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When not playing professional basketball, Caron Butler likes to spend quality time with his family playing Hungry Hippos, Twister, thumb wrestling, tug-of-war and basketball. Caron is quite the competitor as he doesn’t like to lose. Watch now as the NBA player tries to take down his kids in a series of physical challenges.

Butler’s wife, Andrea, recently revealed that her life as a basketball player’s wife is much different from the reality show depiction. “I’m a mom of three and I have a husband that requires a lot of attention as well. I don’t have time to go out for drinks and grab lunch and brunch and drinks and dinners and go on trips with my girlfriends like you see on TV.”

Andrea also revealed that she values motherhood and aims to give parenting 110%. “I really cherish motherhood because I had issues having children,” said Butler. “When I got them, I was just like, ‘Oh my God!’ I have ‘em. I love ‘em. There are so many people out there that want children and cannot have them, so after everything my husband and I had to go through – my husband would look at me very emotional, like he felt bad because he couldn’t help me. But then when we finally did have children they just started coming back-to-back. My oldest just turned eight. She’s had to suffer through games and long nights. She’s the ultimate NBA child. Her name is Mia Caron. Our second one is Ava Caron, and she’ll be 2 in June. Our third is Gia Caron, and she’s just five months old. My hands are very full. I wanted to be a mom so I’m going to enjoy everything that comes with motherhood,” the basketball player’s wife adds.

Caron has five children in all: Ava,2, Mia,8, Caron Jr., 12, and Camary, 17 and baby Gia.

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  1. I love this him and his family are beautiful! It’s good to see them playing out side and having family moments like playing a few games together. There is a small point to be made out this whole post though. His wife says she doesnt have time to go out for brunch or drinks with her friends, or go traveling because shes too busy being a mother and wife. But it’s obvious the “basketball wives ” on television are all ex wives, ex girlfriends all former mates of athletes. So of course they have time on their hands because they are on television trying to make their money because they don’t have a spouse for that anymore. No shade towards her I’m just saying she’s one of the real ” basketball wives” that had a successful marriage. All and all this was still a good post. :)

  2. Damn I didn’t know Caron had 5 kids let alone a 17 year old! I always admired his struggle kudos Butler family

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