Teenage rapper Issa Thompson has revealed that he is a proud father. The Seventeen-year-old took to Twitter today to share the news with his followers.

“I’m going to say this once. I have nothing to hide. I will be releasing a documentary on my PRIVATE life next week, but I am a PROUD Father.”

After some of his fans scolded him for being a young dad, the recent high school graduate wrote, “That is my business you guys will never get to know her because of behavior like this. It’s never been a secret. Those who know me, know my daughter. You can unfollow me if u like. My child is a blessing and that’s the bottom line.”

Check out more pictures of Issa’s daughter Isa Marie Thompson below!


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  1. Y’all need to leave Issa Thompson alone because their nun wrong wit him havin a child at seventeen I think it’s cute and adorable.they made the most beautiful child and I hope u get this Issa and I’m a really big fan.have a sexy voice and I hope u can try to show up and surprise me on my bday. Keep up the gud work Issa.

  2. Leave Issa alone. Im a huge fan of Issa’s. I’m not proud of him for that but i’m still gonna support him. I hope you get this Issa. I love you.

  3. there is nothing wrong with having a baby at 17
    issa i hope u get this i am your biggest fan please please come for my birth day party i live in gary indiana
    i would love that if u come

  4. This is becoming LESS AND LESS SURPRISING, BUT! Don’t really know anything about the young guy but I just hope he’s taken care of responsibilities.

  5. This is just becoming less and less SURPRISING and I’m glad he’s putting it out there that he is a teenage father but a proud one. As long as he’s taken care of his responsibility then hey because theres grown men out here who don’t take up responsibility for the kids they have. Although this is not good as we see it becoming more common because kids now a days just take parent hood as just only a few years instead of seeing the long term situation at hand.

  6. OMG!!! I’m socked and sad, but this is Issa’s business. Parents are getting younger and younger.

    Isa (Daddy’s namesake) is too cute.

    Children are a blessing no matter how they come to you.

  7. Judge then be judged. I was a dumb teen had 2 kids by 20 and still graduated hs and college. Would I do it again? No. Do I regret my children? No. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s what you do after those mistakes that determine what kind of person you become in life.

  8. Adorable baby. As long as he takes care of her, that’s all that matters. He’ll be an adult in a month.

  9. “Well as long as he takes care of her that’s all that matters”; that isn’t all that matters. People in general (especially young people) are not taking the responsibility of parenting seriously. This is why we have so many kids out here killing, robbing, disrespecting people and being ignorant and lazy. They have no ambition to work or make something out of themselves unless it involves rapping, showing off their bodies or hustling. People keep saying “Babies are blessings” but these same blessings will be snatching your purse or breaking in your house in about 16 years. What’s going on in Chicago is directly related to piss poor parenting. People have got to do better and stop reproducing every time the wind blows. Being a good parent is extremely hard and even though you may have good intentions it is extremely hard to be a good parent when you have 3 or 4 kids with 3 or 4 different women/men. We need to stop patting people on the back for doing the bare minimum. It time for some tough love and constructive criticism.

  10. Tired of all the teenage pregnancy. How hard is it to wrap it up. Oan: Every child is a blessing. There is no reason for him to hide her. He is a proud father, and hopefully he remains an active father and positive role model and help raise her to become a wonderful woman.

  11. Do we really care about a documentary about his life, lol but his daughter is pretty I wish she had his eyes!

  12. Well as long as he is taking care of her, that is all that matters. Cant take the child back, she’s here now so no need to say what he shoulda or coulda done. I had my daughter at 16, and even though I wish I would have waited, I took full responsibility and did what I had to do. Not all teen parents are bad parents. I’m doing better than most married women who have kids. It’s all in the person and how mature they are.

