Aoki Simmons is no longer a baby. The youngest daughter of model Kimora Lee Simmons and rapper Russell Simmons turned 10 years old on August 16th, and mommy was sure to let Internet fans know.

First Kimora posted birthday wishes from the family on her website saying, “Happy Birthday to the fierce, fun, fabulous Aoki Lee Simmons! Scholar, Designer, Model, Photographer, History Buff and Nature Enthusiast! We’re so proud of you and all you’ve achieved – can’t wait to see what you have in store for us all this year! We love you! Muah.”

The model then shared the good news of Aoki’s growth on social networking site Twitter, “Happy 10th Birthday to my Aoki Lee! Mama loves you and I’m so proud of you!”

Aoki recently vacationed in Israel where she spent valuable time with both mom and dad. It seems that the tween will be spending more time with both parents together as Russell Simmons has announced that he will be moving to Los Angeles. “I want to spend more time with my kids [daughters Aoki, 10, and Ming Lee, 12, who live there with mom Kimora Lee] and move my media business . . . I will be working more in TV and movies,” said Simmons. Although he’s relocating to the City of Angels, Russell plans to keep his place in the Hamptons.

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    • Cute pic. Maybe now Kimora’ll start letting her dress like a big girl instead of like a 5year old! Kenzo’s b-day was back in April and I wonder why Kimora didn’t have a party for him? Seems like now that her and Djimon having problems, you don’t hear or see much of Kimora any more?! Hmm. I wonder is there any truth to the rumora about him and that Kola Boof woman? Makes me think so, but at any rate, good luck to her and her kids!

  1. I was juss asking abt her. Havent seen her in awhile. Man she has definitely gotten taller model status :) Beautiful girl.

  2. It seems like just yesterday I was watching Kimora’s ‘Life in the Fab Lane’ and Aoki was very small. Now she’s grown very tall. So much has changed since then. I wonder if she’s still as outspoken. LOL Happy first decade day Aoki!

  3. These kids grow up so quickly! 10 already! I hope Kimora puts out some bday pictures today with Kenzo in a few.

    • LOL I wondered that too. I think it was just so whenever they cut it they would be able to get the best view of the crown on top. It’s a very cute cake.

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