Tina Knowles is a doting grandmother who spoils her children’s kids, but she is in no way the ultimate spoiler of baby Blue. Tina recently stopped by Access Hollywood to talk about her new fashion line, and revealed that singer Beyonce spoils her daughter to no end.

“Blue Ivy is wonderful, I just saw her yesterday, she’s starting to scoot to crawl so that’s exciting,” a proud Tina revealed upon being asked to give an update on her grandchild .

When asked if Beyonce is spoiling her first child, Tina replied: “Of course, she is. We all are.”

“I put the phone in front of [Blue], and I was like [to Beyonce], ‘Let her crawl’, and she starts looking up at her Mom and her Mom carries it to her. [I tell Beyonce] like you gotta man up and get a little tougher,” said grandma.

Tina has given Blue the nickname of ‘Blue Blue,’ and visits the tot often. Grandma Knowles has two grandchildren in all.

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  1. She needs to be spoiled. I love when Black parents can afford to spoil Black children, yet keep them polite. She is a real beauty.

  2. After what was said about Tia’s baby Cree I would keep my baby’s face hidden too. People are cruel and it’s said to say that most people only want to see someone’s baby to say whether or not they think the baby is cute or not

    • Yep, plus some people just want to see so they can talk crap about child, regardless, just because they don’t like her parents. I say keep your child covered all you want, Beyonce.

    • Beyonce’s web designer said on twitter that those recent pics from mediafakeout aren’t of Beyonce or Blue. And if you look at the pics of Bey and Blue in the store from July, which he didn’t deny, it really doesn’t look like either of them. So, it looks like the wait for new pics continues @Sherley and co.

  3. Blue is the 1st child, especially after hearing about the trouble to get pregnant i can understand her being spoiled. I’m sure she got Jay wrapped around her tiny fingers too lol.

    I agree w/ Neonlove, after seeing the comments on Blue on the pics that was released recently i really don’t blame them on keeping her face private. & how people were talking about the baby before she was even born b/c of her fathers looks was down right disgusting. So i can’t blame them on not releasing pics of her face. It would be nice, b/c i’m sure she’s a cutie. But some people don’t know how to act behind a computer screen. plus have you seen the creep that has jay & Bey’s face on their nails? Some creep will walk around w/ Blue Ivy on their nails next lol

  4. I was like that with my first. I wanted to hold and baby her forever. Now that my second is here i’m not so overprotective. She turned 8 mths yesterday and is crawling and pulling up on everything. She thinks she’s as big as my 9 yr old, lol. Soon she’ll be too big for Bey to hide. I can understand why she does it. I would probably do the same.

  5. I’m shock that Blue is becoming one of my favorite BCK kid when I dislike her parents! I want to see her, I’m not surprise that Bey is spoiling her I know I would!

  6. Awww….new mothers are that way until the kid can walk and talk back. Spoiling kids are always fun when they are little and cute like baby Blue. But,a spoiled teenager or adult can become a nightmare and major headache really quickly. I think Blue has turned Bey into a human being and less of a manufactured entertain-o-bot, whose destiny was to entertain the masses 24/7 365 until death. She now seems more relaxed and comfortable with her relationships, achievements and self. She just seems like a different person.

  7. I have a question.. LOL! How can you love you some Blue? We haven’t seen Blue like that? Blue has been Blanket since they’ve revealed her as a newborn on Tumblr. I can see if we’ve seen a lot of photos of her face, but we haven’t. Now we can say that about Mel B’s daughter or Laila Ali’s two kids. We see their faces on the reg. IJS

    • What does seeing her face have to do with anything. The point that anybody would love these celeb kids is a bit strange. It doesn’t matter if we have seen her face multiple times or never has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      It’s awesome that Tina likes talking about her grandkids, she sounds like a great mom and grandma.

      • There are some kids that I love seeing on here. Their personalities shine through the photos. For example, Kensou, Aoki and Ming, Laila’s kids are gorgeous, Zoey Babbs (she’s full of personality), Jax and Jaid, The Dean kids, The Smiths, The Combs kids, etc.. There are celebrity kids that we enjoy seeing photos of. There’s no crime in that. I just wanted to know how you can love seeing a person that doesn’t get shown. That’s all.

  8. Man up Bey. lol.
    I love that picture. Blue has all that beautiful baby hair, and Beyonce’s braids are on point I must say. She should let them hang down

    • One picture per year is enough imo. The last time Blue’s pics were released the comments weren’t too kind (not on this site, but other sites)

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