they pull the plug. Either way horrible horrible thing this poor baby. May God welcome him with open hands when they do let him go. Precious baby boy and may his brothers, family, and friends find peace and comfort. Any word on how the other girl is doing?

    • Exactly. As a mother, I cannot even imagine what Tameka is going through. I’ll continue I keep everyone involved in my prayers.

  15. This is a sad story,but why do people keep holding on to this tite “brain dead”.Brain dead means dead.The only thing they haven’t done is pulled the plug.

  16. I don’t even know what to say right now and I can’t even imagine what Tameka and the biological father and Usher are going through right now. Only eleven years old…smh whew…I just pray that he makes it through.

  17. Not to mess up a kid trying to have fun but I think they need to start having these jet ski’s at a age limit. These things are dangerous but I just pray that he makes it through. I can’t image what Usher and Tameka and while the biological father is going through at this time. Sending my prayers to them this is truly sad.

    • The man who hit Kile was 38. There is supposed to be a jet ski zone up at Lake Lanier. I’m only guessing but if the inner tube was in the zone maybe that’s the reason the 38 year old has not been charged as yet.

      Anyone 16 & up, regardless of experience can rent a jet ski and I think that’s wrong. A jet ski, like a snow mobile or three-wheeler is a powerful vehicle and in the wrong hands you see what can happen. There should be some sort of mandatory training, even a 1/2 an hour, before someone is given what could be a powerful weapon.

      I hope the Glover/Foster family decides to donate Kile’s organs. More Black Americans die on UNOS than Caucasians due to lack of compatible donors. Maybe the family can find some solace in this.

  18. Is brain dead, dead already?? People keep saying RIP Kile. Didn’t Sean Kingston have a similar accident and pulled through just fine? Keep hope people…..please!!

    • No Kingston was in a coma, meaning he woke up and such. Brain dead=no brain activity. Basically the machines are the only thing keep him alive. If he were to be taken off, he would die. It’s sad and I can never imagine being put in that situation. Althought there are such things as miracles . The family will probably take him off life support soon :( That poor baby

  19. My heart goes out to Tameka Foster and Ryan Glover for what they as parents are facing. No parent wants to see their child suffer and to face the fact that this may be the end of his life here on Earth is unimaginable. My brother passed away 10 years ago and until my mother passed on herself she never completely recovered from that lost. My prayers are with the Foster/Glover family.

  20. Lord please watch over the entire family including the 15 year old and guide them through whatever comes next!

  21. That is a terrible tragedy. Smh an eleven year old gone. Prayers and good thoughts for this family, hope they get through this especially Tameka. I see from my GMa that it is hard losing a child.

  22. God be with him and his family. I pray that he gets better. Just so sad for this young boy to have to suffer. When I heard about this it broke my heart. I don’t know what’s she’s going through but I do know how to pray. That’s what I will do thus to shall pay. God said he will never leave us nor forsake us. Even though its hard but we have to keep faith. May God be with Kyle, tameka and the whole entire family.

  23. This is such tragic news. My prayers go out to the family and I hope he somehow pulls through…miracles happen. Parents never want to outlive their children. Extra prayer for Tameka-can only imagine the pain she feels.

  24. My heart hurts for him and his mother. When a mother loses one of her own she loses a big part of who she is. Very sad news. I’ll keep this family in my prayers now and forever.

  25. I’m so angry about the hatred directed at Tameka on many Black gossiop sites saying its Karma that her son was injured because of her treatment of Usher. Hopefully she and Usher will work thru their issues and if they remove Kyle from life support I hope they donate his organs

    • I am not a fan of Tameka, however I would never wish the lost of a child on anyone. God does not work that way.

    • I agree. I saw on one site where somebody said she was trying to take Ushers kids and now she has lost her own. All we can do is pray for people like that.

  26. While waiting for my comment to post, I have to say, he’s is so handsome..those eyes. He has to pull through this..his mission is not done yet.

  27. I’m still praying Kile pulls through,I cannot imagine he’s gone & I’m not his mother. My heart goes out to everyone involved, Kile, his mother, father, the young lady with him & the man who hit him.

    Can the media please stop saying Kile is Usher’s stepson! He has a father who is involved in his life, he was Usher’s step-son for maybe a year & they have been divorced for 3yrs now. Being referred to as Usher’s step-son does not make his life more meaningful. He was very important before his mother got her fangs into Usher.

