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Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton and Ray Ray brought down the house at their #1 Girl concert at Atlanta’s Fox Theater on Sunday, August 5th. The boy band caused quite a frenzy with concert-goers when they brought the OMG Girlz, including former member Reginae Carter, on stage.

PHOTOS: Mindless Behavior Stops in Atlanta

A fan writes, “I didn’t think this was fair. They brought FANS on stage for all the other concerts, but not for this one. And it looks [pretty] obvious that Ray and Star have something going on LOL…[sic]”

Mindless Behavior’s #1 Girl tour continues in Baton Rouge, New Orleans today with teen stars Lil Twist and Jacob Latimore. Check out pics from the concert below.

Photos: Rolling Out/ www.jpearsonphotography.com/www.joipearson.com

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  2. I was upset I couldn’t make the concert.. I love these youngins ! Ray & Nique date… I understood what TM had to say tho. If I paid my VIP price, no sir im sorry WALTER… Im on THAT STAGE.

  3. They are beautiful girls.. but do y’all be seeing them short shorts Reginae be wearing that’s not age appropriate for her, more like 18 and up age should be wearing.. she only 13 looking like 18year that’s not a good look for her or parents.. But they are beautiful just need dress their ages.. but hey I’m not their parents… just my opinion…

  4. I think it would’ve been more fun for the fans if they had actually picked people out of the audience instead girls that are always around them and that are considered famous to that age group. bummer.

  5. Look at Mini Tonya lol. Such a pretty girl. See she got her braces off

    The one w/ his arm around Nique better watch out. T.I had to set one boy straight on her Instagram lmao.

    • But did you see the question he asked her? He needed his a** whooped for that. While I agree with TI, he could have done better with the way he phrased his answer though.

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