Tiffany Evans has been busy girl lately, hanging with friends at her baby shower and attending Kontrol magazine’s pamper event on August 18th. Evans looked fashionable in her halter top and shorts at the pamper event, showing the world that pregnant women can be stylish too.

Tiffany and husband Lorenzo Henderson received lots of love and presents at their baby shower days before the Kontrol event. The singer and actress recently told Twitter fans that the time is nearing for her to give birth. “Everyday now I feel like she is going to drop out. Pressure and more Pressure. I just wanna whine abt it,” tweeted the celeb.

Evans recently discussed the possibility of her daughter working in the entertainment industry like mommy with VIBE. “If she came to me, and she was really sincere with wanting to pursue the entertainment industry, I would just be there for her. I would tell her all of the information that she needs to know—the do’s and don’ts and who to look out for. I want her to be able to talk to me. I just want to be there for my daughter,” said the singer.

Check out more pictures of the singer below!

Photos: Twitter

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  2. I have to agree with the one post 20 is not that young to have a kid. My sister had her first kid at the age of 20 or maybe it was 21.

    If she was 12 or 13 yeah that would be too young. She look absolutely amazing.

  3. Tiffany is young you right but she has act she has sanged if she wants to attend college or travel the world she still can and she did have a shot gun wedding like other celebs tiffanys been married for at least 3 years before she became pregnant by her husband…I know 30 year old who are too immature and young in my opinion to have a.baby

  4. She is so beautiful. She is all face and baby and I do not think that she is to young. She may not be GROWN but she IS an ADULT.

  5. 20 is young but it’s not a baby! She’s an adult. We blast these young females for getting knocked up without being married, and still bash them when they do things in order because it’s too young by your standards. She’s doing positive things and I wish her and her family nothing but the best.

    Sn: I hate when ppl say Teen Mom promotes teen pregnancy. If anyone truly believes that then that person hasn’t watched the show. Those girls on that show are struggling and there’s nothing glorious or glamorous about it.

  6. She looks good! Work it mama lol. Congrats to them. I can’t wait to see pics of the little one

    People get over it, seriously. She’s 20. She’s legal. She’s not a baby. At 20 your able to vote, buy cigarettes, have a credit card. You are no longer your parents responsibility. Calling a grown, adult a baby is what makes people not be responsible. I know some 20 year olds who have the mentality that if they are considered a “baby” or not an adult then they don’t want to take responsibility of somethings. It’s about time we stop holding these kid’s hands & treating them w/ velvet gloves. (coming from a 22 yr old, i had to tell my mom to let me breathe b/c i’m her “baby) I’m sure Tiffany knows it’s gonna be hard. it’s hard for 40 year olds who have a career & been married for a decade. The girl been on her own for years. Only she knows what works for her. I know some 30+ year olds that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce b/c they are mentally 15

    • AMEN .. Thank you I couldn’t agree more with EVERYTHING you said .. (coming from a 32 year old) ..
      Work it Tiffany .. Can’t wait to see the baby :)

        • There really is no point in dwelling about her age now, the baby is already in there. You don’t know her mindset. I can see if this was someone you’ve personally watched her grow up from a kid to now Or if this was a 11-17 year old, but you dont know this girl and she is an adult. In her mind with all that she has been through she could feel like a 35 year old women. Like she said in a previous post, She knew what he wanted and That it was the right decision for her. She may not be GROWN but she is an ADULT.

  7. I agree with the age thingy. I really do think young people should live, and explore life before making such a big decision. The good part is she is marry, and didn’t get married because she was pregnant. Being a parent is big responsibility, and it is always challenging. I wouldn’t change being mother one bit. But I do wish I waited until I was prepared financially, and mentally, and married. I wish them well on this new journey.

  8. I agree with the very first comment! Anywho Tiffany’s carrying this baby well! I wish her the absolute best!

    • You think 20 is young? You should see these 12 and 13 year olds carrying. Smh, so disheartening.

      Congrats to Tiffany. I’m waiting on Take 1 to drop

      • Yes I do. She’s young. 20 is still a teenager to me. I don’t even like that show 16 and pregnant. It’s almost showing teens that it’s okay to be pregnant. 12 and 13 is ridiculous.

      • I cried for 2 days when I found out my 11 year old neighbor’s daughter was pregnant. This young lady had the making of a future doctor, so intelligent, humble, pretty, respectful. Yet, she voluntarily ‘fell in love’ & got pregnant by a 12 yr old from her school. Breaks my heart. I’m hoping she has the baby soon so I can stop being misty eyed each time I see her.

        • I swear when i was a 11/12 i wasn’t thinking about sex! & that wasn’t too long ago lol. It must be something in the water b/c these kids are acting up!!! At 11, your just now getting the privilege to be home alone. I hope your neighbor’s daughter has a good support system & finishes school.

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