Like mother, like daughter! Christina Milian and daughter Violet,2, debuted their matching hairstyles while in Jamaica this week. The pair are as cute as can be!

Milian is on the Caribbean island to do a photo shoot for her new swimwear line. The singer/actress-turned-entrepreneur introduced her swimsuit line at a runway show in Miami, Florida last month. “The styles are very flowy and beachy, but glamorous, so you can keep that fabulous look when you’re in or out of the water from day to night. We just wanted to make a collection that reflects my personality, but keeps the allure of Nicolita that I love so much,” said the businesswoman.

Christina recently told The Box that she gives 200% to motherhood while waiting for her prince charming to arrive. “I have come to the realization that I have to be 200% mom for [Violet] and it’s not about finances, it’s about spending time. My daughter is a great kid and someday there will be a healthy man in my life that will love her the way I do,” the singer said.

Violet is Milian and Terius Nash’s, a.k.a. The Dream, only child together.

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  1. Chrisitnia clearly loves her daughter because she takes this little girl every where she is. Truly shows she trust noone caring her child other than her and also shows she can possibly be responsible. This is her little best friend, soo cute!. Love mother/ daughter relationships like this

  2. They always look like they’re having fun! I love the braids…really cute and ~festive~! Violet is soo pretty! I love Christina’s nose freckles, lol. Look like they were having a good time. Beautiful!

  3. Too cute! Love the braids on Violet! Christina seems to love being mom. The pic in the gallery with them sticking their tongues out is adorable as well.

  4. Love Violet’s hair. Always wanted to see it braided. Love how much of a dedicated mother Christina. She really is the apple of her mother’s eye.

  5. I love their braids…and Violet is just so precious !!!…Christina is such an awesome mom , I love how she dresses and styles Violet.

  6. Violet looks cute w/ the braids…i never liked when adults get their hair braided in that style. Especially w/ the beads lol. She should have gotten them just going back, instead of the two rows

  7. So cute!!! Christina looks like a kid herself. And Violet is looking more and more like Christina.

    And before any of yall dog Christina out, saying she shouldn’t have messed with “you know who” or “gotten herself into HER situation.” She fell in love, married him, had his baby…and he cheated on her. Then they divorced. Now he’s not around for her child.
    No woman expects that or wants that to happen. When you give someone a benefit of the doubt, it bites back at you sometimes. You can’t blame her judgement for his mistakes. Dream needs to take responsibility that goes beyond finances. Nivea may be cool with it (meaning tolerating it), but Christina is not. Children need their father

  8. I never thought I would say this but Christina really represents what it means to be a strong black/ethnic woman!She has completely put the needs of her daughter before a man,career or anything else which tries to take her away from being the best mom she can be.She has come a long way from dip it low!

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