  13. Ya’ll are on here talking about this boy and what he choice to do with his life. Im sorry but it is not anyone’s buisness. Issa has a beautiful daughter and that is all there is to it. Why make such a big deal about it you all are grown sitting behind a computer talking about a a boy thats not even eighteen yet. Yeah he had a baby early, but he’s taking care of her and he’s doing what he’s supposed to he’s not the only teen father out there he isnt the first and will not be the last. So grow up Im only 14 and I support Issa all the way #TeamIssa. So half of you people need to get a life.

    • If it’s no one’s business then he should have kept it in house. When he puts it out there, people will talk, complain, speak their minds. If he’s going to be a celebrity, then he better get use to the criticism. If he’s old enough to have a child, he’s old enough to be spoken to by others.

      • Yeah. Ok that might be true as well, but he put his baby out. he did the right thing instead of hiding her and everyone find out later. He had hid her long enough she is 6 months old and he is not ashame of what he did, what he created and his decision , but yeah he is gonna get judged for his desicion, but dont you think that he has enough on his plate as it trying to work and be sucessful to take care of his daughter. There are teens everyday that have babies some take care of them some dont , but he is ,he is not the first one to have a baby so why you going on and on about a boy you dont know there are plenty more out there and he is only getting sweated because he is a celeb, he might not be well known byt he is getting there and he is trying. So dismiss yourself.

        • Thx M’sgirl, but even if I forgot..her comments remind me. This is why the future generation is going to hell with gasoline drawers on. We have babies who know it all because they can smell themselves.

  14. Again .. Y’all will sit behind your screens and complain & complain & COMPLAIN about anything .., Smh
    The baby is a real cutie .. Let’s leave it at that ..

  15. It’s good to see that you are using a carseat but I can’t help but to notice that the straps are waaaaay to loose so essentially the carseat is useless. If you were to stop suddenly, she would be thrown right through the straps. I understand that you and the mother are young and I commend you for trying to do the right thing but being such a young age you still need guidance. Where are your parents to help teach you? I’m sorry for the rant but these is just a pet peeve of mine.


      • Yes I am serious, excuse me but my “rant” could save a life. Whether the car is moving or not or whether the carseat is in or out of the car the straps are still loose! You don’t loosen them for a baby’s comfort they are made to serve a purpose.

  16. I never heard of him, but that baby is so cute!

    I don’t know him, so his choice to have a baby young is his & the mother’s business. As long as he’s involved in the child’s life & supporting her, that’s all that matters.

  17. I agree , I’m so over these kids having babies…… So what the young parents just graduated, I wonder how they pulled that off between unprotected sex and having a child. We’ve got to do better then this. All I see right now is the fourth generation of teen parents, each year there getting younger and dumber. I bet there both the products of teen parents, so know his mother has her first grand child at 33. Not bad for a woman who had him at 16….hahahahahah sooooooo sad

  18. i dont get why people have bad things to say about issa because hes just like every other human being, HE HAS A LIFE!!! issa was blessed with a gorgeous baby girl and like he said: hes a proud father!!

  19. Issa & his child’s mother graduated from Towers HS this year. People are proud of Issa for the things he’s accoplished [HS graduation], & taking care of his seed. Alot of teens/men don’t do that now-a-days. People make mistakes all the time. Isa is a blessing to her family. This happens everyday… Next.

  20. teen star? Ive only seen photos and other stuff about him here on this website. what is he supposedly a star of?

    • He may not be the biggest star on here, but he is a rising star. He has had a couple videos on 106&Park, one which reached No.1 for numerous weeks with Jacob Latimore.

  21. To each his own…now a days teens are having sex younger and younger…and with that comes responsibilities…prenancy…std…growing up faster than they need to etc…it’s very sad and scary…I’m 34 and I lost my virginity at 21…the mind-set of teens today than a few years ago…has changed DRAMATICALLY…parents just gotta do their part and hope that their children take heed…

  22. Gotta say I’m with Sherley on this one…..you’re suppose to congratulate teens on finishing HS, elelecting to go to college, for making the team, getting their drivers license, not succumbing to peer pressure (you guys get the point). Congratulations ARE NOT in order for becoming a teenage parent, I don’t care who it is…..BTW I hate when ppl give others credit for taking care their kids, ummm isn’t that what their suppose to do? (Scratching my head w/confusion).

