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Nicole Murphy recently enjoyed a casual day with her daughters Bella,10, and Zola,12, at the girls’ summer camp.

Nicole recently talked with Egypt of EgyptSaidSo.com about her role on ‘Hollywood Exes’ and Eddie Murphy’s reaction to her doing a reality show. “I actually sent him a text saying, ‘You know what, I’m going to be doing this reality show.’ I just gave him a heads up and he’s cool with it. Thank God, you know, he’s positive with it so it’s a good thing,” said Murphy. She and Eddie still have a working relationship even though they are divorced. “We have five babies. I mean those children come first and thank God Eddie and I are cool. We have a great relationship.”

With four daughters and one son, how does Nicole stay in shape? “I mean you gotta eat right and work out. Everyone thinks there’s a secret pill you take, but I’m in the gym, I work out. I’m always active. I’ll do stuff outside cause I’ll get bored quick. I’m always switching it up.”

Nicole and her ex-husband Eddie Murphy have five kids together.

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  1. Nicole and Eddie have beautiful kids. Im glad that Eddie has come around since the divorce. I c a little of Bria in Zola and the little one has Eddies’s comic genes. lol I hope Eddie c’s Angel she is the cutest of them all to “me” But all of their kids a beautiful and seem to b well grounded.

    • They r well grounded and very kind too. I know. I’m friends with Zola and I know her sister Bella. They have amazing attitudes and r so respectful.

  2. Zola is the only one that came out close to Eddie’s complexion. She looks like Nicole. Bella looks like Eddie. Beautiful girls. Nicole is one of my faves on Hollywood Exes. I also like Jose’s ex. Mytai (sp) has issues. LOL!! Sheree is snooty and stuck up. Drea is ghetto. Lol.

  3. SN: guess I’ll be the only female who’s ex-husband would find out is doing a reality show when he turns the TV on & sees the previews.

    • Nicole is stunning and also seems so down to Earth. I was pleasantly surprised by her personality. Her body is amazing for 1 child but 5…it’s unbelievably! I’m sure she works hard and maybe a few good genes are helping her as well. She has beautiful children.

    • I know right!!! Zola is Nicole dipped in chocolate. Very pretty.

      As for Nicole’s good genetics. Yeah, she would probably be A size 10 or 12 naturally, if she didn’t work at it. But, the sculpting she has takes work.

      She is also prettier to me now, then she was years ago when she married Eddie.

      Getting better with age, very inspiring!!!

  4. Nicole and her daughter’s are beauties…seeing the girls at Summer Camp , brings back memories when I worked at a sleep-away-camp as a camp counselor. I had such great summer’s doing that…and I got to go away out of the city for the entire summer. Good times for sure.

  5. Eddie and Nicole have some beautiful children.

    I can’t front, Nicole has a great body to have five kids. And I’m sure she stays active and eats right as she says, but some of it is genetics. Let’s just be real. Still does not negate the fact that we all should eat healthy and stay active so that we can look, feel and simply be the best we can.

  6. Adorbs!

    Thank you for keeping it real! I stay working out and try to eat well most days (everyone falls down sometimes!) and I’m really tired of the attitude that I’m thin and can eat anything and sit around because it’s “natural.” It ain’t natural! That’s an hour running, CrossFit training, Thai Boxing or biking a day plus calorie restriction! (Not crazy calorie restriction, but no chips, no soda/pop, avoid fried foods, etc.)

    Plus, my family health history is no joke. I love my Mom, but that addiction to ice cream sundaes did not help her! We have diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, heart diseases and several different kinds of cancer in our family and I’m not trying to go down that road.

    If you don’t care about your size, care about your overall health! Everyone can’t be a size 4, but EVERYONE can be healthy at the size they are!

    • Love nicole since seeing her on HEs. I’m glad she’s branching out of Eddie’s Shadow a bit. I would love to see her have her solo reality show later. Meanwhile Drea, RKelly’s ex, is the bomb!She is the show!

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