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Musician Swizz Beatz uploaded this photo of his daughter Nicole Dean,4, today with the caption: “Nothing can come between my lil’ princess and her toons.” Click over to see one more picture of Swizz’ sons Kasseem Jr,5, and Egypt,2.

“The brotherly love these two have, I wish for all brothers,” the proud papa writes of his sons.

Dean also has an older son named Nasir,12.


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  1. nicole dean? punk *ss swizz denied his daughter for 2 years and now she is nicole dean? please her name is nicole deAN sebastian!

    • Her mother confirmed that he didn’t even know about her until she was 1 yrs old and he has claimed and taken care of her since he was confirmed as her father.

  2. Egypt isn’t 2 years old yet. He will not be 2 until October. All Swizz Beatz children are adorable and cute.

    You can tell Swizz and Alicia are very family oriented. They always have all the children together. Swizz and Alicia love their blended family and are in love with each other.

  3. Dang, these kids look close in age. I hope Alicia knows what she has gotten into and feels comfortable. Swiss may be a playa from the himilayas.

  4. That girl is gorgeous! She has beautiful features. I don’t think ive ever seen her smile tho lol.

    Egypt looks to be loosing his baby fat. He’s so cute, he loves his binky. Its ok tho, he’s not even 2 yet lol

  5. Swizz got some beautiful babies…his daughter is his mini me for sure. Bay boy Egypt is mean muggin’ with his bobo (aka pacifier) lol.

  6. There goes my baby!!! Egypt doesn’t turn 2 until October, BCK don’t rush my baby aging! He is losing his chubbyness, wish he lose that pacifier, give me 3 days alone with him. :).

    Swizz is starting to wear on me. Still not liking him as a man, but as a father..he’s great.

  7. These children are just beautiful. Nicole is always such a little lady and Egypt looks like he can be a handful with his cute self. Love KJ. I so admire Swizz dedication to be a real father to all his kids, he also said recently that he and AK want more kids, aww I can’t wait for that. Beautiful family!

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