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Sheree Fletcher is not just a reality television star. In addition to being one of the main characters on VH1′s ‘Hollywood Exes,’ the former wife of Will Smith is steadily building her brand ‘Whoop Ash.’ The television star and entrepreneur recently sat down with Reality Tea to talk about her career roles and son Trey,19.

On accepting the role on ‘Hollywood Exes’:

“I liked what the producers were trying to do. The focus was on the women. They wanted to put together a sorority of sorts where women could come together and share their experiences and empower and support one another. I wouldn’t have been a part of a show that focused on my ex.”

On how Will Smith took the news of her entry into reality television:

“If there was any worry on his part, he didn’t communicate that to me. Out of respect to him, because we have a son together, I let him know when I decided I would be a part of this. His response was, ‘I wish you well.’”

On Trey’s reaction?

“Because reality can be a little crazy he was a little worried. I validated his concerns, saying, ‘This is going to be a different type of show.’ So, he was concerned, but he really likes the show – he loves the show – so he’s pleased.”

On Trey’s experience with having a dad who is famous.

“It’s never easy, because there are just things that you’re watching your friends and their parents be able to do, like for instance: walk through a mall and not be bothered. Trey has never been able to do that with his dad. In a sense you do appreciate [the fan base] and you do want to honor them, but when they’re out and about; when they’re in public, Trey has to share his dad. I think that’s a hard thing to deal with. But Trey is 19 now, almost 20, so I don’t feel completely qualified to answer since it hasn’t been my experience.”

Check out the entire interview at Reality Tea.


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  1. I don’t really like Sheree either or Jessica. Drea is hilarious and Nicole is just beautiful. Trey is a nice looking young man though!

  2. I love Andrea! She is hilarious and seems really cool. Sheree is beautiful on the outside but a little meSsy in other areas (but many of are. Lol)

    • I feel the same as you do. There is something very pretentious about her and I don’t like the fact that she lives hours away from her pastor husband. She’s extremely judgemental and I would never trust her.

      • I love the show as well. Sheree is annoying, but the she show would be boring as hell without Drea…Ya better check ya email!!!!!

  3. I love this show! Trey is cute, wish he gone to college but he is rich so…Sheree seem like a good mom. Im religous but she is extra religious. Her kids are cute.

  4. Her husband is cute. Even though this show isn’t quite trashy like the others, I’m just over this trend…

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