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5 Ways To Help Combat Childhood Obesity


A new study by the CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) reported that childhood obesity is not only increasing but also causing diseases usually associated with adults such as Type II diabetes and high cholesterol are on the rise in kids.

Helping change your child’s eating habits, associations with food ¬†and overall lifestyle are the first lines of defense against childhood obesity. Even if your child is obese or headed in that direction, it is never too late to turn things ¬†around. Below are 5 ways to help your child lose weight:

1. Get moving- Encouraging your kids to participate in sports, opt for outside play instead of TV or video games and walking instead of driving when possible is sure to get kids moving in the right direction and help them slim down.

2. Set a good example- Parents are the first defense against childhood obesity and it is important to lead by example. Make sure that your kids can see your healthy habits. They will be more likely to mimic them and want to do what their parents are doing.

3. Change family eating- Make sure that the family is eating together instead of in front of the TV. Eating while watching TV can contribute to people eating more because they are less aware of the amount of food that they are consuming.

4. Talk to your pediatrician- Get regular weigh-ins and blood work if necessary to make sure that progress is being made and to make sure that there are no more serious underlying problems that need further evaluation or medication.

5. Be the biggest cheerleader- Keep the house stocked with health snacks and void of junk food. Join in with he exercising and eating healthy. You can have a bonding activity with your child and becoming healthier yourself in the process.

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  1. In general, fat kids have fat parents… the segment of kids with serious glandular problems is EXTREMELY low.

    Solve for one of the problems, you’ll pretty much solve the other.

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