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In order for healthy eating to become a habit for kids, parents have to make it apart of the everyday life of their kids. If left to their own devices, many kids would choose to eat cookies, candy, chips and cakes for every meal. However, if parents can teach their kids good eating habits from the start, it will be easier for kids to maintain those habits into their adult years and significantly reduce the risk of childhood obesity. Here are 6 ways to help you child eat more healthy:

1. Set a good example- Parents may not realize how much children look to us on how to interpret everything in their world and food is not exception. If kids see you eating fruits and veggies and opting for something healthy for a snack, they’ll be more inclined to follow your lead.

2. Let kids help- If kids are able to help create the food, they will be more likely to want to eat it. You’ll also be able to throw in a lesson about food names, colors and following directions.

3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- Ideally, breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. Being able to start the day on a full stomach will help kids concentrate in school better and maintain the energy that they will need to make it through the day.

4. Don’t reward with treats- It’s never a good idea to use sugary treats as incentives for teaching your child. If you are trying to potty train or teach your child how to ride a bike giving hugs, positive reinforcement and stickers are better options than candy. You won’t run the risk of creating the candy-as-reward monster and your kids won’t expect candy whenever they accomplish a task.

5. Special treats are ok- It’s ok for kids to have a cookie, candy or chips in moderation. It’s when you combine all 3 and all in one day every day that it becomes a problem. Also, special treats are just that, special, kids will appreciate them more and not assume that they should be apart of their daily mealtime lives.

6. Accept your child- As children grow, they can be tall and thin one minute and short and plump the next. Children’s bodies are ever changing when they are young. The best option is to make sure that you are doing your part in making sure they are healthy by keeping them active and eating right.


Introducing Princeton Harris Hamilton, the son of singer Anthony Hamilton and wife Tarsha. The couple welcomed their little bundle of joy on June 4, 2012.

“Its A Boy. Princeton Harris Hamilton. My new blessed son. Born covered in the blood of CHRIST. Amen,” the R&B crooner announced on Twitter last month.

Anthony and Tarsha are already parents to twin boys Aaron Michael and Nolan Anthony, 20 months. Hamilton also has sons Anthony Jr, 22, Romero, 20, and Tristen, 14, from previous relationships.

Photo: Usweekly


Chris Bosh along with wife Adrienne and baby Jackson arrived in Venice, Italy this week. The trio are enjoying all that Italy has to offer. “Sightseeing with my two favorite guys in Venice,” Adrienne wrote on Twitter earlier today.

Nadji Jeter is a true success story of hard work paying off and paying off in a big way. Early in his career, Nadji performed as the Atlanta Hawks basketball team mascot, Lil Larry. His dancing caught the eye of superstar artist Usher and in 2005 he became apart of Usher’s New Look Foundation Gala. In a recent interview with Andwepresent.com, Nadji said, I went to New York  for Usher’s Camp New Look Foundation and everybody was telling me to move out to California ASAP. Me and my mom thought a lot about it so at the age of 10, we moved out to California.”


Garcelle Beauvais is a busy mom who is on the move promoting her new book series. Meant to inspire children while giving them something great to read, Beauvais’ I AM series addresses various issues that children are faced with in school and at home. The actress recently expressed pure excitement about her book series while conducting an interview with Ology. Check out highlights from the sit-down below:


Heidi Klum may be divorced, but she’s not ready to enter the dating market yet. The model recently told Grazia magazine that she is too busy being a mom to even think about going out on a date with a guy. “As a mother, you can’t just call in when you’re lovesick,” said Heidi.


Sy’rai loves her mom, and her mom loves her. The 10-year-old recently wrote a touching letter to her mom in which she said that one million Disneyland parks cannot compare to her love for Brandy. “I love you more than 1,000,000 Disneylands,” Sy’rai wrote.


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