    • Sherley you are so on point in in regards to the media and why they insist on saying Kile is Usher’s stepson and the FACT that he has a father and mother….and the fact that Usher and Tameka have been divorced for some time now. Everything you said was right on point and it kills me, as if by stating that he was Usher’s step son that it will garner more attention from the public….what about Tameka and the boys actual father…goodness!

      I literally cried for the young boy when my daughter told me what happened. I will definitely keep them in my prayers.

    • Since I know this isn’t the original Trisha, I’m going to let this comment slide. Looking forward to schools opening again.

    • God Bless the family. Hoping for a miracle for him. I am not lacking in compassion, but I did just want to say that they are stating he is Usher’s stepson, because Usher is a well-known and loved celebrity. I know you know that, but I had never heard of Tameka, her ex-husband, nor of her child prior to this lady marrying Usher. Maybe the media reporting and many of Usher’s fans feel that way too. I absolutely respect the true father of this child, I send my prayers and respect.

  28. this is so sad! i cant stop thinking about Tameka and what she must be going through. to outlive your child is already hard enough but for him to be so young, just a baby, and be lost so tragically. I can’t even imagine her pain! I’m sure she is inconsolable!

    That family will never be the same! They will always have a void where Kile was. I hope she is able to be strong and move passed this for the rest of her kids to provide for them as happy a life that they can have. I know it’s going to be hard for all of them.

    But I would hate to see the kids grow up to be messed up because of this tragic incident. I feel so bad for that whole family. From his youtube videos Kyle seemed like such a sweet kid! He was so energetic and full of life, not to mention talented. That little boy could sing.

    This is the saddest thing. I’m going to be thinking about this all day.

    God bless them!

    Thank God for this site and the positive comments, because MTO is the worst, most evil group of bloggers and commenters on the internet. smh

    • I saw his youtube videos too and he did seem like a sweet kid. I hate using past tense because I want him to come to life but I don’t know. It’s just so sad. Yes, he’s so young and full of personality. His condition has just been occupying my mind for the past hours too. I can’t stop imagining how Tameka must feel and how adorable he IS. It’s just not right. I hope he comes back to life. =[
      And yes, stupid MTO posters. Some ppl in this world. I’m done.

    • I feel so bad for them… This is very sad, heartbreaking and devastating for the whole family. I keep praying for little Kile, his brothers, Tameka, Ryan and Usher. I’m sure they support each other- it’s very important at that difficult time.

      And you wrote that he has/had youtube videos- can you tell me how did you find it? I would like to see him too but I can’t find it

        • Thank you. I just watched some of his videos. He seems such a sweetheart, adorable little boy. I still hope for a miracle.

          And one more question- does anyone know Tameka’s facebook address? I don’t have one, but is it possible to see what she wrote? I mean I know what she wrote, but I’d like to see it.
          Hope I clearly explain what I want (English is not my first language so if I did any mistakes- sorry for that).

          Thanks for any information.

        • Thank you. I just watched some of his videos. He seems such a sweetheart, adorable little boy. I still hope for a miracle…

  29. So sad. I know the guy who was on the jet ski feels horrible. I hope the 15 yr old girl who was in the inner tube w/ Kile gets better.

  30. In Florida you can ride one at 14 years old with and education ID but in Georgia you can ride one alone at 12 if you pass boating certification. He’s wasn’t riding a jet ski anyway & the person that hit him was and adult…

  31. Did you not read what was written? He wasn’t on the jet ski. He was in an inner tube & a jet ski hit him. The person that was on the jet ski was apart of the group of people that Kile went to lake with

    • I wasn’t being rude smh. Not reading is how wrong info gets spread. So many blogs were in a rush to be the 1st w/ the breaking story, they posted wrong information (i.e one blog said it was Tameka’s oldest son that was in the accident). Why make a comment when you didn’t read the information?

  32. WOW!! This is heartbreaking!! To be enjoying yourself at a lake and then fighting for your life…Prayers for Tameka and the family!

    • I just want to say big ups to Usher for being there for his former step son.Just because there is a divorce with the spouse doesn’t mean you have to divorce the kids.Usher is a real man for putting all the negative feelings about the ex behind to be there for Kile.Some deadbeat dad’s were and would never be there for their own flesh and blood kids,yet look at Usher.I’m just wondering if they are still going to pick up where they left off in court after this?

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