    • This idea that every teen who has sex has succumbed to pressure or was pressured into needs to stop. It’s a myth, not to mention disturbing and hypocritical. Now that’s not to say that some teens don’t feel pressured but the assumption that every teen who has had sex has been pressured in any way, be it directly or indirectly is just plain wrong. It’s funny how we tell kids to make their own thoughtful decisions and not to be pressured but yet if they make the decision to have sex and don’t succumb to “our” pressure to not have sex then we flip the script.

      Now I do understand your point as to how people are supposed to take care of their kids and it shouldn’t be considered a stunning achievement when they do. But at the same time I think when people do well or do something good, whether or not they’re supposed to, it’s okay to show them some love. Plus when you think about it employees and students get awarded for good work and/or tendencies all the time even though that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. Like you mention that we should congratulate teens on finishing high school but they’re supposed to be doing that anyway. So while I do get and kinda agree with what you’re saying I think it’s a result of living in a society where many people don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do.

      • Employees and students get awards for going above and beyond required duties. You don’t just get an award because you passed a class or because you met the bare minimum standards for doing a job you’re paid to do. A parent shouldn’t get a pat on the back for simply taking care of the life they created. It’s a moral mandate. I also find it odd that we congratulate a teen for becoming a parent, particularly in our community where single parenthood is rampant. No, we shouldn’t bash them but let’s not make it seem like it’s okay. It isn’t. It’s not helping the state of the black family. Being a young parent is hard even when you’re a married adult, so let’s not celebrate starting the life a a baby off at a major disadvantage. Raising another human being is made harder by a parent’s own struggle to finish growing up. Backwards thinking seems to be the new forward for us.

  23. I don’t like it when kids have kids. I hope he get his money up cast, because he will be paying a lot in child support.

  24. People are suppose to be proud of a man for claiming his child? Isn’t that what they were supposed to do since they were man enough to make them?

    • but how often do you see a 17 year old let alone black, claim and actually take care of there kids? you plenty of grown men who wont do it.

      • The ones I know do. Having a child under 18, isn’t something to be proud nor ashamed of. It just is. Personally, I rather pat the ones who decide to remain virgins or have protected sex under 18 on their backs. How many 17yr old male virgins do you know who proudly claim it? I’m not knocking Issa, his choices, his life; however, he’s doing what he’s suppose to do once the child is here.


        • alright how bout you calm your nerves i never said it was just a black issue but if you do your research like i do you’ll see that blacks have a higher percentage of being fatherless then oher races. And FYI 16 and pregnant basically only shows white girls because of the channel its on viewed mostly by whites and beacuse whites double black population having mainly white characters pleases a white crowd.

  25. Hey Isa Marie! Some people started asking about little mama a few days ago on Twitter and I was like… Hmmm. I’m proud of this young man. I wish nothing but the best for Issa.

  26. im proud of Issa for telling us (his fans) about Isa .! he was just waiting for the right time to tell us about her ..those who chose to stop supporting Issa only made him and his fan base STRONGER.! even little Isa has her own fan base and Team and we LOVE her like we have known her her whole life ♥ #TeamIssa #TeamIsa WE LOVE YOU BOTH♥♥ Congrats again Issa and Rikka

  27. Im proud of Issa. I kind of already knew but I didnt want to be in Issa’s bizz. But I know Issa is going to be a great father. Cant wait to see more pictures. Love you Issa

  28. Whaaaat?! Let me stop acting surprised when I hear that teens have kids. She’s cute though and they are a blessing.

  29. Thank you BCK for replying to my email. I am sooooooooooo happy for him and glad that he told everyone about his daugther. #Teamissa all the way.

  30. These young parents…
    But I’m glad he is proud and is able to take care of her. She is a beautiful baby girl.

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